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Room Designer Overview

It’s time to have some fun for free.  Yes, designing rooms and homes with our software is fun.  It does it all and it’s easy to use.  Let’s dive into the details.  It’s not a hard decision – just click the button above to get started with designing a room instantly.

2D and 3D Room Designs

Design any and all rooms in 2D. When done, check out your handiwork in 3D with the click of a button. Use the premium HD Snapshot feature to see your fabulous room(s) in near photorealistic quality (this is a really awesome feature).

Store Your Rooms on the Cloud

You do not need to download your room design software to design your rooms. It’s done on the cloud (i.e. all online). You can even save your new room designs on the cloud.

User-Friendly Room Designer

We like things simple and so this software was designed for regular folks, as in non-professionals. It’s all drag and drop so that you can easily and quickly create any room quickly. It’s fun too.

Save, Export & Archive

You may not get your room designed during your first session. That’s okay, because you can save your work in the system and return to finish it at a later date.

Room Design Examples

When we say any room, we mean it.  Here are some examples of rooms designed with our software.


I love this kitchen design.  Luxury, spacious and modern.  But this is just one of many (infinite) designs you can execute.

Living Rooms

Living rooms are fun to design because it’s all about the furniture and furniture options we have plenty.  Mix and match colors, styles and materials.


Play around with your sumptuous primary bedroom or get back to reality and design the primary bedroom you will build.  If it’s luxury all the way, luck you.

Great Rooms

Great rooms are great.  You can design one large open space home just like this example.

Loft Apartments

Live in an apartment or want to put a loft in your house. Loft designs are no problem. Check this cool loft bedroom example out.


Every house needs a bathroom, but there’s no reason you can’t design a beauty just like this example.  All styles and sizes.  As you can see, the software includes all the bathroom features you’d need to get a realistic sense of what it’ll look like.

Incredible 3D Renderings

Photorealistic Technology for Crisp Room Views

Transform your room designs from regular renderings into crisp, realistic graphics.  Notice the difference from the rendering on the left that’s been converted into photorealistic technology… incredible!

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Design ANY Room

How many rooms do you want?  Design a dream home for fun or stick to the basics.  As you can see, kids rooms and baby nurseries are no problem in addition to the usual suspects like the kitchen, dining room, living room and bathroom.

Use our room design software

Deck Out Every Room

Rooms are more than four walls and a ceiling.  What makes them shine are colors, materials, furnishings, lighting, fixtures, appliances, windows, doors, ceilings.  Check out all the design features our software includes that you can incorporate into your room designs.

Room Templates & Shapes

Template room designs and shapes

Key Room Features

Home improvement design items

Room Design Items

Home decor items

5th Room Features (Outdoor)

Room Planner

Design every room of your house including decks, outdoor spaces, kitchens, living room, bedroom, bathrooms and more.

Primary Bathroom
Large patio
Decks & Patios
Dining Room
Dining room
Dining room
Baby nursery
Baby Nursery
Home Gym
Home Gym

Design house exteriors as well

If you don’t want to stop with interiors, draw up the home exterior as well and show off your architectural chops.  Add some bushes, plants, flowers, trees and go all out with a pool. We offer it all.  Yes, at the end of the day, our software is a true home designer.

Mansion exterior
Cute home exterior
Modern home exterior

Frequently Asked Questions

Can this room designer design outdoor spaces like patios, decks, pools and gardens?

Yes, it can. As you can see in many images above, the software does a great job with outdoor spaces.

Does the software incorporate lighting options throughout the home?

Yes, the lighting options are extensive including pendant lights, recessed, track, ceiling and lamps.

Can I add furniture and appliances for a realistic rendering?

Yes, you can incorporate every major appliance into your kitchen, cabinetry throughout and furniture throughout. But that’s not all.  You can add doors, windows, flooring, ceiligns, rugs – pretty much everything you’ll need for your any room.  You can even design a home gym.

Can I design any room of a house? An entire home?

Yes and yes.  If you can imagine it, you can design it.  It can even be used to design commercial spaces.  This software is designed to design spaces and structures.

Do I need to download the room software to my computer?

No, there is nothing to download. Everything is done online. You can, however, download or export your designs as well as save them to your account.

Do I need to know coding or be a software engineer to use the software?

You don’t need to know how to code anything and software engineer credentials not needed.  If you can use a mouse, you can use the software.

Can I use my smartphone or tablet??

Sorry, unfortunately the software only works on a laptop or desktop computer.

Do I have to sign a contract?

No contract to sign. Use it once or hundreds of times.

Can I design rooms for someone else?

You bet. Design it, save it, export it and hand it off to your friend, client or family member.

Are there premium features I have to pay for?

Yes.  The free version offers plenty of features to design a home, however, if you wish to use premium features you can upgrade.

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