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This is How I Remove Soap Scum and Grime from my Shower Glass and Also Prevent it from Returning

Last year I had got my bathroom renovated. I separated my bath area with a shower glass thinking that this way, the rest of my area will remain dry for use. I was quite happy with the results but only after 15 days or so, I found dirty stains forming on my shower glass. I also had a problem of hard water and I realized that these stains are forming because of soap splashes and mineral deposits in hard water.

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Eventually, I ended up spending a considerable amount of my time wiping the soap scum everyday, until, alas, I came across a remarkable shower glass sealer!

shower glass sealer

Before you read more about this shower glass sealer, I would like to brief you about the problems with hard water:


  • Hard water stains are nothing but calcium and mineral deposits, which settle on the surface once the water evaporates.
  • After the water dries up, what is left behind are white colored salt deposits of calcium and minerals.
  • Soap scum is formed when hard water reacts with soap. The calcium and magnesium particles present in hard water form an insoluble substance called scum.
  • If you do not remove soap scum and grime quickly, it will form a whitish looking rough patch on the glass surface, thereby ruining its aesthetic beauty.

How did I make my Shower Glass Soap Scum and Grime Free?

Before using the shower glass sealer, I first had to clean my glass effectively. Here is a detailed procedure on how I restored my shower glass like new again:

Cleaning of Shower Glass

I used a hard stain remover, which is very effective on filth, soap scum and hard water stains. It thoroughly removes all the dirt and impurities giving you a clear surface within minutes, without damaging the glass. Before sealing the glass, it is necessary to remove the accumulated filth, grime and dirt, else you will get a hazy looking surface.

Sealing of Shower Glass

After using the grime remover to make my glass spot-free, I knew that these stains would form again. I needed to use a glass sealant which prevents further staining of my surface. I used a shower glass sealer – Valore Sealer, which forms a protective seal on the glass surface. This one prevents water dots and soap scum from forming.

valor sealer

Directions for Using Valore Sealer:

After your glass is clean and dry, you need to apply a coat of Valore by spraying it on the surface. You will find a sparkling surface below and the sealer would have formed a protective layer on your glass, which will make the water sheet off the surface.

Now, after sealing my shower glass, everytime after I bathe, I find my surface sparkling just like new. It is as if the soap scum or hard water can no longer cause any damage to the glass. Valore Sealer feels like a permanent solution to my problems.

Tips for Protecting your Shower Glass:

After my personal experience with shower glass problems and after having used products from pFOkUS, I have a few tips for my friends:

  • Refrain from using acidic cleaners and only invest in products with a high PH balance, i.e., which are alkaline.
  • Follow a proper cleaning and maintaining procedure. First you need to clean your glass and then seal it completely if you want to keep it shining like new.
  • For maintaining your glass, you need to use a maintenance cleaner. No matter how much you clean and seal your surface, superficial dirt will always accumulate. A good maintenance cleaner should be used on a weekly basis to maintain your surfaces.

Soap scum and grime are bound to settle on the glass surface. With the advancement of technology, today, we should think of ways of prevention rather than cleaning it efficiently every day. I always had an issue of spending too much time on home maintenance. But after I have started using these products, my home maintenance time has reduced to half. So if you are wondering which is this company that is manufacturing such restoration products then let me tell you it is pFOkUS. They also have an online website –