18 Best Small Toaster Oven Options

Small toaster oven on outdoor dining table.

We did the research and compiled the 18 smallest toaster oven options by height, width and depth. The most compact toaster oven is...

Toaster ovens by their nature are small appliances and are meant to be a small convenience oven for toast, pizza, heating food up and can be a life-saver as a second oven when cooking a feast.

Yet, among available toaster ovens, the sizes can range considerably. When we set out to do the research to put together this list of the top compact toaster ovens, we were surprised at the range in sizes for height, width and depth.

For instance, some are narrow, but tall and deep. Others are short, but wide and deep relative to other models.

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How we assembled our list

We reviewed 50 toaster ovens and recorded all dimensions and customer feedback. We then decided to break up our list into the shortest, narrowest and shallowest.

Accordingly, you’ll see our list below is actually three lists. The first sets out the best shortest toaster ovens. The second sets out narrow toaster ovens. The third sets out the least deep models.

Our List of Small Toaster Oven Options

Product NameHeight (inches)Width (inches)Depth (inches)
Compact Toaster Oven by Better Chef8"9.75"15"
Oster 4-Slice Toaster Oven8.25"15.91"11.56"
Breville Mini Smart Oven8.75"16"14.25"
Toaster and Oven Combo by Hamilton Beach8.86"16.22"8.46"
Easy Reach Toaster Oven by Hamilton Beach8.97"16.12"11.93"
Toaster Oven Broiler by Cuisinart7.8"15.9"11.8"
Four-Slice Toaster Oven by Proctor-Silex16"13.2"9.2"
Breville Smart Oven Pro11"14.5"18.5"
Easy Reach Toaster Oven by Hamilton Beach8.97"16.12"11.93"
Hamilton Beach Toaster Oven9.75"16.38"13.19"
Compact Black & Decker Toaster Oven9.4"16.4"11.3"
Compact Smart Toaster Oven by Breville10.25"16.5"15.5"
Hamilton Beach Toastation Toast and Oven Combo9.5"17.1"9"
Proctor-Silex Toaster Oven16"13.2"9.2"
Black & Decker 4-Slice Toaster Oven9"18.5"11.7"
Oster 4-Slice Toaster Oven8.25"15.91"11.56"
Toaster Oven Broiler by Cuisinart7.8"15.9"11.8"
Easy Reach Toaster Oven by Hamilton Beach8.97"16.2"11.93"

We decided to publish three separate lists, one for each dimension because most people looking for anything “small” relative to similar products, are usually restricted by one dimension. For instance, they don’t have much width and therefore need a narrow toaster oven. Or they don’t have much clearance and need a short option.

We conclude with what we consider the smallest toaster given all dimensions.

The following is results of our extensive research. We hope it helps you find the right sized toaster oven.

Small by Height: 6 Short Options Less than 9 Inches Tall

List ordered from shortest to tallest.

1. Compact Toaster Oven by Better Chef

Height: 8 inches | Width: 9.75 inches | Depth: 15 inches

Compact toaster oven by better chef

Compact and simple describes this inexpensive toaster oven by Better Chef. As you can see from the photo, there aren’t a lot of controls (2 dials) so it’s very simple to use. I often prefer simple with fewer bells and whistles than complicated loaded with features. At the end of the day, you want a toaster oven that reliably toasts, bakes or broils. That’s it.

This one does all three and it won’t break the bank to do so. It’s also short and narrow – a truly compact model that will fit in tight spots in your kitchen or at the very least won’t take up too much counter space.

Because it’s compact, it has a maximum 4 slice toasting capacity.

While not fancy, it does the job.

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2. Oster 4-Slice Toaster Oven (TSSTTVVG01)

Height: 8.25 inches | Width: 15.91 inches | Depth: 11.56 inches

4-slice short toaster oven by OsterThis small and economic toaster oven by Oster is one of the shortest models available. With a maximum cooking time of 30 minutes, it can handle most dishes – whether you need to bake, toast or broil (yes, it includes a broiler).

My favorite feature, which isn’t a feature, but a design element, is the vintage look with the rounded curves. It has a 1950’s appliance look to it, yet the stainless steel and black color scheme will look great in any kitchen.

