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32 Amazing Pretzel Recipes (All Types)

Pretzels on a wooden chop board and a cheese.

In doing this research, I soon discovered that I make the coolest shaped pretzels on the internet. Yes, it’s true! If you want to make bird-shaped pretzels based on a video game, check out my YouTube video. It’s a great starter course for anyone trying to make fun and kid-friendly pretzels.

Overwatch: The Official Cookbook

By the way, these are Bastion’s bird pretzels from “Overwatch: The Official Cookbook” based on the video game by Blizzard Entertainment. Too much? Start here instead with these easy-to-put together recipes for all kinds of pretzels–literally. 

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1. Soft Pretzels for Starters in the Twisted Dough Making Game

Baked Soft Pretzels with a cloth.

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Homemade, soft, and twisted into a traditional shape, this starter recipe for pretzels will set the stage for the show. Snacks all around with this cheap and quick way to make a batch of pretzels.

2. Add Serious Flavor With Honey Mustard Baked On a Soft Pretzel

Honey Mustard Baked On a Soft Pretzel.

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To start with, two types of mustard go into this recipe for an extra-extra mustard flavor punch-up. If you are a fan of those Synders’ Honey Mustard snacks, this is a great pretzel recipe to bake at home. Save money and try a fresher take on honey mustard pretzels.

3. How the OG Germans Bake a Classic Pretzel aka Laugenbrezeln

A person holding a Laugenbrezeln and a Christmas tree.

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In Germany, where pretzels originate, they do it the easy way–the original way. Find out what a brezel, which is a traditional type of German bread, takes. Here’s a clue, it’s easier to make a baker’s dozen than you think! In Germany, when you order a pretzel, add some cheese melted over it, or get the pretzel halved with butter melted over the inside. 

4. Not-Germany, Bavarian Pretzels Get Treatment Here, Too

Bavarian Pretzels on top of a tissue.

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First of all, Bavaria is not in Germany–that’s news to most of me, well me, really. I did not realize this. The Free State of Bavaria is in Germany, but it’s not really German. So, now that’s out of the historical way, how do they do pretzels differently in Bavaria?

They offer up shallow bowls of Obatzda, which is a Bavarian cheese spread, to dip their pretzels in for one. You might also dip the pretzel in Bavarian sweet mustard as you drink a Bavarian beer.

5. How to Make Hard Pretzel Rods Like You Buy in Snack Bags

Two Hard Pretzel Rods.

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Dipsters unite! This is a recipe for hard pretzels shaped into a thick stick that is called a rod. Dip these in melted chocolate and sprinkle on some nonpareils for a classic and dessert-friendly “ants on a log.” Use rod-shaped pretzels for a long-lasting pretzel to use for cake decorating as well.

6. Easier to Make Than Most Soft Pretzels by Sally’s Baking Addiction

Soft pretzels on a plate.

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Here’s a trick to saving money in the snack aisle and in the bakery aisle. Bake some soft pretzels and use these for multi-purpose food. Grains are always great for basing a meal off of. Slipping some ham and cheese into a warm and split soft pretzel is always a win!

This makes for an instant meal that can last all day long outdoors whether you are working or enjoying recreational events.

7. Want to Copycat Auntie Anne’s Mall Style Soft Pretzels? 

Piles of Soft Pretzel Nuggets.

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How many times have you been to the local mall lately? Not enough? Bring that smell and flavor of freshly baked Auntie Anne’s pretzels right to your room, without worry. This is a great recipe for kid-savvy pretzel bites that can be easier to manage than large, traditional harder pretzels.

8. See This Version of Soft Cheddar Pretzels Without Using Yeast

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To kick things up a notch, here are two special changes to the regular pretzel recipe. First, you don’t need yeast, which can be a time-saver for home cooks. Also, you add super flavors with cheddar cheese–actual shredded cheddar.

Yes, that’s right! If you are a true cheese head and lover of the fermented yellow cheddar, you will get the most joy from this recipe for pretzels.

9. Take the First Prize With a Simple Sourdough Pretzel

Sourdough Pretzel on a plate and a cloth.

