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10 Incredible Strawberry Cheesecake Recipes (All Types)

Strawberry Cheesecake on a baking pan.

Cheesecake proves so popular as a dessert that restaurants around the world serve this delicious dairy treat. Many recipes use cream cheese plus other cheese or dairy ingredients to create a hearty, creamy cake that offers a decadent, rich taste bursting with strawberries.

While some recipes for desserts consternate those with special diets but the cheesecake offers a flexible essential recipe that allows the baker to alter ingredients to suit dietary needs. You can switch out the full-fat cream cheese for fat-free in most recipes. Substitute Splenda for sugar. Use sugar-free cookies or crackers for the crust.

Many options help you make a tasty cheesecake that tastes great but adheres to the diet needed. You can find recipes for a keto cheesecake, fat-free, sugar-free, or a combination of those needs. By choosing strawberry swirl, you add in fruit, a healthy ingredient that flavors the cake without adding too many calories or complex carbs. You also only add natural sugars and minimally at that.

Let’s explore some of the tastiest recipes available and learn a few tips for creating the best cheesecakes.

1. Baked Strawberry Swirl Cheesecake Recipe

Baked Strawberry Swirl Cheesecake on a plate.

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If you don’t mind the wait for your cheesecake, you can bake this recipe, which uses two full cups of strawberries that you blend in a food processor after cooking to soften. The unique flavor of its crust comes from vanilla cookie crumbs. Once you’ve blended the ingredients, which takes about 25 minutes, you simply pop it in the oven for one hour and 25 minutes to bake at 325 degrees.

You can ready the rest of your dinner while this bakes. This timing allows you to pop dessert in the oven first and have it cooling while you cook the rest of the meal. You can serve dessert as soon as everyone finishes dinner using this recipe.

2. Baked Cheesecake Blonde Brownies Recipe

Baked Cheesecake Blonde Brownies on a box.

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Bake these delicious treats to create two to three dozen cheesecake bars. Baked at 350 degrees for 30 minutes, you can quickly whip these up using 10 ounces of frozen strawberries. Because the recipe uses frozen fruit and crushed graham crackers, you can make this quickly when you need a tasty dessert to serve on short notice.

Blending the ingredients takes only 20 minutes. The bars do have to cool for a few minutes before you can slice them.

3. Baked Strawberry Jam Cheesecake Recipe

Baked Strawberry Jam Cheesecake on a chopping board.

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This cheesecake doesn’t swirl the strawberry throughout, only on top, so unless you blend the strawberry jam into the batter, your cheesecake will look like the picture. The recipe includes sour cream and cream cheese. You may hesitate to make it though since after you bake it for 50 minutes, it must refrigerate for at least four hours.

That may take longer than you would like since this can’t be made in a flash. You can make it the day before an event and let it refrigerate overnight.

4. Zesty Bake Strawberry Cheesecake Recipe

Zesty Bake Strawberry Cheesecake with white chocolate.

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Choose this unique flavorful cheesecake that uses lemon juice, lemon zest, and one cup of pureed fresh strawberries to experience a burst of flavor. Since the fresh berries don’t offer a dark red look to them, the recipe also calls for eight to 10 drops of red food coloring. This provides the appearance of using jam or jelly for the strawberry flavor.

Those items contain food coloring. Otherwise, your cheesecake would have a barely pink color to it.

5. Hearty No-Bake Strawberry Swirl Recipe

No-Bake Strawberry Swirl on a plate.

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A warning. This recipe isn’t for the faint of heart. You have to make the jam before you can make the cheesecake. You’ll need to set aside an entire day for this recipe, so it may wait until you have a weekend off.

It also requires a from-scratch crust and heavy whipping cream. Avoid this recipe if you want to lose weight because it needs the full-fat cream cheese to make properly. According to reviews, though, it does taste good.

6. Easy No-Bake Strawberry Striped Cheesecake Recipe

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This exceedingly creamy cheesecake uses two cups of whipping cream and 21 ounces of cream cheese. It also requires both frozen and fresh strawberries. The frozen go into the batter, while you top the finished cake with the fresh berries. The recipe also needs two kinds of sugar – granulated and powdered. You will need to set aside two to four hours for the cake to set in the refrigerator.

7. Ultimate Strawberry Swirl Recipe

Strawberry Swirl on a plate.

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Here’s another recipe that many swear by but requires at least eight hours to make. The actual mixing and baking time consists of one hour, but it has to set for seven hours. That negates using this as a quick-to-mix cake. You’ll need an alternative if you want a fast dessert.

This option offers a fat bomb that uses butter, four packages of cream cheese, and sour cream. For all of its cups of ingredients, you get the standard 12 slices of pie-shaped cake. You also include an extra step since this cake also features a strawberry jam covering.

8. No-Bake, Super-Fast Strawberry Swirl Cheesecake Recipe

Strawberry Swirl Cheesecake on a plate.