It’s a very simple-to-use model controlled by two dials on the right. Put food in, turn dials, wait and eat.

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3. Breville Mini Smart Oven

Height: 8.75 inches | Width: 16 inches | Depth: 14.25 inches

Mini smart toaster oven by Breville

When it comes to small appliances, few brands have as stellar of a reputation as Breville. Of course, you pay for the quality; their products are on the higher end of the price range, but you get best-of-the-best.

This particular unit is a mini smart oven which customers love, garnering a 4.8 out of 5 average customer rating (well over 100 customer reviews).

Not only does this unit toast, bake, broil and roast, but it also has a convection oven option.

While the exterior does get hot, it’s okay to use as countertop oven.

If you like features and digital menus, this is a great unit to get. You can see that the user interface is more complicated than the simple dial variety. That said, once familiar with the settings and menu features, using this unit will be second nature.

At the end of the day you can’t go wrong with Breville.

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4. Small Toaster Oven and Toaster Combo by Hamilton Beach

Height: 8.86 inches | Width: 16.22 inches | Depth: 8.46 inches

Small toaster oven and toaster combo by Hamilton Beach

This inexpensive toaster and toaster oven combo unit is enormously popular having over 587 customer reviews at Wayfair with an overall average rating of 4.5 (out of 5). Hamilton Beach calls this model the Toastation® Toaster & Oven.

Can both the toaster and oven be used at the same time? Yes, it can, which gives you more toasting capacity for such a compact unit.

The toaster slots can accommodate bread up to 1.25 inches thick and 7 inches wide so that you can toast bagels and thickly sliced bread.

The combo feature is great because it’s a space-saving feature so you don’t have to have a separate toaster taking up space in your kitchen. If you have a large kitchen, this isn’t a concern, but if you have a small kitchen, every square inch of counter space counts.

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5. Easy Reach Toaster Oven by Hamilton Beach

Height: 8.97 inches | Width: 16.12 inches | Depth: 11.93 inches

Easy Reach Toaster Oven by Hamilton Beach

Not only is this a great-looking and uniquely designed toaster oven, but it’s the most compact overall. Moreover, just because it’s so compact doesn’t mean it lacks in capability.

It broils, bakes and toasts. With two rack levels, you have further cooking control. There’s an auto-shut off at the 30 minute mark, but you can opt to cook longer if necessary.

Even though it’s small, it can still toast up to 4 slices at one time.

With respect to ease-of-use, there are only two dials used to control all cooking functions.

If you’re looking for the most compact with all dimensions considered, this is the unit for you.

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6. Toaster Oven Broiler by Cuisinart (TOB-40N)

Height: 7.8 inches* | Width: 15.9 inches | Depth: 11.8 inches

Small stainless steel toaster oven by Cuisinart

The shortest toaster oven to make our list is one by Cuisinart with which you can toast, bake and broil. It’s the only option less than 8 inches in height which is a good choice if you have a place with little clearance.

Despite its short height, it’s offers a decent interior space in which you can toast up to six slices of bread.

The best part is not only is this a popular model, but the customer feedback is excellent garnering an average of 4.5 stars our of 5 from hundreds of customer reviews.

The temperature range is 150°F to 450°F which is plenty hot to toast, bake and broil pretty much any food, but also offers cooler options for warming.

Finally, while a simple design, it’s not bad aesthetically with it’s outer stainless steel casing and dials. If you don’t have much clearance space, this short toaster oven is a great choice.

*There is a height discrepancy between the dimensions given at Amazon and Wayfair. The height given at Amazon is 8.35 inches, which is still compact, but taller than than the 7.8 inches reported at Wayfair. Because of this discrepancy, we place this unit at the bottom of our height list.

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Small by Width: Narrow Toaster Ovens Less than 17 Inches Wide

List ordered from narrowest to widest.

7. Four-Slice Toaster Oven by Proctor-Silex

Height: 16 inches | Width: 13.2 inches | Depth: 9.2 inches

Compact 4-slice toaster oven by Proctor-Silex

You can tell just by looking at this unit that’s it’s fairly narrow relative to other toaster ovens. It’s also different in that it’s all white, which veers from the usual stainless steel and black toaster ovens.

In fact, of all the models we researched, this is the narrowest model available coming in at only 13.2 inches wide.

