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29 Best Stuffed Mushroom Recipes (All Types)

6 Stuffed mushroom recipes in a collage.

Shroom stuffing, am I right? As I develop a recipe book for my fans in the cookbook work, I always start with a single ingredient. This time around, that ingredient is mushrooms for party foods. Fortunately, this ingredient has endless varieties of flavors, textures, smells, and tastes.

You can use mushrooms to boost vitamin D in foods naturally if you are vegan, and they work as great meat substitutes. See some of the best recipes for stuffed mushrooms that I have found so far for party planners trying to feed a crowd in this recipe roundup. 

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Stuffed Mushrooms Using an Airfryer for Health Conscious Readers

Air Fryer Stuffed Mushroom with parsley.=> Click here for recipe
You get to use an air fryer, and in 2022 anything calling for air frying is trendy in the food world. Get on board with these stuffed mushrooms using that handy gadget for a sure party pleaser. I personally purchased an air fryer and it blew out the power socket after a month. It has not been replaced. However, I am putting this as number one for this recipe roundup because, again, air frying. 

Feta Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms for a Meaty Alternative to a Main Course

Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms with cheese and fresh mushroom.

=> Click here for recipe
This here is a recipe for some of the largest mushrooms that they sell in the standard stores. Portobellos are simply big enough to feed a person per mushroom. In terms of writing a cookbook for partygoers, portobellos just hit that perfect tone.

Word for word, pound for pound, these mushrooms are filled with chunky feta for a faux crab meat consistency. This makes a perfect suggestion for meals featuring meat alternatives.

Stuffed Shrooms Using Pecans, Parmesan and Basil to Blow Your Taste Buds Away

Pecans and Stuffed mushrooms in a long plate.

=> Click here for recipe
Getting the pecans and Parmesan out for these stuffed shrooms is something I was not expecting to do on a Monday evening. However, when I found this recipe for Stuffed Mushrooms with these ingredients, it was fate. The result is a blast of flavor and crunch that lets buttery pecans be fun for a while.

Supposedly the Best Ever Stuffed Mushrooms by Taste of Home

=> Click here for recipe
The Best Ever Stuffed Mushrooms, they said, and I immediately balked at the suggestion. What makes something a Contest Winner and Best Ever recipe? Start with pork sausage, evidently, and build up the flavors of garlic and onion.

The cheese mixture is actually cream cheese plus Parmesan for a smooth yet powerful and not melty or stringy cheese. Yes, it does sound like the best-stuffed mushroom ever.

Cherry Fontina Stuffed Portobellos that Do Not Contain Cherry Tomatoes

=> Click here for recipe
Again, we have the larger portobello caps that are stuffed in this recipe. The use of dried tart cherries and bread stuffing is coupled with pecans. A topping of melted fontina cheese rounds out the namesake of this tasty way to stuff a shroom.

I also think this would be an excellent Thanksgiving Day meal replacement thanks to the use of pecans and poultry seasoning. 

What Makes a Stuffed Mushroom Moroccan?

Stuffed Mushroom Moroccan, with nuts and bread crumbs.

=> Click here for recipe
This Taste of Home recipe is full of historical relevance and cultural information. It is from the African cuisine of Morocco, where they use ground coriander and dried currants a lot more liberally than we do in the US. These ingredients along with couscous, parsley, and mint create a completely authentic Moroccan Stuffed Mushroom.

KitchenAid’s Recipe for Pesto Quinoa Stuffed Button Mushrooms 

=> Click here for recipe
I enjoy finding secret recipes from brands that do not actually have recipes on their website, such as KitchenAid. This recipe for Pesto and Quinoa Stuffed Mushrooms looks fabulous and features only four ingredients. Whip together these button mushrooms for a fast party fix food at any time.

They only take half an hour to cook until golden brown with a blast of green pesto flavor.

Testing the Crunch of Ritz Buttery Cracker Stuffed Mushrooms

=> Click here for recipe
Now, this is an interesting recipe–Cracker-Stuffed Mushrooms by Kraft Heinz. The recipe requires six ingredients and takes 35 minutes to complete. You do need to bake these stuffed mushrooms, which use the crackers crumbled up as a stuffing base.

It’s a great suggestion that lends a different flavor compared to the Thanksgiving vibes I get from the stuffed mushrooms using poultry seasoning. Plus, this is naturally a vegetarian party appetizer that could easily be made vegan.

Did You Say Dairy-Free Stuffed Mushrooms?

=> Click here for recipe
Next up continues the discussion of vegetarian and vegan stuffed mushrooms with this recipe for Dairy-Free Herb-Stuffed Mushrooms. A recipe is a great option for a vegetarian since the stuffing uses an egg. Want to make it vegan?

The recipe also comes with a vegan egg option, so do not worry! Vegan Parmesan is also the option for topping the stuffed mushrooms.

