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50 Single-Story Craftsman House Plans (Ranch-Style)

Single story Craftsman house

I totally get the appeal of a single-story house. I also totally get the appeal of Craftsman style. Put it together and a single-story Craftsman house is a very good option. Below is our collection of single-story Craftsman house plans. See all house plans here, all Craftsman plans here and all single story house plans here.

50 Single-Story Craftsman House Plans

Is a single-story Craftsman worth it?

On the balance I prefer two-story houses because I like the additional space. But I get the appeal of a single-story home. Moreover, the Craftsman style looks great as a single story house as you can see with the above example. I recommend clicking into each since each has a floor plan illustration so you can see the layout with a one-story house.

What’s particularly interested about the collection of home plans above is how different the sizes of the homes are. Some are cute Craftsman bungalows while others are sprawling single-story homes.

A single-story house used to be something that people thought of as a starter home. The idea was that you should build your homes larger and larger as a sign of your wealth. However, there are many who are starting to rethink this common wisdom, and some have opted to select a single-story house as their preferred option. After all, there is nothing wrong with living in a starter home for one thing, and many of the single-story Craftsman houses on the market are far from being starter homes! 

The Styles Of Craftsman Houses

There are many common features of Craftsman houses that people tend to appreciate. A few of the features that you are very likely to see on a Craftsman house include: 

  • Low-pitched gable roofs
  • Overhanging eaves
  • Patterned window panes
  • Covered front porch

Let us start with that last point, the covered front porch. Who doesn’t love to have the opportunity to sit out on their own covered front porch and enjoy the beautiful weather outside? It is something that makes the experience of a spring or fall day that much more enjoyable. You can take in the great weather with your family and see how much it lifts your mood. You are likely to discover that this is precisely the kind of experience that you need to have. 

There are other great things about a Craftsman house as well including the low-pitched gable roofs. People like those because they signify something about the quality of the house inside. Namely, they point to the fact that the people who live there have done well for themselves in life and are attempting to show that to be the case. Many people see a Craftsman house and get very excited about the possibility of getting to live in one for themselves.

Why Single-Story Homes Are Often Preferred

It is important to note that single-story homes are receiving more and more attention these days as people start to realize the true value that they get when they live in this kind of space. They see that single-story homes make it easier for them to get around their home exactly as they need to without all of the concern about trying to carry too much up and down the stairs. That is very important because some people are literally physically incapable of doing so, and it is nice for them to have a space to live that accommodates for that. 

Even when people don’t have physical limitations on their ability to move up and down stairs, they may still find themselves wanting to go with a single-story home because they just like how easy it is to get precisely wherever they need to when they need to go there. There is nothing wrong with being satisfied with the ability to move about your home without concerns about how you will get to access anything in particular. You just want something that works for you, and that is what a single-story Craftsman home can bring. 

Given how popular these homes now are, it is little surprise that people are snapping them up as they sense an opportunity to earn a nice return on investment when they do so. Make sure you are prepared for the competition that is out there if you are to decide to get involved with a Craftsman home.