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10 Best Strawberry Pie Recipes (All Types)

A homemade strawberry pie served on a white plate.

The versatile pie seems to get ignored at all, but on Thanksgiving and Christmas. Poor pie. It offers such a variety, and you can serve it in so many different ways. Alone.

Topped with a dollop of whipped cream. Pie ala mode. Strawberries offer one of the ideal fruits for making pie, yet blueberries become the star of the show more often, along with apples and the ubiquitous cherry.

What gives? Who decided that delicious strawberries would get relegated to shortcake? It wasn’t me!

I advocate for strawberries in pie. These succulent fruits add zing and a juicy flavor. As berries go, they work in an ideal fashion in jams and jellies, which then become part of the pie.

Whether you use a quick recipe with a ready-made crust or take the long route with from-scratch pie crust and fresh strawberries, this delicious taste will thrill your dinner guests or family. You might want to make one just for yourself. Why not? Strawberries offer a healthy ingredient for pie.

Let’s explore some of the tastiest recipes available and learn a few tips for creating the best strawberry pies.

1. From Scratch Fresh Strawberry Pie Recipe

Top view of fresh strawberry pie.

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The prep time on this delectable pie takes nearly twice the baking time, but it proves worth it. You’ll also need a few special kitchen items, including a potato masher and food processor to make it. The recipe uses fresh strawberries and includes a from-scratch crust and pie filling.

This open-topped pie works great alone or paired with vanilla bean ice cream. You can’t replace the fresh strawberries with frozen or canned ones because their consistency won’t work with the filling.

2. Orange-Kissed Strawberry Rhubarb Pie Recipe

Delicious and beautiful orange kissed strawberry rhubarb pie.

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This succulent recipe combines strawberries with orange peel, rhubarb, and tapioca to create a crust-encased pie that goes fast. It requires three parts in the making – prep time, cooking time, and post-baking time. The total time to dessert equals one hour and forty minutes.

Ostensibly, this pie serves eight, but you might make two since, according to the reviews, it proves popular and goes fast.

3. Easy Fresh Strawberry Pie Recipe

Homemade fresh strawberry pie.

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This recipe offers you a great way to seem like you slaved over a hot oven all day, but it really takes just 35 minutes total time to make. The shortcuts that make this happen include one package of strawberry gelatin and a refrigerated pie crust. Its massive strawberry taste comes from the four cups of fresh strawberries it uses.

Expect this nine-inch pie to serve eight unless they fight for an extra slice. Another benefit of this recipe comes from its healthiness. While some recipes contain nearly 30 grams of fat per slice, this delicious option contains just 7 grams of fat and only 264 calories per slice.

You can make this pie with an optional braided crust which adds about five minutes to the preparation time.

4. Fresh Strawberry Pie Recipe

Close-up shot of fresh strawberry pie with cooking brush.

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Choose this recipe bursting with berry taste when you need a dessert to almost make itself while you do other things. The prep time only takes 30 minutes, but the pie must refrigerate for at least three hours before you serve it. You top it with sweetened whipped cream just before serving it.

You’ll need six cups of strawberries for this one. Use either a deep-dish pie crust or a baked pie shell to make this treat.

5. It’s Almost Cheesecake Strawberry Pie Recipe

Homemade fresh cheesecake strawberry pie.

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A nine-inch ready-made crust forms the foundation for this amazing dessert that blends four ounces of cream cheese with eight ounces of heavy whipping cream. Oh yes. And you’ll need two quarts of strawberries.

This layered pie consists of a bottom layer of sweetened cream cheese filling topped by strawberry filling. It set in about one to two hours in the refrigerator. Because it sets in the fridge and only requires a few minutes of stovetop use to mix the strawberry filling, this recipe offers the ideal summer recipe for dessert.

You won’t heat up the kitchen by making this.

6. Jell-O Strawberry Pie Recipe

Delicious strawberry pie on wooden background.

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This exquisite strawberry pie also begins as layers, but during the pie-making process, they merge. The bottom layer consists of sliced strawberries. Over it, you pour the gelatin mixture that includes the strawberry Jell-O.

This sets in the refrigerator for a few hours to set. Before serving, you top the pie with Cool Whip or dollops of fresh whipped cream. The chef includes an alternate way to make this recipe that creates a keto-friendly dessert.

Simply replace the graham cracker crust with an almond flour crust, then switch out the regular Jell-O with a sugar-free Jell-O.

7. Mini Strawberry Tarts Recipe

Mini strawberry tarts on a dark background.

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Here’s a great way to control servings. Instead of making a pie, you bake tarts, which essentially are miniature pies. They only come in one size though, so each person gets the same size serving and you really can’t cheat.

Once you eat yours, it’s gone. You’ll only put in 30 minutes of work on this delicious option, but it takes about four hours for it to chill and set. With a pistachio crust and cream cheese and strawberry filling, this dessert tastes as if you cooked for hours.

