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20 Perfect Pot Roast Recipes (All Types)

Braised beef with sweet potatoes and carrots.

While most people are familiar with the traditional pot roast that grandma used to make, there are actually many ways to create a delicious pot roast. In fact, a pot roast doesn’t have to come with just potatoes and carrots. You can do so much more. If you are ready to show up Grandma this year, these recipes are sure to do the trick.

1. Garlic & Worcestershire Sauce Give You All the Flavor You Need

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This pot roast recipe is perfect for a cozy night in, and it’s also sure to impress the family. The meat falls apart in the gravy, and the savory flavor comes from the incredible combination of Worcestershire sauce and garlic. The key to this pot roast is to let it cook low and slow so the flavors have time to develop.

Don’t rush it! You’ll do this in a Dutch oven to transform your beef. Serve this pot roast with carrots, red potatoes, and green beans for the best results. Beyond that, you really don’t need anything else for the perfect dinner.

2. The Pot Roast With a Big Name to Live Up To

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This recipe by Ree Drummond is called the “perfect” pot roast, and that’s a big name to live up to. With a required 15 minutes of prep time and a cooking time of over four hours, this is another roast you’re going to let cook for quite a while.

Start with a chuck roast and add the rest of the ingredients, which include thyme, rosemary, beef broth, carrots, and onions. You can also toss in some red wine if you love the savory flavor this brings to your roast. You’ll love the broth this roast brings to the table.

3. Three Ways to Get a Deliciously Tender Pot Roast

Tender Pot Roasted beef with carrots and potatoes.

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Whether you prefer to slow cook, bake, or use the Instant Pot to cook your pot roast, this recipe delivers. You’ll love this hearty recipe, which is super tender and perfect for a weekend inside. This recipe allows you to start with any sort of beef cut, including brisket or a chuck roast.

Just make sure that you sear and season your meat before you start slow cooking if you want to see the results. Searing the roast helps capture the flavor and render the fat. Toss in the carrots, potatoes, and onions, and you’ve got a complete meal.

4. You Can’t Have a Sunday Without a Traditional Pot Roast

Traditional Pot Roast with rosemary and carrots.

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Every home chef has a Sunday roast recipe that they love, and this classic dinner is perfect for your next weekend. Whether you like to cook your meat in a slow cooker or you love to braise your meat in the oven, this roast is ideal.

You’ll use the traditional veggies, but this recipe specifically recommends yellow onions and chunky carrots to ensure they don’t get too mushy. Red or Yukon gold potatoes work best here as well. This is another dish you can toss into an Instant Pot.

5. North African Spices Make This Pot Roast Unique

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Have you tried a Moroccan pot roast? If you’ve never enjoyed this dish, you are in for a treat. This flavor-filled pot roast recipe uses flavors like turmeric, ginger, cumin, and coriander to create a perfect seasoning blend. This recipe also recommends braising the meat at a moderate temperature for a long amount of time to make your meat much more tender. Serve this dish with a couscous for a complete experience.

6. Add Tomatoes and Pancetta for an Italian Pot Roast

Braised beef with carrots and tomatoes sauce on a pot.

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You’ve got to jump onto the Italian pot roast train if you haven’t already. This pot roast is perfect for the fall, especially if you want to spin your traditional roast. You’ll use pancetta or bacon in addition to tons of garlic, red wine, and tomato paste.

This recipe recommends using brisket, chuck roast, or rump roast, which you will brown. Again, searing your roast helps to create a delicious flavor and texture. You’ll cook this one for just two hours, but you’ll still get a very tender piece of meat when it’s done.

7. Don’t Miss This Mississippi Pot Roast

Braised beef with bell peppers and bread.

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Mississippi pot roast is a crockpot classic. This roast is chock full of flavor thanks to butter, pepperoncini, gravy mix, and Ranch dressing mix. Plus, the meat is so tender and the juice is super tasty. This one is zestier than other pot roast dishes, which makes it a flavorful addition to your recipe arsenal.

Roll this roast up in a tortilla or eat it like soup in a bowl. Either way, you’re going to love it.

8. Balsamic Is a Divine Addition to a Pot Roast Recipe

Braised beef with whole carrots and lime slices.

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There are a few things that set this pot roast apart from other recipes on this list: long carrots, full potatoes, balsamic, and dijon. Best of all, you have three options for cooking your chuck roast. You’ll start with onions and balsamic vinegar, creating a rich and thick sauce for your veggies and meat.

If you don’t want to cook your potatoes with the meat, you can also try cooking mashed potatoes separately. It will be the perfect pairing!

9. This Picante Pot Roast Kicks It Up a Notch

Picante Pot Roast on a bowl.

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If you are getting tired of your usual pot roast recipe, this Picante pot roast recipe will give you a little more flavor. This dish is inspired by Tex-Mex, and it uses pre-made beef pot roast. You can adjust this recipe to use your own homemade pot roast as well.

You’ll also need Picante sauce, mushrooms, couscous, cilantro, and more. You also have the option to dress your roast in dairy cream, fresh tomatoes, avocado, cilantro, and more.

10. This Simple Pot Roast Is All-American

Pot Roast with sausage and potatoes.