Due to it’s compact size and it’s low price, this is a very popular model that’s also well rated by hundreds of customers.

Despite being narrow, you can toast up to 4 slices of bread and you can fit a 9″ x 9″ pan.

One thing to note though, is it has a 15 minute maximum cooking time, which is pretty short if you’re baking food such as a potato.

Additional features includes a broiler, drop-down crumb tray and non-stick interior.

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8. Breville Smart Oven Pro

Height: 11 inches | Width: 14.5 inches | Depth: 18.5 inches

Narrow toaster oven by BrevilleOur second narrowest toaster oven is the Breville Smart Oven Pro. It’s a narrow 14.5 inches wide so it can squeeze into narrow spots. It’s also not terribly tall (although it’s 2 plus inches taller than the options listed in our “short toaster oven” section above.

Like other Breville appliances, this one is loaded with features such as a suggested cooking times for a variety of food items, convection oven, interior light and slow cook option. You seriously don’t need a full-sized oven when you have this unit in your kitchen… it does it all. Of course if you’re feeding a family, this will do for appetizers or a single dish, but it is a toaster oven after all.

You can cook up to 10 hours with this, which is an important consideration since many toaster ovens have much, much shorter maximum cooking times.

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9. Easy Reach Toaster Oven by Hamilton Beach

Height: 8.97 inches | Width: 16.12 inches | Depth: 11.93 inches

Easy Reach Toaster Oven by Hamilton Beach

The first thing you notice about this toaster oven is the design, which is done so for both form and function. It looks great but it’s also designed in such a way for an easy-reach feature… in that you can easily reach in to get your food with the roll-top door.

This is one of the best space-saving toaster ovens because the roll-top design of the door means the door does not drop down in front of the unit so you don’t need any front clearance whatsoever. If you have a space that’s both narrow and not deep, this is a great option. Another benefit is without the door dropping down in front, you won’t spill food on it.

As for cooking, it bakes, broils and toasts.

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10. Hamilton Beach Toaster Oven

Height: 9.75 inches | Width: 16.38 inches | Depth: 13.19 inches

Narrow stainless steel toaster oven by Hamilton BeachHamilton Beach shows up again with this traditional-looking model that’s only 16.38 inches wide (sub 17 inches is fairly narrow for toaster ovens).

The classic stainless steel unit will look good in most kitchens, big or small. With a maximum 30 minute cooking time, it can accommodate most dishes and appetizers. It includes an automatic shut-off as well to avoid burning your dinner.

Like most toaster ovens, it bakes, broils and toasts.

Despite it’s compact width, it fits up to four slices of bred.

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11. Compact Black & Decker Toaster Oven

Height: 9.4 inches | Width: 16.4 inches | Depth: 11.3 inches

Compact Black & Decker toaster ovenThis sleek stainless steel (front face) and black toaster oven is the first on our list by Black & Decker which is a huge name in the world of small appliances.

This toaster oven offers many standard features. You won’t miss out, but neither do you get any bells and whistles.

Here’s what you get in a nutshell: 30 minute cooaking time, removable tray, 4-slice capacity and a maximum cooking temperature to 450°F. It bakes, broils and toasts.

While it’s standard fare, so to is the price, which is actually on the low end of the toaster oven pricing range… so for the money you’re getting great value.

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12. Compact Smart Toaster Oven by Breville

Height: 10.25 inches | Width 16.5 inches | Depth: 15.5 inches

Compact Breville Toaster OvenCompact and durable with cooking presets describes this compact toaster oven by Breville.

Like many Breville appliances, this unit comes with an LED display screen to setting your cooking options. Not only does this unit broil, bake and toast (up to four slices), but it also has a defrost function.

While it’s a compact model, it comes with and accommodates a 10 inch by 10 inch boiling pan and baking rack.

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Small by Depth: Less than 12 Inches Deep

List ordered from shallowest to deepest.

FYI, some of the models in this list may also be included in either the shortest or narrowest toaster oven lists above.

13. Hamilton Beach Toastation® Toast and Oven Combo

Height: 9.5 inches | Width: 17.1 inches | Depth: 9 inches

Compact toaster and oven model by Hamilton BeachWhen you look at all the dimensions of this toaster oven, it’s actually compact all around.

