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11 Terrific Table Saws Under $500

Here's a terrific list of 11 table saws under $500. Several are under $300. We include compact designs, scroll types and miter saws. Discover how to get a great table saw without spending a fortune.

Close-up shot of a functional table saw.

Every woodworker, whether casual or veteran needs a table saw. It’s impossible to get such precise cuts with other types of saws.

While it’s possible to spend a great deal of money on a table saw (thousands of dollars), you don’t have to. We researched many such saws in order to put together an excellent, diverse list of the different types of table saws all of which cost less than $500. We even include separate categories for each type of table saw that costs less than $300.

A. Compact Table Saws Under $300

1. Dewalt Compact Saw with Guarding System and Stand

Job site table saw with stand.Source: Home Depot

This is an ideal compact saw that still offers amazing performance and speed. It can easily cut through most kinds of wood, including pressure-treated lumber and hardwood, without causing the wood to splinter or to split. Due to its adjustable rear feet, you never have to worry about the saw becoming dangerous to use.


  • It is lightweight enough to be moved around the job site or to a new location.
  • The 10-inch blade is large enough to handle most jobs.


  • It is difficult to get straight cuts consistently due to the table being loose and hard to tighten.
  • The height adjustment mechanism tends to stop working after a while.

2. RIDGID Compact Saw with Folding Stand

Compact table saw with a stand.Source: Home Depot

This saw rests comfortably on a durable steel stand that offers strength and security while the saw is in use. You can easily transport the saw, thanks to the storage that holds the power cord, miter gauge, and push stick, so you aren’t confined to working in one location. This saw provides a lot of protection with the split blade guard so you don’t have to worry about your fingers when cutting.


  • It offers accurate alignment, thanks to dual-locking clamps on the rear and front of the table.
  • Compact design doesn’t decrease the function of the saw.


  • It can be incredibly loud when starting up and when operating.
  • While the legs are sturdy, it is hard to make them stable when working on an uneven surface.

B. Compact Table Saws Under $500

3. Bosch Corded Portable Table Saw

Corded table saw with 24-tooth blade.Source: Home Depot

While light and portable enough to easily be carried in just one hand, this saw offers a ton of power and can easily cut through most wood without any problems. The rip capacity is up to a total of 18 inches and includes safety features to ensure that you are never in danger of injuring yourself while using this piece of machinery. You can rely on the blade guard, push stick, riving knife, and anti-kickback pawls to keep your fingers out of harm’s way. The steel base is very lightweight but sturdy enough to support the saw even when you are working on large jobs. Try to find this product at as well.


  • It’s easy to clean out the dust chute to ensure proper function of the saw.
  • The table top expands so you have enough work space.


  • The rear support part of the tilt mechanism tends to be loose, which will cause the blade to wobble when cutting.
  • The motor is very loud and the blade is thin, which will cause it to flex while making smaller cuts.

4. RIDGID Heavy-Duty Saw with Stand

Heavy-duty but portable table saw with stand.Source: Home Depot

Packed with a 4000 RPM motor, this table saw is not only portable but also incredibly powerful. It can quickly rip through material that is 4” x 4” in only one pass so you don’t have to worry about ever going back over your cuts. The saw itself is very easy to use and with onboard storage for your blade, you won’t have to worry about misplacing it.


  • It cuts through wood very quickly and accurately.
  • It can be folded up and stored so tha t it does not take up a lot of space in your garage or workshop.
  • The very sturdy stand and saw can handle being moved without any damage.


  • There is no overload or thermal protection, which can result in the armature being burnt.
  • Motors tend to burn up quickly on these saws.

C. Table Scroll Saws Under $300

5. Richpower Scroll Saw

Variable speed, traditional scroll saw.Source: Houzz

The induction motor on this variable-speed saw ensures that you have smooth and quiet performance every time you turn it on. With an easy-to-use dust blower, you will always be able to see what you are working on and the tilting range makes it easy to work on any number of projects. The blade system is custom made to make it very easy to change blades quickly without losing a lot of time that you were working on your project.


  • It works with all 5” and 5.25” pin-end scroll saw blades.
  • It is lightweight and small enough to move from table to table or to take with you to a new location.