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If you’ve got a beef chuck roast in your freezer, now is a great time to bust it out. This All-American pot roast is easy to customize with root vegetables, allowing you to venture outside of the realm of carrots and potatoes. You might try butternut squash, winter squat, turnips, or even rutabaga.

Don’t forget the Worcestershire so that you can get a distinct umami flavor. Garlic, paprika, onion powder, thyme, and black powder are all added to the mix for a great flavor you’ll want to recreate later.

11. This French Recipe Is a Julia Childs Classic

Beef braised with wine and cilantro.

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Beef bourguignon is a great version of a roast that comes from France. This meat falls apart after it has been simmered in delicious red wine gravy. This recipe is based on Julia Child’s recipe, which means that you absolutely have to try it.

Keep in mind that this dish eats more like a stew, but it is still just as delicious and tender as your favorite pot roast. If you are just beginning your journey into French cuisine, you cannot pass this one by.

12. Martha Loves Garlic . . . And We Do Too

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This recipe is from Emeril Lagasse, but it was also endorsed by none other than Martha Stewart. Martha Stewart suggests pairing this pot roast with mashed potatoes, but it’s already full of carrots, onions, celery, and tons of garlic.

This is a fairly easy recipe that calls for only a few ingredients, and you can use red wine if you want to achieve that full flavor. Don’t forget to let the meat sit for about 10 minutes before you dig in. Your taste buds will thank you for it!

13. This Is Cuba’s National Dish for a Reason

Ropa Vieja on a plate with rice.

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Ropa vieja is a Cuban classic. While it leans slightly more toward a stew, you should really give this a shot if you’ve got a chunk of beef waiting in your freezer. You’ll create a delicious tomato-wine sauce and simmer low and slow.

Pair this dish with rice and black beans for a completely authentic meal. The seasonings are the best part of this recipe, but I’m also a sucker for the olives and capers. What a delicious combo!

14. If You’ve Only Got a Dutch Oven and a Dream . . .

Braised beef in a bowl with rosemary.

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If your main cooking tool is a Dutch oven, you can put it to use with this roast beef recipe. It’s succulent and juicy, ready to introduce your family to a timeless classic. You’ll use carrots, onions, and Yukon gold potatoes like usual, but you’ll find that the flavors are invigorating.

This recipe recommends using chuck roast because it has such beautifully marbled fat. It’s going to fall apart as you eat, and you’ll love every minute of it.

15. This Bavarian Pot Roast Gives You a New Direction

Bavarian Pot Roast and potato balls.

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Are you looking for a dish that is low in sodium and high in protein? This Bavarian pot roast is a great choice. It’s dairy-free and delicious, especially thanks to the cinnamon, apples, ginger, and cloves that the meat simmers in.

The aromatic nature of this dish makes it a fabulous option for your fall and winter family get-togethers. You’ll get better results if you trim excess fat from the roast ahead of time. Don’t forget to garnish each plate with apple slices.

16. Barbacoa Beef Lettuce Wraps Offer Something Different

Ground beef with pickled vegetable and lettuce.

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If you are craving something similar to pot roast but you aren’t entirely sure what to make, why not try something totally new? Barbacoa beef lettuce wraps are a great choice, and they are the perfect option for anybody who is trying to stay away from gluten.

The barbacoa can be cooked in a crockpot or slow cooker, but you can also use an Instant Pot and get tender, fresh beef that you can wrap in fresh lettuce and top with your favorite taco fixings.

17. Double the Veggies, Double the Fun

Roasted vegetable on a bowl with cherry tomato.

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Are you one of those people who love to double the number of veggies in their pot roast? This is the perfect recipe for you. This roast is full of vegetables, which makes it the ultimate comfort food.

You’ll braise the meat for about three hours, which creates a tender roast. In a surprise twist, this recipe uses white wine instead of red wine to create the sauce. The herbs and flaky salt are delightful. Even the meat lovers will be coming back for more.

18. An Unlikely Pairing (But Certainly a Delicious One)

Braised chicken on a pot with chili slices.

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Many people don’t associate chuck roast with fruit, but that’s exactly what we’re doing here. Plus, this recipe requires just two steps. Walk away for six hours and let the meat cook. You’ll just need mixed dried fruit, an onion, apple juice, allspice, salt, and pepper. You’ll be surprised at how well apple juice works to help cook and flavor the meat.

19. Drunken Noodles + Pot Roast = Perfection

Braised beef with garlic in a bowl.

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This drunken garlic crock pot roast may take over hours to cook, but it’s going to be well worth your time. What makes this dish “drunken”? Eight ounces of lager beer will do the trick. This dish is perfect for anybody who likes to “set it and forget it.” Serve this dish over drunken noodles for a new spin, or serve it over potatoes for a classic take.

20. This Caribbean Pot Roast Transports You Somewhere Else

Braised beef on a pot with tomato sauce.

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This Caribbean pot roast is spicy in all the right ways. You’ll love the bold flavors and how easily this meat falls apart. You probably have most of the ingredients in your pantry already, which is one reason why this dish is perfect. The garnish, orange zest, is the perfect added flavor to your new favorite pot roast dish.

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