A slightly different Toastation® model made the shortest list and it’s only .1 inch away from qualifying for the narrowest list. With respect to depth, this is the shallowest toaster oven we discovered in our research with a short depth of only 9 inches.

As you can tell, this is a unique toaster oven in that it is both traditional toaster and oven in one. Hamilton Beach is known for combo appliances. I have one of their combo coffee makers (single serve and pot hybrid).

Another Hamilton Beach quality is their appliances, while often unique in some way, are reasonably priced.

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14. Proctor-Silex Toaster Oven

Height: 16 inches | Width: 13.2 inches | Depth: 9.2 inches

Compact 4-slice toaster oven by Proctor-Silex

This toaster oven by Proctor-Silex also made our narrow toaster ovens list. With a 9.2 inche depth, this is the second shallowest toaster oven we found that received good customer ratings.

FYI, this Proctor-Silex and the above Hamilton Beach models are the only sub-10 inch deep toaster ovens. The next options on the list jump to over 11 inches deep.

We won’t repeat the features we set out above, so we’ll leave it at that.

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15. Black & Decker 4-Slice  Toaster Oven

Height: 9 inches | Width: 18.5 inches | Depth: 11.7 inches

Sleek Black & Decker toaster oven in blackI really like the look of this sleek toaster oven. It’s not as square as many models. Although, if you have all stainless steel appliances in your kitchen, you may want to opt for a stainless steel unit.

Overall, this is a fairly small model, but it’s most compact dimension is the its depth, which is a shallow 11.7 inches.

This model bakes, broils, toasts and reheats with a 30 minute cooking time. FYI, while it gets to 450°F, it has a 1,450 wattage, which is lower than the 1,800 wattage many other toaster ovens offer. Based on the number of customer reviews, assuming that’s an indication of popularity, this unit isn’t quite as popular as many units above. It makes our list because the few reviews it does have are overall positive and it’s sub 12 inches in depth.

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16. Oster 4-Slice Toaster Oven (TSSTTVVG01)

Height: 8.25 inches | Width: 15.91 inches | Depth: 11.56 inches

4-slice short toaster oven by Oster

This cool looking Oster toaster oven also makes our shallow toaster oven list with a depth of 11.56 inches. It’s #3 above in our short toaster oven list.

I won’t repeat what I said above… but will emphasize that the design of this unit is really cool.

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17. Toaster Oven Broiler by Cuisinart (TOB-40N)

Height: 7.8 inches | Width: 15.9 inches | Depth: 11.8 inches

In addition to making our shortest list, this small Cuisinart toaster oven also makes the shallowest list, which like the Oster and Proctor-Silex units above, makes it one of the most compact toaster ovens available.

Cuisinar is not the cheapest brand but neither is it the most expensive. It’s known for decent quality across its fleet of small kitchen appliances.

A final note about this unit – it has a commercial kitchen design to it which can be really good or not so good if you care about how your small appliances look in your kitchen. If you have a chef’s kitchen with heavy-duty stainless steel appliances throughout, this model will look great.

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18. Easy Reach Toaster Oven by Hamilton Beach

Height: 8.97 inches | Width: 16.12 inches | Depth: 11.93 inches

Easy Reach Toaster Oven by Hamilton Beach

In addition to making our height and width lists, this model also makes our depth list.

It’s the only toaster oven to make all three lists which is why we consider it, overall, to be the most compact toaster oven available.

As you can see, it’s the roll-top design that makes it possible to be so compact. Not only is the overall size small, but you don’t need any door clearance in front because the door rolls upward. We argue that it’s the ultimate small toaster oven.

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The Most Compact Toaster Oven Overall Is…

The Easy Reach Toaster Oven by Hamilton Beach (Amazon / Wayfair). It’s the only unit that makes all of our lists – height (8.97 inches), width (16.12 inches) and depth (11.93 inches).

Why such huge price ranges with toaster ovens?

Please keep in mind that the focus of our lists above pertain to size and excellent customer reviews, not features and capabilities. Accordingly, some options on our list cost less than $50 while other cost more than $200. This really boils down to whether a model has advanced features such as smart features and whether it has a convection oven… two features that radically increase the price.

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