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26 Best Sausage Skillet Recipes (All Types)

Sausage Skillet with rice and herbs.

How many ways can you fry up some sausage in a skillet? Well, more than 25 for certain and with great results. Sausage skillet recipes are the star of the show today in this recipe roundup. From using Italian sausage or kielbasa to choosing to go Amish style or with white beans, there are so many variations of this classic one-pot dinner dish.

Delight the table of guests or feed a party of folks fast with any of these hearty, comforting sausage recipes. I personally love spicier sausage, but sweet Italian sausage is just as good for a quick night’s meal. See what you think of these recipes for sausage skillets from around the culinary globe.

1. One Skillet to Start the Show! Italian Sausage With Rice

Italian Sausage With Rice and wooden spoon.

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A staple carb, white rice, is a wonderful addition to a sausage skillet. The sausage flavor amps up what could otherwise be a bland side dish. Coming together in a single pan is another winner in my book; who loves to clean multiple pans for a single meal? Not me for sure!

Also, rice is an easy grain to slip into this skillet without being too hard to get into a spoon full of sausage. Kids love it, and home cooks can approve of how quickly this sausage skillet meal can be tossed together.

2. German Sausage Skillet by Kraft Foods

German Sausage Skillet with pomegranate.

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Next, I present to you the Kraft Foods version of a German sausage skillet. Germans are well known for their love of sausages, including bratwurst and beer-filled sausages. And if you are cutting the carbs, this meal is nothing more than a German sausage fried in a skillet with some saukerkraft and some sauteed long green beans.

Easy, peasy, you can avoid having to be too full of potatoes, rice, or pasta with this meal. 

3. Amish Skillet Sausage Supper from Holmes County

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The Amish of Holmes County, Pennsylvania has their own technique for putting together a sausage skillet. Since the goal of the Amish is to feed a crowd fast and cheaply, yet in a healthy way, this is a go-to recipe for a party or potluck buffet. Cream of mushroom soup and American singles appear to be the secret ingredients to this recipe.

Otherwise, there are five ingredients and just two vegetables, including onions and potatoes, for this somewhat bland sausage skillet. Are the Amish known for being spicy, though? 

4. Cheesy Tomato Italian Sausage Skillet from the South

Italian Sausage Skillet with pasta.

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This cheesy tomato sausage skillet starts with Italian sausage and gets a big kick in the britches. Instead of boring potatoes and onions, this recipe goes for the jugular with green sweet peppers, garlic, and black pepper. They do add green scallions chopped up, for an interesting take on the “onion” element. If you want something spicy, though, for a sausage skillet, start here.

5. Cabbage in the Sausage Skillet by Barefeet in The Kitchen

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Barefeet in The Kitchen scrams “I”m a pregnant and sassy cook,” and this recipe sounds about right. The use of cabbage with the sausage gives the sausage skillet a new element unlike anything else in this recipe roundup. I’m actually shocked the Amish didn’t add some cabbage to their sausage skillet for a filler, at the least.

Cabbage is both healthy and easy to grow for cheap, and saukerkraut is a perfect example of sustainable cabbage leaves.

6. Ramen Creamy Sauce and Sausage Skillet

Ramen Creamy Sauce and Sausage Skillet.

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Now, what about ramen noodles, those super cheap mini-meals you used to eat in college? These are added to a creamy white sauce for this sausage skillet. Top with some green peas and give yourself an added protein pack.

This transforms what would otherwise be a cheap meal into something dreamy and substantial. You could even–if you have leftovers–use those for a reheated meal or serve up cold for lunch the next day. Leftovers for the win!

7. Taste of Home Smoked Sausage and Potatoes Skillet Dinner

Smoked Sausage on the skillet with bell peppers.

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Smoked sausage stars in this sausage skillet dinner by Taste of Home. Using smoked sausage elevates the flavor of the meat, which is the main ingredient of the recipe. Make the most of it by choosing a high-quality smoked sausage. Hillshire Farms has a great smoked sausage that is readily available in most supermarkets coast to coast.