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Back to the yeast–and hardcore!! A sourdough starter is required to bake this special recipe for a pretzel. The sourdough pretzel also gets a treatment of dark brown sugar added to the bath water, and an egg wash at the end. These two ingredients are not traditional for a pretzel, and along with the tangy sourdough, you can expect a powerful punch of rich flavor.

10. Crack Pretzels, Which Make for Super Spicy Pretzels

Spicy Pretzels on a plate and a dip.

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I know what you are thinking, crack pretzels sound crispy. Well, they do have snap, but they are also covered in cayenne pepper and ranch seasoning. Send your tastebuds soaring with this outstanding super spicy pretzel recipe.

11. Quick Four-Ingredient Well-Seasoned Pretzels

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Eating on a Dime presents this four-ingredient recipe to make some super zesty-tasting pretzels. Ranch seasoning is always a win for the American diet, and tossing in some extra garlic powder will keep the vampires at bay. I recommend adding some onion powder, too, for a more complex flavor profile.

12. Now How Does the Flour Company, King Arthur, Bake a Pretzel Bite

Baked Pretzel Bite on a plate with a dip.

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They start by using their own flour–King Arthur Unbleached All-Purpose Flour. Does that really make a difference? You are to say! I recommend following the initial instructions and weighing your flour and dry ingredients. Otherwise, you will not get the same results every time–trust me!

13. Fancy a Spot of Pretzel Nuggets for Tea?

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The Lady Behind the Curtain, not to be confused with Oz, is whipping out the treats today. She scores a winner with this recipe for pretzel nuggets. Dip these in classic yellow mustard, and make sure to add some flaky salt when wet and warm. See how much money you can save by baking your own pretzels for tea at least once a week.

14. Cinnamon Sugar Soft Pretzels 

Cinnamon Sugar Soft Pretzels.

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Here is a selection of recipes for sweet and dessert-friendly pretzels. Adding a cinnamon and sugar topping along with plenty of salty butter will…stop. April 26th is when all Americans celebrate National Pretzel Day, and that’s the day before my birthday! Cheers to churro-inspired pretzels!

15. Are Almond Bark Pretzel Twists Easy to Make?  

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Not only are these easy to bake, almond bark-dipped pretzel twists are also sensational to taste. The flavor is very much like a chocolate or candy coating, depending on the flavor of almond bark you use. I would suggest baking pretzels from scratch and adding these instead of store-bought, but that’s also because this is a recipe roundup for all things pretzel baking.

16. Baking Pretzels for Christmas? Start Here for All Things Red, Green, and Snowflaked

White coated Pretzels for Christmas.

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During the holidays, we all have to bake things. Get over it. Now, let’s take that to the next level and get you going with something cheap, easy, and festive. Like these Christmas pretzels! You can box these up and ship them to friends and family who live far away from you, saving yourself a plane ticket and a visit.

17. Holiday Fun! Try These White Chocolate Covered Pretzels

White Chocolate Covered Pretzels on a baking sheet.

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Another holiday festive pretzel recipe using just two ingredients, you can jazz this up as you wish. Sprinkles of any variety turn these pretzels into party-friendly for any holiday or event. Add some food coloring to the white almond bark for extra visual interest.

18. Chocolate Chip Dotted Dessert Pretzels 

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Another recipe for dessert table pretzels should have these big pretzels studded with chocolate chips. The pretzels are pull-apart, soft, and easy to dip for a fondue party. You’ll be ready to dip these soft, breaded treats into melted white chocolate!

19. Red Star Yeast Blooms With Chocolate Soft Pretzels Speckled by White Chocolate Chips

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The yeast brand Red Star kicks those chocolate-flavored soft pretzels up a notch with the use of white chocolate. See what you think! I find white chocolate difficult to work with since it’s not true chocolate, but you can add these chips to a pretzel and it will turn out fine.

20. Send Your ROLD Gold Pretzels Soaring With S’mores Fixings 

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Want to have the best Super Bowl dish this year? Check out this ROLD Gold Pretzels recipe by PEPSICO. The recipe is a full-on festivity with s’mores flavors of toasted marshmallows, melted chocolate, and crunch from the salty pretzels.

21. Here is an Imitation Dot’s Pretzels Recipe

Pretzels sticks and and potatoes on a plate.

