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20 Best Ribs Recipes (All Types)

Fresh bbq ribs with red cabbage slaw on a white table.

Who doesn’t love a backyard barbecue? Family, friends, the summer breeze, and, of course, a stack of ribs just waiting to be dipped in barbecue sauce. There’s a chance that you have been using the same rib recipe for years, and it might be time to make a big change.

The good news is that there are so many other rib recipes out there. This is a sampling of some of the best ways to cook your next batch of ribs and impress even the pickiest members of your family at the cookout.

1. This Recipe Combines My Two Loves: Fruit and Barbecued Meats

Homemade BBQ marinated sauce with brush.

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One thing you need to know about me is that I love to combine ribs with fruit. If it’s spicy fruit, that’s even better. That’s why these barbecue ribs and the apricot bourbon barbecue sauce are my absolute favorite.

This is also the recipe that showed me how easy it is to make your own barbecue sauce at home. Seriously, it requires just a few ingredients and the ability to stir everything together. This apricot sauce is addictive, and you’ll want to use it on everything from ribs to burgers.

It truly does not miss.

2. If You’ve Got Time and an Oven, This Recipe Is Perfect

Baked pork ribs on wooden board with fresh whole tomato.

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Not all ribs are cooked on the grill, and that’s totally fine. Even if you’re trying to feed the whole family, you can serve great ribs that are fresh out of the oven. They will still fall off the bone when you take them.

You’ll just need a little more time. In fact, these ribs are cooked at 275 degrees for about three hours. Super simple, super tasty.

These are the kinds of ribs you have to plan for, but it’s definitely worth the wait. This recipe recommends making a super quick sweet and spicy barbecue sauce, but you can use any kind you’d like.

3. These Oven Ribs Come With the Perfect Spice Rub

A portrait shot of sticky oven barbecue ribs.

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These ribs are also cooked in the oven, and they are perfect with the option to add more spice. These ribs fall off the bone (a must in our house) and they also come with a tasty dry rub. Seriously, don’t skip this step.

Once you apply the rub, your oven does the rest of the work. By the end of the cooking time, you’ve got a house that smells amazing and a dinner everybody will love. These are sticky ribs that are perfect for eating outside.

This recipe is easy with no chance of falling short of perfect.

4. If You Have a Day to Prep, Let These Ribs Marinate Overnight

Delicious barbecue ribs on the grill.

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This recipe, courtesy of the Food Network, comes with a serious claim. In fact, it claims that it is the best rib recipe out there. You’ll cook these ribs at 250 degrees for over three hours.

That means you’re going to spend a lot of time waiting in agony as the aroma builds up in the home. The seasoning includes pepper, oregano, salt, cayenne, garlic powder, and onion powder. If you have a day to prep, let the ribs sit in this mixture overnight.

This will really let the flavor settle in.

5. Get Out the Slow Cooker for Delightful Game Day Ribs

A close-up shot of marinated crock pot ribs.

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Sometimes you just have to bust out the slow cooker. When it comes to ribs, the slow cooker is a great choice for making tender meat. I love how flavorful these ribs are as well as how perfect they are for serving on a game day when you are trying to beat the heat inside.

Nothing is easier than throwing the ingredients in the slow cooker and then letting them cook all day. You barely have to do any work, and the outcome is perfect. You can also use any barbecue sauce you want for this recipe, which makes it even more perfect!

6. This Recipe Uses Tea to Make a Statement

Bbq tea rub ribs on a wooden chopping board.

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I never really thought about using tea to flavor my ribs, but this recipe shows how easy it is to do so. You’ve got most of the ingredients you need for this recipe with a box of dried Jasmine tea leaves. A little salt and sugar are all you’ll need.

Brine your ribs in the mixture for three hours before cooking your ribs in the oven. In just a couple of hours, you’ve got tasty ribs that are tender and moist. These ribs can be garnished with sesame seeds, cilantro, and even peppers.

7. Baby Back Ribs With an Asian Influence? I’m So There

Baby back ribs on a cutting board.