8. Strawberry Cream Pie Recipe

A piece of strawberry cream pie with fresh picked strawberries.

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Combining six eggs, half-and-half, a package of chocolate wafer cookies, red currant jelly, orange liqueur, and strawberries might sound hinky when you first read it. Never fear. This amazing and seemingly divergent list of ingredients forms one of the lightest and fluffiest pies you’ll ever taste.

The total pie requires more than five hours since it needs to set, but your work takes just 35 minutes. This eight-serving pie will have your guests thinking that you purchased it from a bakery, but you’ll know better and can share the recipe.

9. Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream Pie Recipe

Strawberry shortcake ice cream isolated on white background.

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Slurp. How about an ice box pie that rivals Mississippi mud pie? The active cooking of this pie requires just 40 minutes. It needs to set for at least nine hours in the freezer though.

Pulverized shortbread cookies and salted butter form the crust. A combination of strawberry ice cream, vanilla ice cream, and frozen strawberries forms the pie filling. You top the dish with a few shortbread cookies and a few more strawberries.

Serve this for dessert on the hottest day of the year to become the hero of your family.

10. Big Boy (Shoney’s) Strawberry Pie Recipe

A piece of strawberry pie served in plate.

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If you’ve ever eaten at the Southern family restaurant, Shoney’s, also known as Big Boy’s, you’ve tasted this amazing pie. Instead of gelatin, you use sugar, cornstarch, and red food coloring to make the mixture for the strawberries. The homemade crust consists of flour, butter, powdered sugar, and vanilla.

As amazing as this pie tastes, it only takes 20 minutes to make it. The fresh crust requires just 10 to 15 minutes to bake and that’s the only oven use, so you can keep the house cool.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Pie-making might seem daunting, but you can start with a simple recipe and work your way up to making pies completely from scratch. Refer to this list of frequently asked questions for important information that a chef might not include in a recipe.

What’s the easiest strawberry pie to make?

When just learning to bake, you probably want to build your confidence by making an easy, simple recipe first. Start out with recipes that use a pre-made crust. You can purchase a graham cracker, unrefrigerated crust to use as the base of the pie.

Ice cream pies and those that set in Jell-O offer the least challenge to a new cook.

Can you substitute frozen for fresh berries?

Some recipes won’t work if you substitute fresh strawberries for frozen ones. Frozen strawberries contain extra water that packed around them during the freezing process. This can throw off the ingredients in the recipe, since you need to precisely control the amount of each ingredient.

Frozen berries add to the liquid amount, but you have no way of measuring how much liquid it adds. Recipes often specify if you can reduce one ingredient to make the recipe correctly or replace one with the other. If the recipe doesn’t specifically state that you can substitute with no change whatsoever in the result, then don’t try to switch ingredients.

How long does pie last in the refrigerator?

Baked pies keep well in the refrigerator for about a week. You can freeze an ice cream pie for about a month. Of course, with how great your pie tastes, you probably won’t have to worry about how long you can store this food.

How can you tell how many servings a pie recipe makes?

A nine-inch pie round typically makes eight slices of pie consisting of a one-ounce serving. Using a mini-pie round that produces a six-inch pie with six servings. Making a square or rectangle pie varies this.

This cobbler-type pan creates between 12 to 24 servings, depending on the size of the serving. For example, the square pie Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream Pie from above produces 16 square servings using a nine-inch square metal baking dish.

What alternatives exist to graham cracker crust?

Although most pre-made pie crusts consist of graham crackers, you can find pre-made crusts using other options such as Oreos or flour and sugar. You can bake a cobbler instead of using a pie crust. Cobbler simply refers to a form of fruit pie in which the cook dumps a batter on top of or beneath fruit and then bakes it.

You can also make your own crust by using any kind of cookies, including chocolate chip cookies, sugar-free iced wafers, vanilla wafers, or animal crackers. You just pulverize the cookies to a crumby consistency. This takes just seconds using a food processor.

Can you make any of these recipes sugar-free?

You can alter most pie recipes to add no sugar other than the naturally occurring sugar in the fruit. Use a sugar-free cracker or cookie to make the crust or buy a sugar-free pre-made crust. Use sugar-free Jell-O for the gelatin to make the strawberry filling and replace sugar with Splenda.

Splenda offers sugarless substitutes for white sugar, brown sugar, and powdered sugar, so you can amend nearly any recipe.

Can you make any of these recipes fat-free or low-fat?

It’s surprisingly easy to reduce the fat content in these recipes. Use a low-fat cracker or cookie for the pie crust, then replace the cream cheese with a Neufchatel or low-fat version. Instead of heavy cream, use light cream or light butter mixed with two percent milk.

Help it thicken by adding a teaspoon or so of cornstarch. You can even use skim milk to make pudding, a common ingredient in many pies. A fat-free vanilla pudding infused with fresh strawberries makes a delicious pie that contains almost no fat.