  • If you are using thick or heavy wood, it can be difficult to operate this machine without accidentally pushing it across your table.

6. Ryobi Corded Scroll Saw

Corded scroll saw with a hint of yellow green.Source: Home Depot

With a heavy cast iron base that will keep this saw from accidentally bouncing around your table while you work, this scroll saw from Ryobi is a great option. The throat depth is 16 inches, which will accommodate most items that you want to cut, and the table will easily tilt from 0 to 45 degrees, allowing you to cut quickly and with accuracy. With an induction motor, this scroll saw is built to last and will help you on a number of different projects that you undertake.


  • It’s very easy to swap out your current blade for a new one.


  • It has a difficult time cutting through thick or very heavy wood.
  • If you don’t bolt the saw to your worktable, then it can shift while you are working on it.

D. Table Scroll Saw Under $500

7. Delta Scroll Saw

Scroll saw with a variable speed feature.Source: Home Depot

With a storage area for your blades that aren’t being used and the ability to choose from a number of speeds, this table scroll saw makes fine woodworking easy for anyone. The cast-iron table offers a lot of support for your piece that you are working on and it’s easy to adjust the tension in the blade. By keeping an eye on the correct blade tension, you will be able to ensure that your blades will last for a long time and will continue to be very accurate.


  • It comes with a flexible dust blower that will quickly clear off what you are working on to make it easy to see.
  • It is very easy to put together.


  • It is large enough that it will take up a fair amount of space on your table or stand.
  • If the lower and upper blade holders aren’t perfectly perpendicular, then it is hard to produce fine cutting.

E. Miter Saws Under $300

8. Wen Compound Miter Saw

Sliding compound miter saw.Source: Houzz

This is an incredibly versatile saw that can do a lot for you while not taking up a lot of space on your table. It is able to bevel; make miter, straight, and compound cuts; and tackle thick boards without any problems. You can easily cut boards up to 11.5” deep and the dust bag will make cleanup very easy. Only weighing 30 pounds, it’s very easy to take this table saw with you from one location to another.


  • It is ideal for small spaces since it can perform so many different types of cuts.


  • If not clamped down securely, it can be difficult to use this saw safely.

9. Skil Corded Compound Saw

Quick-mount miter saw with laser.Source: Home Depot

With a laser cutline to help you guide for accurate cuts that you will never have to redo, this table miter saw from Skil has a very powerful motor that is great for intermediate woodworkers. The handles make it easy to move from one table to another and the dust collection bag keeps your workplace clean. It can easily be used on a table or on a miter saw stand by Skil.


  • It is easy to assemble the saw by attaching the arms.
  • It is designed for both left- and right-handed users.


  • The laser doesn’t always work reliably, which is frustrating if you rely on it.

F. Miter Saws Under $500

10. Milwaukee Sliding Compound Saw

Red, cordless and brushless miter saw.Source: Home Depot

This miter saw is perfect for the professional or hobbyist who takes woodworking very seriously. With a battery pack that will let you cut 400 times before it needs to be charged again, you can easily take this saw to any job site and be able to complete your work. The locking miter system, easy-to-adjust bevel level, and chop lock make this saw easy and fun to use.


  • The blade stops as soon as you release the trigger, which minimizes wait and down time.
  • The cordless design means that you don’t have to worry about stepping over or tripping on a long cord.
  • It is a very compact yet powerful saw.


  • It can be difficult to make intricate cuts.
  • Dust collection does not do a good job and you will end up having to do a lot of cleanup.

11. Rage3Db Compound Miter Saw

Orange sliding miter saw with blade.Source: Houzz

This double-bevel sliding miter saw is able to cut through a number of materials without any problem. You will be able to tackle wood, plastic, aluminum, steel, and even wood with nails in it, saving you time and frustration on your projects. While the base is large enough to offer a lot of necessary stability, this saw will fit perfectly on your table in your garage or workshop.


  • It cuts cool so you won’t hurt yourself on your materials.
  • Very few sparks are produced when cutting.


  • It can be difficult to cut through certain materials so you will have to go slowly to ensure that you are safe.