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Hoison sauce is such a good pick for ribs, and these baby-back beauties are super tasty. The good news is that you won’t have to wait for hours upon hours to dig in. Throw everything into your Instant Pot and you’ll see cooked ribs in about 20 minutes.

The fat really works wonders with this recipe, and you’ll end up with a super tasty sauce by the end of the cooking session. I like the Asian influence in this recipe, which works so well when you pair it with slaw.

8. Balsamic Glaze on Ribs Is a National Treasure

Balsamic glazed oven baked ribs with selective focus.

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Even though I love to cook my ribs on the grill, this oven recipe uses a balsamic glaze that is sweet and sour—just perfect for any occasion. I know it takes some convincing to get grill lovers to eat oven-baked ribs but just a single taste is going to impress anybody. This recipe takes 2.5 hours to cook, and the glaze is perfect.

This recipe stands out, and it can be served with salad or mashed potatoes. It’s so easy to make that anybody can do it too.

9. Braised Ribs Are Delicious Ribs

Braised Baby Back Ribs with bbq sauce.

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Braised baby back ribs are perfect for your next family dinner. You don’t have to be out in the heat to cook tasty ribs, and you don’t have to spend time leaning over a hot pan either. You’ll make a delectable dry rub and braise your ribs at 250 degrees in the oven.

The flavor is so satisfying that you won’t even miss the flavor of the grill. I love to cook ribs low and slow, and this recipe helps me do just that. One tip: let the ribs sit outside of the oven for at least an hour in the seasoning so that they can soak up the flavor of the spices.

10. This Chili Rub Is Unbelievably Delicious

Rubbing jerk marinade onto pork ribs.

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This is another Asian-inspired recipe, but this one is ideal for grilling outside. This recipe is actually a little different from the typical ribs slathered in barbecue, so you can expect to get a slightly different flavor here. The chili rub is perfect and adds so much flavor.

You’ll need a couple of hours to cook your ribs, and you’ll also get to make your own glaze ahead of time. This process might take a little while, but it’s well worth your time.

11. These Kansas City-Style Ribs Truly Take the Cake

Kansas style pork ribs on a black plate.

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Kansas City-style pork ribs are best enjoyed slathered in sauce. That’s something this recipe definitely understands. The sauce simmers for up to 45 minutes, so you know it’s going to be good.

You can cook these ribs inside or on the grill, but I actually think cooking on a roasting rack in the oven is the better of the two options. You’ll need about three hours to get tender ribs, but it’s well worth your time. If you really want to get that Kansas City style, this recipe is absolutely perfect.

Even if you’ve never been to Kansas City, you’ll get to see what these ribs are all about.

12. These Ribs Are Literally Coated in Margarita

Two racks of baby back pork ribs just out of the smoker.

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I love a good margarita on a hot day, but do you know what I love even more? Margarita-glazed baby back ribs. The secret to these tasty ribs is the margarita glaze, but the ribs are also marinated in tequila, citrus juice, and chile powder overnight.

That’s really what makes this dish a true contender among rib recipes. Do you need nearly 15 hours to put these ribs together? Yes.

But the flavor is so worth it. I love combining citrus with meat, and this recipe gives me the perfect opportunity to do it.

13. I Never Thought I’d Find Myself Putting Guava Paste on Ribs

A guava-glazed grilled ribs on grey stone.

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Okay, this is a new one for me. I never thought about using guava to coat my ribs, but this recipe really just gets me. These ribs serve about three people.

You’ll need one rack of untrimmed ribs, and this recipe works for both beef and pork. I love the rub, which includes black pepper, sumac, salt, cumin, cayenne, smoked paprika, and garlic powder. The sauce itself contains soy sauce, Worcestershire, water, sriracha, and guava paste.

That’s a truly unique mix you aren’t going to find in any other recipe.

14. Cooking Sous Vide Ribs Should Be on Your Bucket List

Photography arrangement of homemade vide ribs on wooden table

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If you haven’t used the sous vide technique on ribs, now is a great time to start. This recipe will help you make tender pork ribs without a smoker. The great thing about the sous vide technique is that you can control the texture and flavor of your ribs, all the while achieving that perfectly smoked flavor.