8. Melissa’s Southern Style Kitchen and a Skillet Cajun Skillet Using Andouille Sausage

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Speaking of flavorful sausages, check out this recipe for a Cajun-inspired skillet sausage. The skillet dish uses Andouille sausage, which is a very spicy sausage in a long tube shape. Fresh leeks, cumin, fennel seed, and red potatoes are the main elements here to give you the true Cajun flair.

9. Cast Iron Skillet Sausage and Cheese Spread

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Whip out that heavy-duty cast iron skillet for this version of a sausage skillet recipe! But wait, this isn’t your typical dinner table delight. Instead, you are getting ready to make a sausage and cheese spread.

Dip in a crusty end of a rustic bread loaf to have a wonderful meal that brings great visual interest to the tabletop. This recipe is perfect for a date night or when you are serving a lot of people at once, such as during a game night for young adults.

10. Betty Crocker’s Turkey Sausage, Pepper and Onion Skillet

Turkey Sausage, Pepper and Onion Skillet.

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Betty Crocker is back at it with a sausage skillet that uses yet another meat protein. Here you get the greasy meat flavors we all love, but with half of the saturated fat. Using turkey sausage is a leaner alternative to pork sausage. You also get plenty of flavors and fiber from sauteed peppers and onions in this sausage skillet recipe. 

11. Turkish Sucuk with Eggs in a Skillet

Turkish Sucuk with Eggs in a Skillet.

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Next up, the Turkish have a way to cook sausage in a skillet that is quite unique. They are making Turkish Sucuk with eggs, a traditional campfire-friendly way to feast on a sausage skillet. Simply fry up the Turkish Sucuk, which is a type of sausage made and sold for Turkish cuisine.

Here in the US, check with your local Eastern European grocer to see if the butcher has this type of sausage for the most authenticity. 

12. Vegan Goan Faux Sausage Curry Skillet from India

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Want something that is not meat at all while serving a sausage skillet? Check out this meat-free sausage skillet recipe from India in the Far East. The culture there prefers a more vegetarian and limits the use of dairy and beef, as well as pork products. As a result, you get this truly Indian dish called vegan Goan Sausage Curry, which is a skillet started with faux meat.

13. Carino’s Chicken and Sausage Skilletini

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One of the better restaurants in South Dakota is Carino’s, which is an Italian restaurant chain. The restaurant serves up a great handmade pasta selection, including their Chicken and Sausage Skilletini. If you want to indulge in sausage, adding chicken to the mix brings up the health quotient by cutting some of the saturated fat of pork sausage. 

14. Plant-Based Food Subscription Purple Carrot’s Mediterranean Apple Sage Sausage Skillet 

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Oh, how I love a food subscription box and this Purple Carrot recipe shows why. Anyone can access Purple Carrot recipes in the food subscription boxes. By the way–you do not have to be a member.

This recipe is for a plant-based sausage skillet. The dish starts with an apple sage sausage that is plant-based for vegetarians and vegans alike. From there, you already have a good flavored protein to boost the skillet, which fries up like any other sausage skillet.

15. Greek-Style Sausage and Pepper Skillet aka Spetzofai

Greek Style Sausage on a brown pot.

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So, how do the Greeks make a sausage skillet? For starters, they call it Spetzofai and it includes both sausage and peppers. Finding in-season green and red bell peppers is the best way to make this dish. You also want to choose the freshest sausage you can buy, preferably from a local Greek deli counter.

16. Mexican Frittata with Chorizo and Potatoes in a Cast Iron Skillet

Mexican Frittata with Chorizo with bell pepper.

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Down in Mexico, they use a very different type of sausage for their sausage skillets. This sausage is called chorizo and comes with a very red coloration. Chorizo is available in most butcher shops and groceries here in the US, too, making it easy to recreate this Mexican food specialty.

By frying the chorizo and potatoes in a cast-iron skillet, you slow down the cooking process. Chorizo is higher in fat content, which means it’s more likely to get too hot too quickly in a regular frying pan.

17. Chorizo, Vegetables and Eggs in a Skillet

Chorizo, Vegetables and Eggs in a Skillet.

