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17 Different Table Saw Accessories – Ultimate List

Photo collage of different types of table saw.

A table saw is one of the most essential tools you can own as a contractor. It can do many projects and can be used for home craft projects, woodworking, or commercial contract projects. When you purchase your table saw, there are several accessories you will need to ensure you are safe when using your table saw, as well as precise and working efficiently.

While you do not have to buy all these items at once, keep in mind that they all come in various brands and are sold in several places. Start collecting these accessories as you need them so that you can expand your services and get started on your projects today. 

1. Crosscut Sled

A worker works on a crosscut saw.

Trying to make the same cut repeatedly with a table saw may not be as easy as you think, especially if you are trying to make these cuts without any assistance. There is an accessory for that, however. The crosscut sled is designed to assist with repetitive cuts and ensure they are made the same each time.

With the right sled, each piece will be set at the same distance from the blade and the cuts will be identical. At Lowe’s you can choose from one of several crosscut sleds for your table saw. 

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2. Miter Gauge with Sled

Close up photo of a matured sawing lumber with a sliding compound miter saw.

When you are working with various pieces on your table saw, and you need to keep them still, the miter gauge with sled offers that option so that you are not forced to keep fighting with your project pieces. Being able to keep them still while getting them in place for the project is essential. With a miter gauge with the sled, you can keep your materials in place while you begin sawing and get the desired cuts that you are looking for.

You can find a variety of miter gauges with sleds available at Home Depot

3. Portable Stand 

A table saw portable stand was placed on a lawn.

Being able to have a steady surface to work and keep your materials steady is essential. This is also a safety concern when you are using a table saw. Wtih a portable stand, you can move your project around the working area so that you are not having to spend a lot of time moving it and risking damage.

When you lay the stand out, you need to make sure that you have it secure so that it doesn’t fold when you are trying to work. You can get a variety of portable stands to use for your table saw online at Amazon

4. Jig For Box Joints

A new professional jig saw isolated on a white background.

You may need to saw and drill at different angles when you are working with your table saw. This means that you need a box joint jig that gives you the access you need while maintaining your safety. It easily turns towards the tool and gives you the safe ability to move around as you need and use any equipment for your project.

They come in a variety of sizes so that you can cut big or large angies when necessary. Harbor Freight is a retailer that offers a variety of these options at an affordable cost. 

5. Router Table Extension

Router table extension isolated on a white background.

Being able to add a router table extension is important for contractors, especially with the need to cut out specific moldings. These are designed so that you can make your own designs and cater to the needs of your customers when you are working. Router tables also offer a faster working time because the board does not need to be clamped.

Many contractors find that this board is most efficient with those that are narrow and hard to shape into curved and unique lines. You can purchase a router table extension from Global Industrial when you shop online. 

6. Push block

A carpenter use push sticks or push blocks on table saw.

Whether you have a push block or a push stick, these are vital to the table saw accessories. They can be used for a variety of saws, including the table saw. They keep your hands safe and protected while you are cutting so that you do not cut yourself and cause significant damage.

Attempting to work without a push block or push stick is dangerous and not recommended under any circumstances. At Rockler Hardware, you can choose from a variety of push blocks so that you are safe and getting the assistance you need. 

7. Link Belt

The link belt is used as an accessory on your table saw. When it is off, you add the link belt so that you can customize it to fit the length of your preference. Not everyone uses the same length belts, so there needs to be an option that can be changed.

It will take the shape of an ellipse when it is placed on the saw. Do not be alarmed, as the link belt will vibrate when it starts to turn because it is bulkier than other belt options. At Agri-Sales, they have a link belt available that will assist your table saw. 

8. Zero Clearance Insert

A table saw Zero Clearance Insert.

The zero clearance insert is not an optional accessory, but one you need on hand when you are using your table saw. This is because it helps reduce the gap from the saw’s metal insert. When used, this means that tear-outs are reduced and you have a cleaner cut that requires little maintenance.

You can move onto the next part of the project instead of having to clean up these pieces. A zero clearance insert can come in a few sizes, so keep this in mind when you order them from Amazon

9. Roller System

A table saw roller system for feeding and movement of various metal rolling.

