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Our Detailed ServiceTitan Software Review (for Field Businesses)

Screenshot of the homepage for Service Titan.

Are you a business owner looking for a software solution for your home services business? Then you’re in the right place! I sat down with ServiceTitan – an all-in-one software geared towards the home service business industry, and went through their offering with a fine-tooth comb. We want to make sure that you make the right decision for your business the first time, so this is an honest review of everything ServiceTitan has to offer. From implementation processes to device integration, marketing features, and customer support, here is all the information you need to figure out if ServiceTitan is the right investment for your business.

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What is ServiceTitan Software?

ServiceTitan was founded in 2013 by two first-generation American men who wanted to help their fathers. Ara and Vahe were inspired by how hard their fathers worked to move to the United States and build home service businesses to ensure that they had a better life. I pay back that gift, they developed an all-in-one software system, Service Titan, to help home services contractors streamline their processes and meet their goals. Since its inception, ServiceTitan has raised more than $160 million and has more than 600 employees. They prioritize the success of their customer’s businesses as the top metric for their own success.

Service Titan call screen screenshot

Which Small Businesses is this Software For?

ServiceTitan is designed to be an all-in-one system for home service contractors and providers. They have specific packages for HVAC, Plumbing, Electrician service companies, as well as more specialized home services as garage door installation, chimney sweep, and water treatment businesses. ServiceTitan’s software is set up to take care of your business from marketing and sales to dispatching and customer relations, and even includes backend systems for tracking inventory, accounting, payroll, and real-time reporting.

What’s Involved in Implementation?

No matter which software you decide to purchase for your business, implementation is one of the most stressful things that you’ll have to go through. Fortunately, I like the approach that ServiceTitan has.

Once you’ve signed your contract, ServiceTitan assigns you a dedicated implementation manager. Their main job is to capture all your requirements, answer all your questions, provide you with training, and ensure that your software implementation is as seamless as possible.

The most challenging part of implementing an all in one software is getting your data from where it is now, into the new system. ServiceTitan has a pretty clear and distinct process in place for this, with built-in checkpoints to make sure that your data is accurate and is flowing into the system correctly.

The Data Processing Specialist will be assigned to your business and will pull a backup of your current data and import it into a secure data sharing link. Then the Data team works through your data and deposits it into a special review account. Think of this as a demo version of the software, but with your specific customer information.

Once your data has been added to the review account, your implementation manager will ask you to review it for accuracy. While this can be an overwhelming process, especially if you have a lot of data, they do provide business owners with a Data Review Form, designed to guide them through the data integrity check.

Be prepared to go back and forth between the data processing team and to review the output a few times. This ensures all updates are made to your specifications and the system is working as you expect it to.

Service Titan customer history screenshot

Depending on the size of your business and the amount of data you have, you could very well be up and running completely on ServiceTitan in just a few days.

As you’re going through the data validation process, you’ll also go through training with your home office and field technicians on how to use the software. There are also various training videos and documentation on the ServiceTitan website to help you navigate the software and implement processes.

Just before it’s time to go-live, the data team will pull one last data pull from your current system to make sure that all the information is as up-to-date as possible in ServiceTitan, making the transition as easy as possible. You will also be assigned to an individual success manager at this time, who will be your main point of contact with ServiceTitan throughout your contract. They are the person who will help you use the software as efficiently as possible and help you with developing and adopting best practices.

One thing that is important to note is that one of the features of the ServiceTitan software is the ability to integrate a personalized price book for your business. This price book drives a lot of the sales and upselling opportunities that your technicians can do in the field, so it’s an essential piece of the functionality ServiceTitan provides. While you may want to put this off until after installation, I’d advise against it as you’d want to be as fully functional as possible from your go-live date. Plus, the added help of the implementation manager during this period allows for this to be built as part of the process. Be as detailed and specific as you can in the initial setup and save yourself a headache down the line!

