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13 Outstanding Privacy Fence Ideas (Different Types)

House with a privacy fence in the front yard.

Fencing around your property can be an important part of securing your home, but it can also be a good opportunity to improve your privacy and add to the appeal of your outdoor space.

The right fencing won’t just provide you with privacy around your home, it can also help you to create a beautiful space which is free from intrusion. Here are five of the best privacy fencing ideas for your home.

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1. Slat Fencing

Slat style privacy fence

Slat fencing is a versatile privacy fencing idea which is made from multiple flat bars or ‘slats’. This type of fencing can be made from wood or metal and be installed with horizontal or vertical bars.

Slat fencing is usually constructed from powder-coated aluminium, making it light and durable. This fencing can come in a variety of different colours to complement the style of your home or backyard and creates a sleek and modern look.

Unlike other privacy fencing ideas, slat fencing is typically installed with gaps between the fencing bars. This can allow sunlight to filter through and makes slat fencing the ideal choice for fencing in your backyard or garden, ensuring that plants aren’t left in shade.

2. Decorative Fencing

Decorative privacy fence

Decorative screen fencing is a great option for your property and garden. These large metal panels can be laser cut to create a unique custom design or pattern of your choice. While helping to improve your privacy, they can also give your home a beautiful aesthetic appeal.

Decorative panels can also be used as a door or gate for your fencing. This can add an interesting style to fencing which is already in place, or which you have chosen mostly for its durability and security.

3. Garden Screens

Garden screens are a great idea for homeowners who already own a fence but are looking to improve their privacy. There are a variety of different garden screens available, but two of the most popular are bamboo screening and wooden lattices.

a. Bamboo Screens

Bamboo screen for a privacy fence

Bamboo is a durable and lightweight screening material which is often sold in tightly packed rolls. This screening is relatively affordable and can be easily installed or attached to existing fencing. Bamboo screening can add a more natural look to your fencing while also improving your privacy.

b. Lattice fences

One type of wooden lattice fence is with a lattice top such as this example.

Wood fence with lattice top for privacy

Another example is where the entire fence is lattice such as this the example below:

Lattice fence for backyard privacy

Wooden lattices are normally made from a lightweight material such as pine, which is worked into a crosshatched pattern. These lattices can be attached to the top of fences for additional height and to improve the privacy and security of your property. Wooden lattices can add a rustic feeling to your home and can also support climbing plants such as vines.

4. Infill Fencing

Infill style fence for a privacy fence

Infill is a type of fencing which is set up between two or more masonry pillars. These pillars are normally constructed from brickwork which is then covered with rendering. Infill fencing is a popular privacy fencing idea as it breaks up fencing to create a more interesting view.

5. Metal Infill Fencing

Metal infill fence for privacy fence

Slat fencing, wrought iron and ornamental fencing can all be used with infill fencing, although each will have their own style and benefits. Infill fencing with tightly locked slats can provide the best privacy and has the added benefit of secure masonry posts.

6. Natural Fencing

Lush garden serving as privacy screen/fence in landscaped yard

Many types of trees, plants and shrubs can be planted or grown along your property line to create a natural privacy fence.

Large evergreen trees normally provide the best coverage compared to other trees and won’t shed their leaves seasonally. You can also choose to have the trunks of these trees filled in with smaller bushes and shrubs, providing a complete visual barrier.

7. Plants and Fencing

bamboo post fence with plants for added privacy

While a natural fence can protect your privacy, it’s often a better addition to an existing fence which will provide a more solid and secure barrier to protect your property. However in some cases, such as when planting trees or bamboo very close together, a more solid natural wall can be created.

8. Hedges

beautiful hedge providing terrific privacy in large backyard

This effect can also be achieved by installing or growing a hedge. Hedge’s require only limited upkeep once they are fully grown and provide a dense cover which will help to protect your privacy.

With the right mix of security, privacy, and style you’ll be able to choose a fencing solution for your property which is affordable and effective.

9. Trellis and fence combo

Trellis fence combination for backyard privacy

Now that’s a backyard structure – it’s a long trellis with plants and flowers below it that’s attached to a privacy fence. It’s very cool and really enhances this backyard with pool. Imagine it without the trellis… it’s just not the same.

10. Backyard Pergola with Privacy Wall

Pergola with privacy wall

Here’s a great way to create a partially covered deck or patio using a pergola and then incorporating a privacy fence or sceen as part of the structure.

11. Ivy Wall

Ivy wall for a privacy fence

We have an ivy fence in our backyard and love it. One time the landscapers removed the ivy which was super annoying. Fortunately it grows back super fast.

12. Firewood Privacy Cage Wall

Creative firewood privacy wall

Now that’s creative and looks amazing. It’s a fireword cage serving as a privacy screen. Pretty cool.

13. Flower fence


Flower fence

Don’ you just live this idea for added privacy – plant lots of flowers (in this case roses) next to a fence. It’s stunning.