In order to keep your saw moving and cutting large pieces, you can use a roller system to keep this efficient and the lines clean. A roller system allows the wood to be cut and continue until you get to the end. With a roller system, it will carry the cut piece past the saw and keep them level to avoid any errors in the cut.

They act as feeders and keep everyone safe and accurate when they are being used. While you can take the time to make your own, you can still purchase a roller system from Global Industrial that is heavy-duty and has a large weight capacity. 

10. Feather Boards

A wooden feather board for table saw.

Another essential accessory you need for safety when using your table saw is feather boards. They work in conjunction with stationary routeers to apply the necessary pressure so that your wood and your saw is not moving. These are great for working outdoors, keeping these pieces tight against a wall or even a fence so that you can work closely to the site.

You can use these feather boards for different types of saws, but table saws need them, especially for safety concerns. Home Depot has various feather board options to keep in mind for your table saw and router table. 

11. Safety Power Switch

A worker's hand pressing on the safety power switch of the table saw.

Before you can start operating a table saw, you need to ensure you have a safety power switch enabled that works in case you need to cease power in an instant. Should you see danger coming or it has already happened, you need to be able to turn off the power right away. A safety power switch can be connected to your workspace where you have your table saw or to the table saw directly.

You can choose from different options at Lowe’s, depending on where you want to place the power switch. 

12. Dado Blade Set

A Dado Blade isolated on a white background.

To perform all types of projects with your table saw, you need different sizes and grades of blades. You can get small blades; large blades can cut into large pieces of wood or other materials. These blades are designed specifically for table saws and give you a flexibility on your cut.

In some cases, you can even change the number of cutters you are using. It is vital that you make sure you buy dado blade sets that are meant for your table saw. Not all dado blade sets are made the same, so you need to ensure you order from Amazon correctly. 

13. Digital Angle Gauge

A carpenter use Horizontal Angle Meter or Digital Inclinometer to align blades and fences on table saw at workshop.

Before you start laying out angles for your cuts with your table saw, you need to measure the angle. With the digital angle gauge, you can magnetically connect it to the table saw and use it as a level for your piece. It will determine the angle for anything you are measuring and is more accurate in most cases than manual angle gauges.

You can choose from various digital angle gauges when purchasing them from Home Depot. You can also use them with other saws you have in your shop. 

14. Saw Dust Collector

Wood dust collector air vacuum flexible hose.

When you are sawing away, you will have dust flying and it can get in a lot of places. With a saw dust collector, you can attach it as a bag or machine that absorbs the saw dust after you are finished. Most of these are used with air pressure and work like a vacuum, sucking up the dust and getting it out of different areas.

You can add attachments to the collector so that you can get down in tight places. Choose a dust collector for your shop and table saw from Harbor Freight, which has a variety of options and styles. 

15. Mobile Base

As you need to move your table saw, you may find it difficult if you cannot roll the table. When you add a mobile base to your router table, you can move your saw around the shop so that you get a better cut in different areas. You can also use this to get away from other materials in the shop, especially when you have other projects happening in other parts of the shop.

This mobile base also stabilizes the table saw during transport so that you can move it safely and easily. Global Industrial offers a number of mobile bases that come in different sizes to fit your table saw size. 

16. Splitter

A table saw splitter or riving knife.

If you are looking for a blade that doesn’t move and will stay in its place, then you need a splitter for your table saw. It keeps your boards from moving inward when being cut. This could be dangerous so make sure you are keeping the table stable when using the splitter.

The splitter also does not move with teh blade; it stays in the same place all the time. If you need to purchase a splitter for your table saw, you can choose from one of the options available online at Amazon and enjoy free shipping. 

17. Saw Stand

A portable saw stand isolated on a white background.

The saw stand is an optional accessory but great for areas where there are lots of saws, sharp tools and contractors working. They are meant to hold the saw when it is not being used, keeping it safe and out of danger for those working nearby. Becuase it is portable, you can move it out of the way where others are working and then pull it back out later.

You can purchase a saw stand from Lowe’s in one of the leading brands of your choice. 

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