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The addition of vegetables in this chorizo recipe is right on the money for my family. Eating healthily is important, and vegetables add vital minerals and fiber. You also reduce the cost of the meat in this skillet dish. I’m all about chorizo with a fried egg on top; that is the only way to make a great breakfast using this Mexican sausage.

18. Johnsonville’s Chorizo Mac Skillet

Chorizo, onions and avocado in a skillet.

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If you are searching for a good brand of chorizo here in the US, consider Johnsonville’s chorizo sausage. This trusted brand is well garnered for having high-quality meats sold in stores nationwide. The Johnsonville’s Chorizo Mac Skillet goes a step further with the use of macaroni and cheese for this recipe.

Talk about a winner, winner, sausage skillet dinner. I personally am a huge fan of mac and cheese, and this is no exception. Also, by adding the mac to this skillet, the recipe becomes more like a DIY Hamburger Helper dish.

19. Spanish Potato Sausage Skillet by Idaho Potato

French fries sausage and egg in a skillet.

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Idaho Potato is a great source for recipes, including this Spanish potato sausage skillet suggestion. Using Spanish is interesting considering Idaho is a US state, but let’s see what they have going on here. What makes the dish Spanish is smoked paprika and ground cumin.

Also, this dish does not actually contain meat. Idaho Potato recommends using a vegan sausage made from seitan. 

20. Hy-Vee’s Sausage and Cornbread Breakfast Skillet

Cornbread Breakfast Skillet with honey.

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Hy-Vee is a popular grocery store chain in the Midwest, and they put out a lot of dinners that are grab-and-go. Oh, and some of their newly remodeled stores have restaurants inside where they actually serve food. Their in-house chefs are constantly coming up with new recipes, and this sausage and cornbread breakfast skillet are right on the money.

By the way, if you are in the Midwest, check out the Sunday buffet put out by Hy-Vee. You can indulge your breakfast skillet senses with all things Midwestern, including, interestingly enough, some seafood items.

21. Polish Sausage and Potatoes Skillet by Southside Market

Polish Sausage on a white bowl.

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Polish sausage is another popular type of sausage to use in a sausage skillet. This recipe by Southside Market recommends buying the best quality Polish sausage you can find in your neighborhood. From there, you are one step away from an easy meal that takes only one dish to bring to the table. Yay for the ease of the sausage skillet recipe! 

22. 20 Minutes til Supper with Smoked Sausage and Potato Skillet

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Speaking of easy, here is a fast recipe that promises you can eat a sausage skillet meal in less than 20 minutes. Start with a smoked sausage that is already cooked and you are one step ahead of the cooking curve. Saving time without sacrificing flavor is a cinch! 

23. Spicy Hot Sausage Skillet

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Get spicier than you are used to with this spicy hot sausage skillet. The skillet recipe calls for using rotini pasta, which is the type that is shaped into spiral corkscrews. A yellow cheese sauce is the basis of the creamy texture of this wonderful one-pan recipe.

24. The Modern Proper’s Sausage, Kale and Potato Skillet

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The Modern Proper is a popular resource for the urban elite and other hipster home cooks interested in more pretentious recipes. This one is no exception. Of course, if you are a fan of kale, then you will feel right at home with this sausage, kale, and potato skillet. 

25. California Style Au Gratin Sausage Skillet

California Style Au Gratin Sausage Skillet.

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Along the Pacific Coast, we come to the California-style au gratin sausage skillet. Here, again, we see that creamy yellow cheese sauce that becomes a source of inspiration for sausage lovers. The combination of this easy-to-make cheese cream with salty sausage fried up with its own crunchy bits is a sensation of the senses.

26. Cherry Tomatoes and Dinner in 10 Minutes with This Sausage Skillet

Cherry Tomatoes with egg in a pan.

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As the summer garden comes to harvest, cherry tomatoes are all the rage around here. We can hardly eat them all! So it only makes sense that this recipe for a sausage skillet is ready in 10 minutes as we round up this recipe roundup. Using small cherry tomatoes gives the skillet a fresh burst of flavor you simply can’t find with any of these other recipes.

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