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6 Seville Oranges Substitute

If you want something bitter and sour that could blow your mind, the seville oranges are the best option for you. Both the juice and the zest are available. The juice can be used for cocktails, sauces, vinaigrettes and marinades, while the zested rind is applicable to flavoring salts, sugars, baked cakes and cooked vegetables.

This is a close look at ripe Seville oranges ready to be harvested.

Oh my gosh! Who doesn’t know about Seville oranges? If you don’t, then take notes. These are yellow-thick oranges that have a diameter ranging from 6-8 cm. These oranges have a rind, which contains a bitter essential oil. The most surprising thing is that it is spongy and bitter.

I remember the first time the Seville orange caught my eye was at a festival held in Cumbria, England, to commemorate the orange marmalade. The festival is called National Marmalade Festival, and it’s held in March every year.

The festival is nothing but total fun. You get live music, different foods, and drinks from different recipes for orange marmalade.  The best thing about the festival is that there are awards given for the best orange marmalade recipes. 

I was surprised to realize that the festival accommodates competitors from all around the world. Its goal is to inspire people to make the best marmalade for sauces, orange chicken, cocktails, meat, and desserts. So I can tell you the fact that you don’t want to miss the next festival. You will enjoy sour, tangy, and bitter aromatic flavors.

You may ask yourself, what if there are no Seville oranges? What else can I use as a substitute? Don’t panic anymore.  There are various Seville orange substitutes in the market. 

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Different Types of Seville Orange Substitutes

Bergamot Orange

There are ripe Bergamot oranges ready to be harvested from the tree.

If you’re hooked on Seville oranges, and they are not on the market. Come on! Don’t hesitate to buy the Bergamot orange. It’s a citrus fruit and serves the same purpose. You may not be used to it, but trust me, it may become your next addiction.

Bergamot or mandarin orange has a bitter flavor that suits your kitchen’s needs.  The rind and zest are a good option for infusing them into tea and cocktails. They are common in jams, marmalade flavored sugars, and vinaigrettes. 

Also, companies utilize oil to flavor biscuits, cakes, custards, scones, cookies, and bread. Oh! I almost forgot to ask you! Have you tried a chicken that is marinated with this sour orange? If not, try it because it is super yummy.

Health benefits

  • Antiseptic aspects
  • Antispasmodic
  • Analgesic––relieves pain
  • Alleviate mood
  • Treats skin infection
  • Rich in vitamin C
  • Eradicates stomach upsets


  • A high concentration of the flavors on food may affect a diabetic patient

Trifoliate/Chinese bitter orange

Ripe trifoliate oranges ready to be harvested from its tree.

Here comes another savior when the Seville oranges are nowhere to be seen. As the name suggests, these oranges originate in China and Korea. They have a thick rind and lime aspects.

They are bitter and sour, making them a perfect match for your marmalades. You can’t go wrong with beef marinated with these orange peel flavors. It works perfectly for fatty meat such as pork. It makes it more edible and adds that flavor and aroma that is attractive and delicious.

Health benefits

  • Contain flavonoids substances––essential for bodybuilding
  • Antioxidants aspect––deactivate radicals that may cause diseases
  • Contain Limonene substances––useful in preventing colon cancer
  • Helps with weight loss, especially for obese people
  • Makes a person super active in daily activities
  • Helps in metabolism processes
  • Protects the cells–reduces the occurrence of inflammation in the body
  • Effective in fighting viruses in the body


  • High consumption increases the heart rate and may result in high blood pressure 
These are ripe navel oranges ready to be harvested from the tree.

This substitute will drive you crazy, if not mad. Navel oranges contain low acidity levels but have an aromatic and sweet orange flavor. The substitute produces a well-balanced flavor that is sweet, tart, and tangy.

With navel oranges, you can go ahead and make smoothies, salads, meat, and yogurt flavoring. The rind can be applied on cakes, biscuits, doughs, or to cocktail flavoring. The most interesting thing about navel juice is that it turns bitter after 30 minutes.

Health benefits

  • Rich in vitamin A
  • Add potassium to the body
  • Have elements of vitamin C


  • It cannot stay more than two weeks, even if it is in the refrigerator.

Citrus zest

This is a close look at a a couple of citrus being zested with a special tool.

It’s another substitute that will blow your mind with the outcome. Think of that lemon juice with Tequilla; The bitter-sweet flavor that comes with these cocktails is undeniable.

You can never go wrong with citrus zest when it comes to marinades. It suits your baking and all cooking practices to flavor the food. The marinades will be tender and smooth.

 In case you need that extra bitterness in red meat. Marinate your food with a combination of lime juice, lemon, and orange.  The flavor and tartness of the food will drive you crazy. The sourness and the acidity of the citrus zest will give that tangy, savory, and grapefruit taste.

The acidity in the zest not only tenderizes the meat but also breaks down the protein to make it soggy. Hence, it brings the whole flavor and keeps the marinated meat intact.

If you’re making the citrus zest by yourself, avoid white pith since it has an unpleasant bitterness that makes you hate it.

Apart from marinades, citrus zest can be used for baking purposes, pasta, and sauce. The substitute gives you that bitter flavor compared to a jam. However, if you want a marmalade for the glaze, zest won’t be a good option.

What unique about citrus zest

  • Contain uniform shreds
  • The peel is soft––adding more sugar makes it softer
  • Bitter and sour than Seville orange
  • Compatible with all marinades
  • It is best to substitute for a bitter orange compared to jam or lime
  • It makes the protein stay intact throughout the whole marination period

Health benefits

  • High in fiber
  • Contain calcium aspects
  • Contain d-limonene––essential for reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes
  • Prevents tissue damage in the body
  • Helps reduce stress


  • The citrus zest marmalade is not recommendable for a person with high blood pressure

The splendid table formula

This is a close look at a jar of orange marmalade.

Do you love simple procedures and processes like me? You have got one here that will make your marinades sweet and tender. If you don’t have Seville orange juice, substitute it with four cups of juice.

These are orange juice, lime juice, grapefruit juice, and white vinegar. If you find your marinated beef so vinegary, you can do away with vinegar and leave the rest. 

If you mix these ingredients, the final product will be acidic, sour, and bitter. Nevertheless, it is the best substitute for marinating the famous Mexican roast turkey.

Health benefits

  • Helps in digestion processes
  • It reduces the chances of inflammation
  • Strengthen the body muscles and bones


  • It can cause ulcers if taken when the acidity concentration is high


This is a package of liquid fruit pectin at the grocery store.

If you can’t even find any bitter oranges, why don’t you try pectin? It is a real deal that will make you smile as you smash that flavored chicken. The best thing about pectin is it is acknowledged by FDA, which means that it is safe for your health.

You can use it as a jam or marmalade. You can also use it on acidic flavoring proteins such as yogurt, soya drinks, meat, fish products, and low calories. This substitute is crazy as it makes everything simple and clear for your marinades and flavoring.

Health benefits

  • Add fiber to the body
  • Helps to break down cholesterol
  • Helps with weight loss


  • It doesn’t change the flavor of the food; instead, pectin thickens the product
  • Reduces the cooking time


  • It causes bloating in people, especially if the person is allergic to pectin ingredients.
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