You’ll get perfect Southern-style ribs without firing up the grill. These ribs also maintain a lot of their moisture as they become tender, so you never have to deal with dry, flaky ribs. I also love that this recipe gives you a few sous vide options to choose from.

15. Change Up Your Game With These Indian Lamb Ribs

Indian Lamb Ribs on a sizzling plate.

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If you love Indian food but have never tried to make your own, these lamb ribs are the perfect place to begin. The recipe is simple and can be cooked on a grill. The ingredient list calls for lamb spareribs, cumin seeds, garam masala, garlic, ginger, Greek yogurt, vinegar, cayenne, cardamom, and nutmeg.

You’ll make your own spice powder, which is what makes this dish perfectly seasoned for any occasion. Grill the ribs for about an hour on one side and then flip them until they are as tender as you’d like them to be. It truly is that simple.

16. Transform Your Pork Ribs Into Quick Tasty Tacos

Barbecue pork rib tacos with a dip.

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These barbecue pork rib tacos are perfect, and the honey lime slaw knocks this dish out of the park. I love how quickly this meal comes together with pre-cooked ribs so that we can eat it on a weeknight. That truly is the key to this recipe, using pre-cooked ribs.

You’ll be able to throw these tacos together in a matter of minutes if you already have the ribs ready to go. Assembling the slaw will be the hardest part of the process. This meal is perfect if you need to serve a late-night dinner and get to bed quickly.

17. These Ribs Are Sticky in All the Right Ways

Stick Asian baked pork ribs traditional Amari.

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The recipe for these sticky Asian pork ribs is perfect. I love the way they melt in your mouth, and the spice level is perfect for my family. They are so delicious that nobody in the family can turn them down.

I think this all stems from the brown sugar rub, but the sweet sauce is also pulling its weight. The key is to make sure that the ribs are tightly covered in the foil as they cook. Make sure you put that broiler to use as well, as it will make sure that the ribs are super sticky with a caramelized sauce.

18. A Rib Recipe That Reminds Me of Fall

Apple cinnamon brined baby back ribs on grill.

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This rib recipe was made for the autumn months. The apple cinnamon brine brings these ribs together, helping you achieve a tasty meal every single time. I love the light spiciness that you get with the cinnamon, but you can add some peppers for a little more flavor.

Best of all, the brine recipe is super easy to make, and you’ll get a unique flavor profile. You can use any grill or smoker to put these together, but indirect heat is the way to go if you want to get the best results. By the end of the cooking session, these ribs fall right off the bone.

19. A Coffee Dry Rub Can Never Go Wrong

Coffee chili dry rubbed ribs on a plate with blue table.

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These coffee and chili dry rubbed ribs are everything I live for. The seasoning mix might seem very simple at first, but it works wonders. The dry rub is so smoky and flavorful, with a bit of sweetness thrown in for good measure.

You’ll just need coffee grounds, sea salt, brown sugar, and chili powder. By the time you are done cooking these ribs, they will essentially be falling apart, hanging off the bone without the need for a knife. You’ll get a complex flavor from that low-and-slow time in the oven too.

20. Turn Your Leftover Ribs Into a Comforting Soup

A Chinese baby back rib soup.

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I know that a lot of us devour our ribs immediately, but what if you do have some leftover ribs? On the rare occasion that we have leftovers, we turn ours into a tasty soup. This soup recipe uses leftover ribs, butternut squash, corn, onion, and chicken stock to create a tasty comfort food.

You can cook it all in a stock pot or Dutch oven in less than 20 minutes, assuming that your ribs are already cooked. It’s great for a cool winter’s day when you want something that reminds you of fun summer cookouts.

Tips for Cooking Ribs

The secret to tender ribs is to remove the membrane that covers the rack. It’s a thin white flap that cuts right off with a knife or food-safe scissors. In many cases, the membrane is already removed, but you should always check before you cook.

Additionally, I recommend marinating your ribs overnight, even if a recipe doesn’t necessarily call for it. You’ll get so much more flavor out of your ribs by leaving them covered in the refrigerator in a seasoned rub.

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