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Combining fresh strawberries with condensed milk, cream cheese, gelatin powder, and lemon juice produces a light and fluffy consistency that sets in the fridge in just two hours. The recipe’s batter takes just 20 minutes to mix. Don’t choose this recipe if you diet because one slice includes 27 grams of fat.

You’ll also need powdered sugar for this recipe rather than granulated. The recipe refers to icing sugar, which means powdered sugar.

9. Low-fat Strawberry Swirl Cheesecake Parfaits Recipe

Low-fat Strawberry Swirl Cheesecake Parfaits.

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This delicious recipe takes just 20 minutes to mix. You can make it the day before or serve it immediately or anywhere in between. It can sit in the fridge overnight or for just the time it takes to eat your meal. The recipe makes 16 servings, and each contains a tiny 67 calories and two grams of fat.

Talk about a light cheesecake. The recipe requires a few unique ingredients though. You’ll need light whipped cream cheese, fat-free vanilla yogurt, confectioners’ sugar, skim milk, lemon juice, lemon zest, and fat-free whipped topping.

10. Sugar-Free Strawberry Swirl Cheesecake Recipe

Sugar-Free Strawberry Swirl Cheesecake.

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You love cheesecake but your doctor diagnosed you as pre-diabetic or diabetic? Never fear. You can make a sugar-free cheesecake and it will still taste fantastic. This recipe combines sugar-free instant pudding mix with cream cheese and milk to create a creamy cake.

The quarter cup of strawberries adds minimal natural sugar. Replace the graham crackers with sugar-free graham crackers and flavor with cinnamon and nutmeg. The cheesecake still offers plenty of zing and you get to enjoy a delicious, decadent dessert with 12.1 grams of sugars and 6.4 grams of protein.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

There’s a lot to learn about providing the ideal cheesecake on your dinner table. For all of its recipe flexibility, cheesecake proves persnickety when served. Whether you serve it cold or hot, cheesecake tastes best when you serve it ideally for the particular recipe.

At what temperature should you serve cheesecake?

Serving cheesecake at the appropriate temperature depends on the cheesecake and whether you baked it, or it set in the fridge. When you bake the cheesecake, serving the cake at room temperature provides the best results. When you set it in the fridge, bringing it directly from the fridge works best since it could get runny if it sits out too long.

Can you reheat cheesecakes?

If you made a cheesecake ahead of time to serve for dinner or some other event, you might freeze it. You’ll need to thaw a frozen cheesecake in the refrigerator for 24 hours. You can warm it in the microwave.

If you want to heat one slice, microwave it for 30 seconds. You can also microwave the entire cheesecake in the microwave. Warming it up will take two minutes for a six-inch cheesecake or 2.5 minutes for a nine-inch cheesecake.

How long does cheesecakes last in the refrigerator?

You can only refrigerate a cheesecake for about a week, but if you need it to keep longer, you can freeze the cheesecake and it will last for up to a month.

How can you tell how many servings a cheesecake makes?

If you make a nine-inch round, the standard size cheesecake, depending on the size of the slices you make, the cake will provide eight to 12 servings. This typically results in a one-ounce serving.

That means if you create cupcake cheesecakes, each will consist of about one ounce and you’ll end up with six to 12, depending on the size of the recipe. If you make a mini-cheesecake of a six-inch round, it will serve six.

What alternatives exist to graham cracker crust?

You can change the flavor of the cheesecake by making a no-crust or alternate crust-type crust. Instead of using graham crackers, you can substitute any kind of cookies, including ladyfingers, a common ingredient in tiramisu, or honey graham crackers. Animal crackers work, too.

When you use the other cookie types, for example, Oreo cookies, to make the crust, you’ll need a food processor to crush them and powder the cookies. For some cookies, you can also use a strong blender to crush or pulverize them.

When you make a crustless cheesecake, you’ll typically need to use a no-bake recipe. This choice reduces the carbs in the recipe, so it can work as a better choice for an individual with diabetes or a similar disease that requires blood sugar regulation.

I read that I “have to use” a specific ingredient for the cheesecake to turn out right. Is this true?

While each recipe differs, that’s your answer. Each recipe differs. You can amend a recipe to your needs when it will work with the recipe. That means if you bake the cheesecake, it needs an ingredient like eggs in it to help it rise.

Sometimes, you can use vinegar and baking soda to create a faux egg, so the cake still rises. Finding it out whether you can substitute one ingredient for another requires experimentation with the recipe. You will have to mix it or bake it to find out if the alteration to the recipe works.

You can make cheesecake with fat-free ingredients, sugar-free ingredients, etc. just as you can use frozen strawberries or fresh strawberries in recipes. If you need to make a change in the recipe though, you will need to experiment first by making it for an occasion that isn’t important. Don’t try your experiment the day you need a tasty, perfect dessert.