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25 Incredible Rustic Ranch House Plans (Layouts)

When we started collating our rustic ranch house plans for this collection, I have to admit that I was mightily impressed with may of the layouts and designs. Some are absolute beauties. Check them below.

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25 Rustic Ranch House Plans

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Rustic and ranch-style is an excellent fit

The ranch (single story) design works well for rustic home, especially when built on larger, rural or mountain lots because those lots are typically larger which is often necessary for the larger footprint you get with a single-story ranch-style house.

It’s not surprising folks like incorporating rustic decor in a ranch-style house. The very fact that someone wants a “rancher” home means there’s a good chance they like the rustic style. Arguably, “rustic ranch” is redundant.

For some folks, a ranch style house is inherently rustic. I don’t necessarily agree with that since I believe you could do up a rancher in other styles, but rustic is probably one of the most popular. Rustic ranch house plans combine country home features with all the modern amenities of a suburban one.

They sometimes have less square footage than modern homes, but they still offer room enough for people who prefer a cozy dwelling.

What is a rustic ranch house?

You may find this home in rural or suburban areas. It oftentimes resembles a cabin with some of its textured wood walls, steep roofs, and hardwood floors. However, it may also have bright-colored walls and large windows that allow plenty of sunlight into it.

What are the advantages of rustic ranch house plans?

You can easily adapt the rustic ranch style to fit your needs. Whether you want an open floor plan or plenty of bedrooms and bathrooms, you can usually find a ranch house plan that meets your requirements. These homes would interest people looking for a cozy and charming place to live within their budget.

What are some main features of rustic ranch house plans?

The exterior may consist of natural materials like wood, clay or stone, and the exterior walls may not have any fancy details or ornamentation on it. It also may have these traits:

1. Open Floor Plan – A hallmark of the rustic ranch style, an open floor plan allows for easy movement between different spaces in the home. This makes it perfect for families or groups who like to spend time together.

2. Natural Light – Rustic ranch home designs take advantage of natural light, which helps make them feel bright and airy. If you want a home interior that’s cozy but not too dark inside, this style of home would benefit you.

3. Spacious Kitchen – A large kitchen island leaves you room you need for cooking meals or hosting gatherings with friends and family members. The kitchen should also be well-equipped with all the appliances and tools you need to cook your favorite recipes.

4. Outdoor Spaces – Many rustic ranch homes come equipped with decks or patios that you can use for relaxation or entertaining guests outdoors. This allows your friends and family to enjoy nature while still being close to home.

5. Warm Colors and Wood Finishes – Rustic ranch homes typically feature warm colors and wood finishes, which give them a cozy feel. If you want a home that feels like a comfortable escape, this style might benefit you.

How do I choose the right rustic ranch house plan?

Decide what features matter to you the most. Then, set a budget, and make sure it fits in the spot you want to put it. You also may want to make sure the design you plan allows you to take advantage of the surrounding landscape view.