Lots of Love Pepper and Quinoa Stuffed Mushrooms

=> Click here for recipe
Keeping up with the larger mushrooms, this recipe uses something called extra large brown mushrooms. Considering it comes from South Africa, the recipe may include a type of mushroom not common to the markets here in the US.

Finding a large mushroom alternative to the overly used portobello is not a problem in my opinion!

What to Make with Leftover Thanksgiving Stuffing and Mushrooms

Stuff mushroom with glazed onion and garlic.

=> Click here for recipe
The after-Thanksgiving struggle of making do with all of those leftovers brings up this recipe for Stovetop Stuffed Mushrooms. If you are hosting guests for the holiday weekend, use this recipe to make some quick and easy stuffed mushrooms. I will say, they have the weirdest title since you actually have to bake these in the oven and don’t use a stovetop at all.

However, using leftovers, and leftover stuffing at that, is always a win!

Vegan Stuffed Mushrooms Using Wild Rice and Holiday Stuffing

=> Click here for recipe
Another holiday-infused stuffed mushroom recipe is this one for vegan stuffed mushrooms. It is the only one in the recipe roundup that uses rice as a stuffing or filling, and that’s sort of a shocker to me. It’s a great solution for bulking up dozens of appetizer bites in a flash.

They also call for using baby Bella mushrooms specifically along with dried cranberries, which is where the holiday flair is found.

Jimmy Dean Does Stuffed Mushrooms With Sausage

Stuffed Mushrooms Sausage in a wood and parsley.

=> Click here for recipe
Pork sausage is the star ingredient in these stuffed mushrooms with this serving as the main filling. The sausage is cooked with the stems of the mushrooms to help boost nutrients and save on ingredients. That was a smart move!

They also use cream cheese and some breadcrumbs to help bind the sausage stuffing together. The finished stuffed mushrooms are topped and broiled with Parmesan cheese and bread crumbs.

Ree Drummond Shows Up Jimmy Dean in a Sausage Stuffing Shrooms Contest

Baked Sausage Stuffed Mushrooms.

=> Click here for recipe
You said it. This is a true battle to see which version of Sausage Stuffed Mushrooms could possibly be the best. Right behind Jimmy Dean we have Ree Drummond from the Food Network, and she uses spicy hot pork sausage.

Straight out of the gate, that is going to be a major flavor booster. She also goes in with dry white wine, sharp Cheddar cheese, chopped chives, and egg for binding these stuffed shrooms. I will have to say, these are certainly going to be more flavorful than the Jimmy Dean options!

What is a Boursin Stuffed Mushroom?

=> Click here for recipe
Ready for something new that you most likely have never heard of before now? Try a Boursin Stuffed Mushroom, which The Spruce Eats calls “party food.” Yes, I agree! This is a vegetarian stuffed mushroom that uses shredded canned artichoke for the main filling.

Seasoned bread crumbs and garlic and herbed Boursin cheese are equally important here for bringing the stuffing together. They use roasted red pepper–one of my favorite ingredients! I had a container of this the other day and opened it, smelling the sweet smoky scent and getting hungry.

Blue Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms for Vegetarian Party Platters

=> Click here for recipe
Sometimes I just crave blue cheese and I do not know why as it is one of the truly moldiest looking cheeses on the market. The use of blue cheese with cream cheese and butter really makes these party-pleasing Low-Carb Blue Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms by The Spruce Eats quite decadent. If you said they were in any way healthy, I simply would not believe you.

Yet there are no bread crumbs or meat filler in these. This makes it easier to feed more people and easier to eat, too, thanks to fewer crumbs, which is very thoughtful for a party event.

Garlic Parmesan Clam Stuffed Mushrooms

Garlic, Parmesan Cheese, and Clam Stuffed Mushrooms.

=> Click here for recipe
When you are feeding a crowd at a festive event, you want to serve exciting food, such as these Garlic Parmesan Clam Stuffed Mushrooms. The recipe calls for air frying as an option, which is a huge plus. They also call for using three kinds of cheese–another winner, especially in combination with canned minced clams.

How Does the Olive Garden Do Stuffed Mushrooms?

=> Click here for recipe
One question I get a lot as someone who writes recipe books for parties is how different restaurants make certain foods or recipes. For example, how does the Olive Garden stuff their mushrooms? I have found this Copycat Olive Garden’s Clam Stuffed Mushrooms, and it looks thorough for sure.

They use more than a dozen ingredients and lots of cheese. In my opinion, they don’t use enough butter, with only one tablespoon. That’s simply not enough.

Italian Style Stuffed Clams to Compete With the Olive Garden

=> Click here for recipe
You knew this one was coming–I have a competitor recipe for the aforementioned OG clam stuffed mushrooms. This is an Italian version of Clam Stuffed Mushrooms that uses no cream cheese; by the way, the Olive Garden recipe also does not use cream cheese. In fact, the recipe creator states to have been inspired by the copycat recipe I just mentioned.

Here they only use Pecorino Romano cheese, and they, to my surprise, use panko breadcrumbs, which are Japanese. I’m going to call it–the actual copycat Clam Stuffed Mushrooms for Olive Garden wins.