Multiple Device Integration

One of the best features of ServiceTitan is that it’s wholly integrated no matter which device you use. This is because it’s a Cloud-based software. All of your information exists on secured servers that are accessible anywhere you have cellular or internet connection.

Also, for your field techs, there are mobile apps. ServiceTitan Mobile 2.0 is available for download on tablets or mobile phones. This allows your field technicians to be able to not only get dispatch information but access to the client’s complete record, including the initial service call. They can also access any quotes that the client requested, as well as any previous calls. The app is intuitive, and according to ServiceTitan, is very easy to navigate no matter what level of comfort your field tech has with technology.

Service Titan call playback screenshot

Marketing Features

ServiceTitan actually has a bunch of handy marketing features that can help you reduce the number of sites and programs you use to market your business. From emailing and sending text messages directly to clients, to analyzing advertising efforts and ROI, there’s a ton of functionality to manage your business development activities.

Customer Email & SMS Text Messaging

ServiceTitan has the built-in functionality to email or text a customer with the information on their field tech, including a picture of them, to encourage them to feel more comfortable with the stranger about to enter their home. Plus, once dispatched, the customer has access via the text message to GPS track the technician from where they are to their house.

Service Titan customer text messaging screenshot

Campaign Management

Service Titan marketing campaign screenshot

Your Marketing Scorecard ranks each campaign by the number of leads, appointments, and revenue. This allows you to see what’s working and what’s not, and you’re not wasting precious marketing dollars on a campaign that doesn’t work.

Heat Map

The heatmap feature allows you to see where in your local area you’re generating the most revenue so that you can focus on beefing up your advertising and marketing in those areas. This allows you to get laser-focused the most profitable locations around town.

Campaign Creation & Tracking

Create unique phone numbers for each campaign you use. This allows you to track which campaigns are bringing in the most return. It allows attaching the exact revenue to the campaign that drove it in.


Call Booking

Service Titan call screen screenshot

ServiceTitan’s all-in-one system routes all calls directly through the software. When a customer calls, a bubble pops up on your customer service representative’s screen to answer. You get the customer’s name, and their information automatically populates on the screen so that you can personalize your conversation with them by using their first name. You also have access to the entire service history, and can easily book another service call directly in the interface. For business owners, all the information on calls that come in and the booking percentage of your Customer Service Representative are easily available in the dashboard feature. You can rank them by booking a percentage and use it as a performance indicator. I really like the fact that all recordings are automatically saved in the customer’s account. Not just to confirm details that might have been missed, but it’s also an opportunity to use those recordings to coach your customer service representatives and sales team to convert more sales.


Service Titan dispatch board screenshot

The scheduling features are easily accessible to your customer service representatives to quickly take all the details down about the issues that your customer is facing and create a detailed work ticket for a field technician. You can immediately see where your field techs are at any given time and what they have on their schedules. This allows you to make sure that your team is performing as efficiently as possible. I really like the calendar function, because you get a bird’s eye view of what you have going on each day of a month for service calls. ServiceTitan is integrated, you can actually click-into any job on the schedule, and see not only the notes, details of that job, but with a quick click, you can see the customer’s entire service history. Really, there’s not a better or more natural way to have all the information you need right at your fingertips. Plus, if you need to send last-minute information to your techs before a service call, you can text them right in the software!


Service Titan tech customer review screenshot

When your team is dispatched to a customer’s call, they’ll get all the information they need for the specific call, as well as access to the complete customer history. This includes any tags, notes, or recommended estimates, as well as access to all other jobs the client requested. Using the ServiceTitan mobile app, they’ll not only get turn by turn directions, but they’ll also be able to send a message directly to your customer through the app. This will include a picture of the field tech, and a link that allows your customer to visually see on a map where the tech is and how far away they are from their home. This adds extra credibility to your field techs and ensures that your customers feel more comfortable having a stranger show up at their homes.

