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12 of the Best RV Stores Online

Growing up, one of the most profound dreams I had was owning an RV. I have had two RVs and will purchase a third one soon. Since shopping online has become the way to go, HS RV stores online are becoming more popular by the day, and for myself, that would be the most convenient route. Most, if not all, of these stores, sell RVs and RV parts and have a wide variety of accessories.

You will find through the RV dealer motorhomes, campers, travel trailers, fifth wheels, and items to enjoy your camping experiences on these sites. All modern-day RVs have spacious living quarters with plenty of room to move around and fit quite a few people comfortably inside. Each bed is comfortable for sleeping, and some RVs can sleep from two to twelve people. There is a truck camper all the way to the luxurious motorhome to make you feel like camping in a mansion on wheels.

What makes these sites grand are the inventory of all the parts, RV supplies, camping supplies, and other items available made for a one-stop-shop online for everything needed for that camping trip or a trip to your favorite fishing spot. Looking at all the websites, my heart racing makes me want to hook up a travel trailer and run away for the weekend. There is nothing wrong with falling off the grid for a while, so check out the dealer website and see all there is to offer in new and pre-owned models.

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List of Online RV stores

An RV parked at a campsite overlooking the ocean.

1. Camping World RV & Outdoors

A screenshot of the Camping World RV & Outdoors website.

Camping World is one of the largest HS RV stores online. They have over 160 locations across the nation. Their online portal makes it easy to ship out the products or get the recreational vehicle to wherever you are in the country. It has grown into a franchise across the nation.

They have over a hundred campers to choose from, and they carry the most popular name brands like Keystone Springdale, Forest River Flagstaff, and many more. Camping world also has all the accessories needed like RV covers, generators, and everything needed for the hitch and tow with the pickup truck. All of the parts you can imagine that goes with camping is ready to sell.

Almost every brand name is on the website. It also has outdoor and indoor furniture for sale to make camping more enjoyable as you sit inside or outside and enjoy the scenery. They have truck bed campers, camping tents, ice chests, bbq pits, campfire pits, all with the most popular brand names. Some other interesting notations to make are the maintenance and repair sites, all the outdoor gear for the time in nature, and a club to sign up for as a member.

2. PPL Motorhomes

A screenshot of the PPL Motorhomes website.

PPL Motorhomes has been around since 1972 and is based out of Texas with three different Texas locations. Anyone interested in a camper, new or used, can find what they are looking for on the website or visit the locations. They do deliver to the PPL location of choice, or they can deliver it to your location. The distances should always be checked through the dealer. There are other items sold that deal with camping and RV supplies.

PPL Motorhomes has an option for those interested in selling their RV on consignment. On the website, they have all the information to walk you through the options available. Many times, people wish to sell their RV and get an upgraded one with all the luxuries. It is easy to do everything online from buying, selling, and dealing with applicable taxes, title, and paperwork.

The advertised pricing always show the sale items first, so it is easily made to shop online. One of their sale items is a picket play fence system for pets. Another sale item is made for the kitchen while cooking those fabulous camping meals. There is a walnut knife holder for sale that is magnetic and a cutting board with added parts that attaches to the countertops for use. Everything is designed to save space inside the RVs.

3. General RV Center

A screenshot of the General RV Center website.

General RV has all the best selections of pre-owned and new from the fifth wheel, toy hauler, pop up campers, and travel trailers. They have Class A, B, and C RVs and Class A Diesels in the motorhome section. Everything sold is of high quality, and the warranty varies from each RV. All of the prices are set from RV shows and is perfect for anyone’s budget. As more people enjoy camping, the RV industry continues to soar.

More people want to get away from news and everyday life, so by checking out all they have to offer online, you can see our inventory. Every pic covers all the features, so no one is left guessing what each RV has available. Each selection has the floor plans available and the specs to paint an image of the reality of space.

Unlike most of the others mentioned in this article, General RV only sells the RVs, not other items or accessories. Still, the website allows for the purchase and delivery of whatever is decided upon. Added to the website are blogs and articles with great campfire recipes and stories to get your imagination flowing. There are also travel tips on places to go camping.

4. Motor Home Specialist RV

A screenshot of the Motor Home Specialist RV website.

Motor Home Specialist RV has every brand name available with all the features listed on their website for each popular name available. They also have options for great financing, top dollar for trade-in values, and you can consign or sell your RV through their company.

All of the 2021 models are made available for purchase, and they also sell parts and accessories along with the top of the line service made available for any repairs needed on your RV. Their long list of models in the motor home section has both gas and diesel engines. They even have 4X4 models available for those who love camping in all-terrain.

The options are available for those who choose the spacious living quarters with the slide and those without the slide-out. Many people will find the larger RVs will feel like they are camping in a mansion on wheels. Options are also available for an extra bath and a half or two full-sized bathrooms.