Stuffing a Mushroom with Ham and Cheese Like a Hot Pocket

=> Click here for recipe
I have some party recipes for retro events where people really want foods they ate when they were a child, like Hot Pockets. While these are not pockets or hand pies, the Hand and Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms by Kraft Heinz meets a lot of these requirements. Shredded cheddar cheese and deli-sliced smoked ham are matched by baby spinach and tomato slices for a miniature ham and cheese sandwich on a mushroom.

Getting More Greens in a Stuffed Mushroom

=> Click here for recipe
Since we are talking about putting baby spinach in a stuffed mushroom, let me introduce you to these Spinach and Parmesan Stuffed Mushrooms. The recipe by Fine Cooking Magazine really goes in with the sandwich vibes by actually using white sandwich bread for the DIY breadcrumbs. Heavy cream is coupled with Parmigiano Reggiano cheese to create a sauce reduction.

They even use dry sherry in the sauce, along with that beautiful baby spinach. 

Back to the Sea With Lump Crab Meat Stuffed Mushrooms

Crab Meat Stuffed Mushrooms with curly parsley.

=> Click here for recipe
Can you tell I like seafood? Here I go again with another seafood stuffed mushroom option. This time, we have a lump crab meat-stuffed mushroom recipe.

Grab a pound of lump crab meat from the fish counter and you are all set! This recipe also suggests cremini mushrooms, which I personally prefer to the standard button since those are used so often. You would be amazed at the delicate flavor profiles that perk up when you just change the variety of a favorite food ingredient.

Also, instead of cream cheese, this recipe uses mayonnaise as a binder. It almost feels like a deviled egg on a mushroom.

More Crab Stuffed Mushrooms But With Cream Cheese

=> Click here for recipe
Now we are getting back to the use of cream cheese with this version of Crab Stuffed Mushrooms by Savory Tooth. The recipe here calls for an actual brick of cream cheese, which I have not actually read before. Recipe writers can be so creative!

They also use Parmesan cheese to balance out the flavors. In terms of these stuffed mushroom recipes, those that do use cheese work with both creamy and hard kinds of cheese.

Parmesan Stuffed Mushrooms Without Cream Cheese

=> Click here for recipe
This is a great example of a recipe for stuffed mushrooms that do not use cream cheese for a binder, or even egg. Instead, you are developing the filling with fresh bread crumbs and Parmesan cheese. Flavors of garlic and oregano, plus Italian parsley, round out a nice profile of spices. 

Let’s Try a Goat Cheese Stuffed Mushroom!

=> Click here for recipe
Here is a stuffed mushroom recipe that takes advantage of another creamy soft cheese, goat cheese. While that cheese is thrilling, the use of pancetta is also a star performer. This is fabulous party food with plenty of pep as the stuffed mushrooms also have roasted pumpkin seeds.

The cheese mixture of goat cheese is accented with chopped arugula, making this recipe ideal for sneaking in those greens.

Cheese and Sausage Stuffed Mushrooms by Parade Magazine

=> Click here for recipe
I am so curious about these Sausage Stuffed Mushrooms by Parade Magazine. They are pure pleasure with the use of pork sausage and cream cheese, and no bread crumbs in sight. If you are planning gluten-free party food, this is a great option for you.

The parsley and garlic powder that goes into the seasonings are light enough to spice things up without overwhelming their taste buds.

Spinach Stuffed Mushrooms, Also by Parade Magazine

Stuffed Mushrooms with cheese and spinach and onion.

=> Click here for recipe
They have a lot of stuffed mushrooms in the Parade Magazine, okay? So moving on, this is a great option for a green and slightly healthy stuffed mushroom. Featured in “The Wellness Kitchen: Fresh, Flavorful Recipes for a Healthier You,” the recipe is designed for people trying to lose weight.

They opt for lite cream cheese–something none of these other recipes for stuffed cheesy mushrooms dare to try. 

Make a Day Ahead Stuffed Mushrooms

=> Click here for recipe
A key step in planning an event and feeding a crowd is making food ahead of time. Here is a recipe that allows you to make stuffed mushrooms and let them sit in the fridge for a day or two. I will say, there is not a lot going on with these mushrooms, which may be the reason you can let them linger without ruining the flavors or textures.

Dried bread crumbs are made beforehand, or you can use store-bought ones. They also use shallots as the onion option, which makes this a more modern recipe in my opinion. 

Chorizo Stuffed Mushrooms by McCormick

=> Click here for recipe
You know the spice brand McCormick? Well, they have a lot of great recipes that star their seasonings, including Chorizo Stuffed Mushrooms. These mushrooms are made with only six ingredients and in 45 minutes–perfect for late-night dinner guests or after-party noshing.

That’s the best time to eat heavily flavored meats like chorizo, which is wonderful Mexican breakfast sausage. This recipe also uses queso fresco, thyme, and onion to keep things simple and Spanish-infused.