Sales & Estimates

Service Titan estimate presentation screenshot

The power of the ServiceTitan Mobile app allows your field techs to increase sales and estimates for your customers. By mimicking the online shopping experience, your techs can build out estimates in real-time using a custom or default price book to create three-levels of estimates: good, better, best. They can then turn this into presentation mode, and your customers can browse through the quote, and seamlessly link out to the manufacturer’s descriptions and videos, giving them complete access to all the information they need and expect in their shopping experience. I really like the fact that it can help your techs convert more sales while they’re already on-site, which is the best time to talk with a customer about how you can help them further.


Service Titan dashboard screenshot

The reporting functions for ServiceTitan are pretty amazing. You have access to a real-time revenue dashboard, so you can see how your business is doing at any given point in time. You can also have built-in alerts that will let you know if a high-ticket sale is closed, or if there’s an unexpected dip in revenue. This allows you to pivot and make any necessary adjustments to mitigate the impact. You can also schedule reports at differing intervals and have them sent directly to you or a team member. This is excellent for monthly KPIs, like seeing how appointment duration is tracking by tech, so you can see where you can gain efficiencies and scale.

You can also see and track the performance of both your field techs and your customer service representatives, with full visibility into their metrics. Determine how well your customer service team is doing by checking bookings against the number of calls, and use the call recording function to see where your reps can improve conversion. ServiceTitan also can display metrics on a screen in your office, to encourage your sales reps to meet and beat their metrics in friendly competition.


Service Titan financing screenshot

Clearly, making sales is the most important thing for the success of your business. In the home service business, many high-ticket projects are held up because of financing. You’re going back and forth with the client, the client is going back and forth with the finance bank, and it can take weeks before you can start any work. Plus, it gives the client plenty of time to change their mind. ServiceTitan allows you to strike while the iron is hot with its integration with GreenSky. GreenSky provides fast, paperless financing applications and a decision in 30 seconds. On the ServiceTitan mobile app, when you present estimates and quotes to your customers, there is the option for the finance button at the top. This allows your client to get a finance decision immediately, sign on the dotted line, and you can start work. Honestly, this feature is fantastic because you can literally close that deal within the service appointment itself.

ServiceTitan Mobile is also optimized to accept both credit cards and checks for payment. I like this feature because it not only reduces the risk of losing a paper check because you’re scanning it right into the system for processing, but it also allows you to get access to your money a lot quicker. If a client is uncomfortable, allowing your field tech to scan their credit card, payment can also be made over the phone to your home office and entered directly into the client’s record for processing. You can also securely store payment information for future purchases, making it easier for your customers to get the work done they need, and for you to get paid on time!


Instead of trying to build-out accounting features from scratch, ServiceTitan developed integrations with both Intacct and Quickbooks. Both Intacct and Quickbooks are the two most widely used bookkeeping software used by home service businesses. I really appreciate the fact that ServiceTitan didn’t take the opportunity to attempt a sub-par alternative that’s built into their system and instead beefed up integration efforts to use what customers are already comfortable with. It really shows that they do realize what their customers need and what they don’t need!

Customer Support from ServiceTitan

It’s probably no surprise that for a company that prizes its customer’s success as their top success factor, that they also offer white-glove support on their end. After your fully implemented, ServiceTitan will assign a success manager to your account. This person’s job is to make sure that you are utilizing the system as efficiently as possible, answer any questions or issues, and to inform you about best practices. They’re your go-to person for questions throughout your contract with ServiceTitan. Also, ServiceTitan does offer support through phone, online chat, and emails. I did notice that there was a significant lag in response time, though, but I was contacting them over the holidays. Other customers have noted that their response time is about 24 hours through these methods.

Overall Evaluation

ServiceTitan does seem to deliver as the all-in-one solution for home service businesses. They have a great selection of features, and really the fact that everything is integrated does seem to make things easier. However, depending on the stage and size of your business, ServiceTitan might be overkill. But if you’re ready to scale, and really looking for something that will make that easier and more efficient, I think investing in ServiceTitan would be a good choice.