5. Pop RVs

A screenshot of the Pop RVs website.

Pop RVs is another popular website where people go shopping online for RVs and selling them. They are not like the others that sell parts or service, but they have all the popular name brands available like Montana, Bounder, Georgetown, Cougar, Bighorn, Jay Flight, Solitude, and Rockwood.

Any other name brands factory-made can be found by entering the year make and model along with the length, options, price range, and other features you are looking for in an RV. When selling an RV, there is no fee to list an ad with the company. The way they are paid is through consignment when the RV sells. They also put the ad on 13 different websites they partner with to help you sell it quicker.

While purchasing an RV through Pop RVs, you can feel comfortable knowing you are helping through charity. Pop RVs donates a large portion of their profits to the Make a Wish Foundation for Southern Florida.

6. Conversion Trader

A screenshot of the Conversion Trader website.

Conversion Trader is another website where many people go to purchase, sell, or trade-in their RVs. It is a website designed only for RVs and does not have the option for service or selling RV supplies. There are many different name brands to look through, and they have Skoolies, Buses, Sprinters, Class B, and C RVs, Camper Vans, and Travel Trailers.

They also have unfinished projects for those who like to customize their own RVs, tailgaters, trailers, Stealth, and off-grid items. On the Conversion Trader website, they have an option where you can type in the name brands you are looking for, and if you are looking for a builder location, you can list the miles from ten miles from your location all the way to 2,500 miles.

This website has both new and used RVs, and they partner with Lending Tree with all the calculations necessary to figure out your monthly payments. Among the RV listings, many people use this website as an alternative to Craigslist due to the higher volume of traffic, and it is found to be more reliable and safer to buy and sell. Their options of listings go from 60 days to six months, all for a fair price.

7. Affinity RV

A screenshot of the Affinity RV website.

Listed as one of the top 50 RV Dealer awards in 2019, Affinity RV has three locations and a website to shop for those who wish to stay out of the public during the COVID-19 pandemic. Most of the sales on all sites have been on the up and up due to the mandates. Affinity RV is located in Arizona and has three locations where they conduct business.

The website allows people to purchase anything they need that deals with campers. They are available with financing and RV service and sales. The brand names are among the top listed like Forest River, Grand Design, Highland Ridge RV, Jayco, Keystone RV Company, Lance, and the ever-popular Winnebago. Their goal and their motto are “Bringing Family and Lifestyle together.”

That is what makes camping so special. They not only sell, but they have rentals available for those who do not have the finances to purchase an RV. Their inventory has truck campers, pop-ups, toy haulers, destination trailers, travel trailers, Class A, B, and C gas and diesel, all new and used. Added to their list are “arriving soon” and “blowout sales,” so there are multiple to choose from when purchasing your RV.

8. Bent’s RV

A screenshot of the Bent's RV website.

Not far from New Orleans, Louisiana, in Metairie, LA is another of the top 50 awarded RV dealers in the US. Bent’s RV has bunkhouse specials, clearance inventory, rental RVs, and a portal for online parts shopping. They have many popular brands and have hundreds of RVs available in stock and online.

Bent’s RV has an announcement put up on their webpage; they are available for parts and service with an online sales specialist to assist you in making a purchase or answering any questions. They have other portals within their website to advise customers and those who wish to sell their RV on consignment. You should know a list of ten things before making the grand decision to buy an RV, which is listed on the webpage. If you have a trade-in, they can also tell you what is worth by giving them all the information required.

The top brands all campers are familiar with are Keystone RV Company, Heartland, Dutchmen, Primetime, Crossroads, KZ, Coachmen, Forest River, and over 40 more popular brands. Bent’s RV has partnered with Route 66, which offers over 150 locations in the US to get your RV serviced should something happen if you are camping hundreds of miles out in the wilderness.

9. Fun Town RV

Screenshot of the Fun Town RV website.

Fun Town RV is listed as the number one spot in sales for towable RV dealerships in America. They have new and used RVs, allow trade-ins, sell on consignment, parts, and service. Fun Town RV is open seven days a week and is an accredited business with the Better Business Bureau as A+.

There are over 60 brand names in stock on the website and the lot. They are popular for being straight forward with the customers, and there are no hidden fees and offer top dollar trade-ins. A portal called RV ASAP allows the customer to purchase the RV online and get it delivered anywhere in the country or have it picked up at one of Texas’s three locations.

The locations are in Cleburne, Dallas, and Denton. Many different deals pop up on the website as featured RVs, and the prices are discounted from three and four thousand all the way up to $18,000. Their sales are a hit or miss and should be checked regularly. All RVs sold have floor plans available to help you understand what you are looking for in the market.

10. Jayco

Screenshot of the Jayco website.