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Dot’s is a popular brand of pretzels here in the US. Find out how to make them at home for yourself while adding any spices that you want with this recipe. Bag them up, and take these along with you to sports games and road trips for your own delicious snack option.

22. How to Make Knock-Off Snyder’s Pretzels at Home for Cheap

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Snyder’s of Hanover is another famous US brand of pretzels that you can find anywhere. Now you can save money and get the honey mustard and onion kick you want–for far less money. Plus, homemade pretzels are always fresher than something sitting on the shelves.

23. What Does Orville Redenbacher Popcorn Oil Do for a Pretzel?

Pretzel on a cloth and woven basket

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Here is an amazing find–a recipe for pretzels using Orville Redenbacher’s Popping and Topping Buttery Flavored Oil. I personally stay stocked up with this type of oil for movie theater popcorn at home. (Of course, I do!) But you can use this to make a version of crack pretzels that will have your mind blown.

Everything But The Bagel Sesame Seasoning Blend does come into play, so go ahead, try it for yourself.

Orville Redenbacher's Popping & Topping Buttery Flavored Oil, Keto Friendly, 16 Fluid oz, Pack of 6

24. Beer Cheese Dip and Beer Pretzels for an Extra Drunken Dish

A glass of beer and Pretzels on plate.

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Beer is a winning beverage when it comes to eating salty pretzels. It starts with having something cool and cleansing to wash away that dough and salt. But what if you add beer to the pretzel dough and to the cheese dip?! It’s going to be double the drunken fun, that’s what!

25. What the Heck is a Pretzel Ring Cheesy Dip Dish?

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All things cheesy when it comes to baking and eating pretzels continue with this outstanding idea. Take the cheese and bake it off to use for a dipper. This pretzel ring cheese dip calls for nothing more than a quarter of an hour to polish it off.

26. Bake a Dozen Pretzel Buns for BBQ Pork Sandwiches

Pretzel Buns on a plate and a bread knife.

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Now let’s round up this recipe roundup with some of those classic, bake-in-bulk, pretzel recipes. This starts with the pretzel bun, soft enough to pull apart and stuffed with BBQ pulled pork for sandwiches. Take them to a picnic!

27. Test Your Pretzel Skills With These Thin and Snappy Pretzel Sticks

A heap of Pretzel Sticks coated with caramel.

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Want to move away from the pretzel knot and get a batch of pretzel sticks baked up? Now you can with this simple recipe for thin pretzel sticks. These are great for snack mixes and to add to lunch boxes thanks to their small, snappy size. Pretzel sticks are also fun for adding to an assortment for cake or cookie decorating.

28. Next, Here is a Classic Pretzel Rods Recipe by Serious Eats

Pretzel Rods with crystals salt.

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Pretzel rods are the next step from a pretzel stick. A rod is more substantial in thickness and makes for a better pretzel for dipping. These would make excellent wands if you are planning a Harry Potter birthday party.

29. Make Your Own Pretzel Thins aka Pretzel Crackers

Pretzel Crackers on a white background.

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Here is a great way to eat a pretzel, like a pretzel cracker, aka a pretzel thin. You can buy these in stores, but making them at home is way more affordable. Plus, you can add whatever seasonings you want to flavor the pretzel thins yourself.

30. How to Bake Classic Soft Twist Pretzels With Cheese Dip

Soft Twist Pretzels on a wooden board.

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Dipping pretzels in cheese is the best way to make a pretzel into a meal! Rounding out the traditional versions of pretzel recipes is this classic soft twist pretzel. Use the cheese dip for an instant fondue that is perfect any day or night of the week. 

31. Snoopy Inspired Pretzel Crisps® Chocolate Footballs

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If you are like me and wish that Snoopy could one day kick the football, you can respect this chocolate football recipe using pretzels. The Pretzel Crisps® are similar to the pretzel thins and serve well as a sandwich-style base for this recipe.  

32. Bonfire Bites for the Extra Special Pretzel Day!

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 Snoopy, Woodstock, and all the Peanuts gang would surely appreciate having these bonfire bites as the final pretzel choice in this recipe roundup. Fun for sure. You use pretzels to create a miniature bonfire, perfect for any camping adventure or indoor picnic.