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Small and Compact Appliance Ideas

Here's our main small appliances page where you can access lists and galleries and information all about all kinds of small and compact appliances.

Small and compact appliances

What’s the difference between small and compact appliances?

Small appliances typically refers to countertop appliances used in the kitchen such as blenders, juicers, food processors, coffee makers, toasters, etc.

Compact appliances means that it’s a small version of a specific type of appliance.

For example, a large coffee maker is a small appliance. A compact coffee maker is a small coffee maker relative to other coffee makers.

This page focuses on compact appliance ideas. In other words, below you’ll get access to articles about small versions of different types of appliances. For example, while toaster ovens are a small appliance, our small toaster oven article focuses on smaller toaster ovens.

Small Microwaves

Small microwave

Microwaves by nature are space-saving appliances in that they cook, reheat and defrost food, but are smaller than traditional ovens.

However, there hundreds of different microwave models you can choose from and within that large product line are small microwaves relative to others.

Our article features a collection of small microwaves. Check it out:

Click for Small Microwaves

Small Toaster Ovens

Photograph of a small toaster oven

Like microwaves, toaster ovens are a space-saving appliance replicating the functions of an oven, but taking up much less space.

However, they cook food differently than microwaves in that they can properly toast and broil food. While microwaves are great at defrosting and reheating (because they’re fast), toaster ovens serve a great purpose in toasting and broiling food.

Also like microwaves, there are big and small toaster ovens. We published an extensive article featuring small toaster ovens that fit in tight spaces in your kitchen. Check it out:

Click for small Toaster Ovens

Compact Wine Refrigerators

Compact wine refrigerator

Wine refrigerators are typically smaller than regular refrigerators.

But then you can buy small or compact wine refrigerators that are designed specifically to store wine (beverage bottles in general), but are smaller than other models.

Our article sets out a collection of compact wine refrigerators that enable you to properly chill wine while not taking up a lot of space. Check them out:

Click for compact wine refrigerators

Compact Coffee Makers (All Types)

Compact modern looking black and red single serve coffee maker by Brentwood

While coffee makers aren’t normally all that big unless you buy a commercial espresso machine with all the bells and whistles, you would be surprise to notice the size differences between the largest and smaller models.

While this doesn’t matter much in a large kitchen or office, if you have a small kitchen or office, the coffee maker size matters. Often every additional square inch helps.

For this reason we put together a terrific list of the best small coffee makers. Check it out:

Click for compact coffee makers

Small Espresso Machines (All Types)

Small espresso machine

I love espresso.

I love strong coffee, so it stands to reason I’d love espresso.

For purists for whom an espresso from a pod or K-cup is not acceptable, an espresso machine is a must.

However, you can buy huge models akin to coffee shop espress machines (i.e. commercial models), large ones for the home and then small espresso machines that do the job making a great espresso without taking up much counterspace.

We researched many espresso machines of all sizes, ratings, features and more and put together an amazing list 15 excellent compact options. Check them out:

Click for small espresso machines

Small Slow Cookers

Small slow cooker cooking food.

While it may not be intuitive to buy a mini-slow cooker (the smallest are fairly small), but what you might not know is that cooking small amounts of food in large slow cookers is not ideal.

In other words, you don’t get the best results filling up a large slow cooker only 1/3 full (half full is probably good, but if you consistently fill it up lower than that, you should look for a smaller model).

The small models are also great for single serve or for two people. They take up less space and do a better job because you can fill them up for better results.

Click for small slow cookers

Small Vacuum Cleaners

Small handheld vacuum cleaner.

I so much prefer smaller vacuum cleaners over large ones… almost as much as how much importance I put on quiet vacuums.

There are several categories of vacuums including handheld, canister, upright, upright stick models and robotic vacuums.

Our list of the best small vacuum cleaners includes selections for each category.

Check them out at:

Click for small vacuum cleaners

Small Gas Grills

Compact gas grill

Short on outdoor space?

If so, but love to grill, check out our list of the top 9 small gas grills.

Still offering ample cooking space, these compact grills are ideal for small decks, patios or balconies.

Some are portable, which is fantastic for campers or beach-goers.

Whether a secondary grill or your main grill, you don’t have to compromise quality when opting for a smaller grill option.

Click for small gas grills

Compact Ironing Boards

Compact ironing boards

Have a small laundry room?

Limited space for an ironing board?

We have you covered. We put together a list of the 10 best small ironing boards split up by category: folding, drop-down and slide-out models.

My wife and I have a folding ironing board, which works well, but you might find a drop-down or slide-out to be more your style. Check them out:

Click for compact ironing boards

Small Washers and Dryers

small stackable washer and dryer

Condo and apartments don’t have space for a dedicated laundry room.

But that doesn’t mean you’re relegated to a laundromat.

These days here are many great small washing machine and dryer options.

We did a pile of research and put together an excellent set of options for both types of small appliances as well as space-saving combo units. Check them out:

Click for small washers and dryers

Small Rooms

In addition to covering small and compact appliance ideas, we do the same by writing extensively about small furniture as well as including a host of small room photo galleries.

Below is a list of links to our small rooms.