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Spacious Industrial Office Designed by VMX Architects

Everyone will love this stunning loft office with impressive views. It is surely a fun place to work with. Professional look with modernity.

a beautiful reception area of mediaxplain companyAn industrial building that houses the workforce of MediaXplain, a media agency, received some much-needed interior design at the hands of VMX Architects. The incredibly skilled team worked in collaboration to create a design that complemented the bold industrial inner and outer appearance. The waiting and reception area is especially stunning with impressive views.

The Unique Exterior

Part of the inspiration for the interior design came from the building’s outer design and location. The building reflects the area’s blend of old and new. Over the years, the surrounding neighborhood has undergone several transformations to make it both a residential and a workforce zone.

The exterior features a façade of windows angled downward to prevent reflection. Because of the angled glass façade, employees and visitors can enjoy an active focal point, which is the nearby water and boat docks.

The angled windows also help beat the heat since the sun does shine directly into the office windows. However, the windows do allow plenty of natural lighting to filter in, thus diminishing the constant need for harsh, overhead fluorescent lighting.

Exterior materials include glass, metal, and concrete, all of which blend to create a modern looking industrial office space. After gaining a good feel of the exterior and the equally industrialized interior, the designing team knew that maintaining the industrial feel was the best choice.

The Bold Interior

Although the idea of an industrial setting may sound bland, the inside of the MediaXplain agency is rather impressive. In fact, it has a bold look that is comfortable, dependable, and relaxing. Interior features include:

  • Dark Walls: A combination of black surfaces, walls, and furniture offer a sleek, modern look for the entire office space
  • Oak wood furnishings: Employee work areas make use of rough oak wood for a clean, no-nonsense, and professional look
  • Designed carpeting: The area features custom designed concrete carpets to help maintain the industrial appearance, which matches well with the gray acoustic ceilings above
  • Staircase focal point: The staircase that connects both floors creates yet another focal point thanks to its massive, industrial appearance

There is a sleek and professional looking reception area that maintain the same gray, black, and oak wood look. There are also a few long black benches where customers in waiting can enjoy the view of the water.

A dark corridor follows the width of the building and operates as a massive cinema screen. Projectors allow employees to use the walls when referencing their digital work displays. Because of the expansiveness of the corridor, staff and clients will have no trouble viewing the details.

Large black shelving lines the wall along the office space, providing employees with plenty of space to store importance work-related items and personal items. The design team, determined to ensure comfort, took the time to focus on custom flooring, work spaces, and furniture.

Overall, the loft office provides a sense of hip, trendy industrialism combined with a sense of modernity. The fact that it lacks frills and fuss is all part of the appeal. Instead, the area exudes bold confidence, superiority, and professionalism.

Design by VMX Architects

Design by VMX Architects