Jayco is one of the most popular brands of RV on the market. The quality is unmatched and has the best warranty on the planet. What proves Jayco is one of the leading brands and top-selling on the HS online RV stores? They have been pushing family fun in the camping world for over 50 years and deal with over 300 Jayco Dealers across the nation.

Their awards are for a best-selling travel trailer for 14 years, 77 DSI Awards, and listed in the RV Hall of Fame. When it comes to RVs, Jayco is one many people relate to and run to buy. They have all the travel trailers, motorhomes, toy haulers, and fifth wheels available online. One interesting thing about toy haulers is the fact that camping can be fun when four-wheelers or your motorcycle can come along for the trip inside the actual unit.

Camping is made fun of when you never leave home without the toys. The Jayco website’s online tools help the consumer know what they need before they buy an RV. There are also great testimonies to help make decision making easier as to what you may want to purchase. Those who own a Jayco model can also get assistance directly from the company.

11. Airstream

Screenshot of the Airstream website.

When it comes to the Airstream name brand, it sets itself apart from every other name brand on the market. The old fashion look of aluminum outside with each limited sized window has held out through the generations. Airstream is one of the oldest selling name brands with over 90 years of innovation.

What is amazing is the look is as popular today as it was when the company started. The floor plans are the same, and the inside looks the same as any other RV, but the aluminum exterior design is authentic and almost has an antique feel to it. Airstream makes travel trailers and touring coaches, and they are partnered with Mercedes-Benz. Safety and performance are always number one with the company.

The travel trailers are an American icon and have been on the roads since the 1930s when the early model trucks would tow them around. The coaches have all Class B or B plus sprinter camper van chassis. All the luxuries are built inside both, and each Travel trailer and touring coach is made uniquely different.

12. Forest River Inc.

Screenshot of the Forest River Inc. website.

Forest River Inc. is one of the largest manufacturing companies that supply RV dealers with the finest name brand models from A to Z. Some have debuted in 2020 and are listed at the top of the charts. Berkshire, No Boundaries, Riverstone, and XLR, were among the top 2020 debut list. There are some listed even for 2021 as the top debuted RVs. These are Impression and Cedar Creek.

There are several noted awards Forest River Inc. has received over the years. The floor plans are different for each name brand, but it leaves a signature floor plan in each one to let people know Forest River manufactured it. There are helpful tools on their website, and all of the owner’s manuals can be pulled up along with ways to contact the manufacturers directly.

Video tutorials are also available for those who may have additional questions or issues about certain features of all the models. The website is also there for the dealers as they have their own portal to get through directly to Forest River Inc. if needed.


How does RV financing work, and what are the loan terms?

There are many different options when financing an RV. The first step is finding a bank, lender, or credit union that will approve you of the loan. Getting financing is no different from financing a home or a car. Since an RV can get high in the price range, the loan terms usually go for ten to twenty years.

The best advice is to know your credit score and shop around for the best interest rate. Most of the RV lots have financing available with some of the top lenders. Going through the lenders, the RV company has to offer the best option unless there is a company you prefer doing business with on taking out a loan.

What are the necessities you need for RV camping?

When going camping, the number one thing needed can save lives is a good first aid kit. Checking and double-checking everything to make sure it works is essential. Propane is a must for heat, cooking, keeping everything in the fridge cold, and the water heater to heat the water. It also depends on where you are camping. Some places do not have running water, so keeping your freshwater tank full is a priority. All of the hose connections for the water and sewage are also needed.

What type of RV hookups do you need?

The hookups consist of the sewage, which connects to the black and greywater connection to release the waste. All RVs have battery connections, propane connections, water connections, and electricity connections. Each of these connections should be checked regularly. The new models have everything running off of electric components like the lights, slide-outs, etc.

When hooking up the RV to the truck, it is important to have the right size ball and hitch. It should be compatible with the proper weight limits. The light hookups for the taillights, running lights, brake lights, and turn signals should be hooked up properly and in service.

How do I know which RV is right for me?

For starters, you should have the right-sized vehicle able to haul the RV. Deciding what size you would be determined if you will be an inside camper or an outdoor camper. If most of your time will be spent inside and you have many people camping with you, space is everything. However, if you will be spending most of your time outdoors, and you and your family or friends are only sleeping inside, there is no need to get a large RV. The choice is completely up to you.

Can you claim an RV as a primary residence?

Yes, most definitely. Any place you live in can be considered a residence. Many people live in RVs inside trailer parks or RV parks. It is critical to keep in mind, RVs were designed for camping and not living inside forever. It puts a massive amount of wear and tears living in it as a permanent resident. With the proper maintenance, it can last for many years. Living inside an RV is also cheaper than living in a mobile home, apartment, or house. They are cheaper to purchase, and you can always take your home with you wherever you go.