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20 Best Pork Chops Recipes (All Types)

Pork chop with sauce in a skillet.
Pork chops are a classic dinner staple. There’s just one problem: many people stick to the same recipe week after week. Is your family asking you to cook something new? Are you curious about other flavor profiles? You don’t have to stick with the same tired recipes. In fact, it might be time to upgrade your pork chop game. These recipes will show you exactly how that works.

1. Pork & Sweets Are Perfect Together

Grilled Pork chop in a plate.

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If there’s one thing you need to know about my family, it’s that we eat our pork with sweet flavors. This recipe calls for you to grill your pork chops. This gives you the perfect canvas for your honey and garlic sauce. Grilling these pork chops ensures they are healthy too.

At the next barbecue, you don’t have to settle for burgers and hot dogs. These pork chops are impressive at any barbecue. Grill them at the park for a birthday or cook them for a casual backyard wedding. You’ll be surprised at how sophisticated this meat is.

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2. Tender and Crispy? Yes, You Can Have Both

Crusty fried pork chop in a plate.

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Even if you have a pork chop that is low in fat, you can cook delicious chops. These chops are tenderized in a marinade, which gives them so much flavor. You’ll then roll the chops in breadcrumbs, which makes them so crispy.

Make sure you have a good skillet you can toss in the oven. This is the final step in ensuring that your chops come out crunchy on the outside and tender on the inside. Yes, it’s possible to create a tasty main course with basic pork chops.

3. Apple Cider Pork Chops Are My New BFF

Apple cider pork chop with rosemary.

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With this recipe, you ensure that you are never dealing with dry, overcooked pork chops. The apple cider keeps these chops super moist and tender. At the same time, this dish is savory without going over the top with sweetness.

If you are looking for a new staple to add to your kitchen routine, this is a solid option. Never again will your family complain about stale, boring chops. Not sure which chops to use for a recipe like this? I recommend sticking to center-cut boneless pork chops because they are so easy to cook.

4. Impress the Family With the Juiciest Chops They’ve Ever Seen

Pork chop in a pan with cilantro and sauce.

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It’s not always possible to get juicy pork chops. At least, that’s the case when you are not using the right recipe. This recipe helps you get juicy pork chops that are slathered in sauce. You might even be surprised to learn that you can do all of this on the stovetop.

The key to getting great pieces of meat in this recipe is to rub flour and spices on the chops before you cook them. This adds a bit of flavor to the crust. This helps you avoid soggy chops and enamor your family members with your cooking skills.

5. I Can’t Get Enough of These Caramelized Edges!

Caramelized pork chop with garlic and corn.

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Yes, this is another honey garlic pork chop recipe. Of course, this one is a bit different in terms of texture. These skillet-fried chops are seared before they are broiled. This gives your meat the most amazing caramelized edges.

So crispy! So much char! Seriously, this is one of my favorite ways to cook pork chops that have lots of fat on them. After you cook, you will have a gorgeous, sticky sauce. Each bite is going to be savory and sweet. I recommend using a bone-in chop for this recipe, but boneless also works.

6. Pop Those Babies in the Air Fryer For More Crunch

Crispy air fryer pork chop.

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If you have an air fryer, you’ll want to throw these pork chops in for a spin. When you pull your meat out of the fryer, you’ll see that it is crispy on the outside but tender inside. No more dry chops! You might run into a situation where you have more chops than you can cook at one time in the air fryer.

Never stack pork chops in the fryer, as this can lead to soggy pork. You want the heat to reach all parts of each chop, and you want your meat to cook evenly.

7. Sous Vide Pork Chops? Why Not?

Sous Vide Pork Chops with rosemary.

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If you’ve never had sous vide pork chops, you have got to change this quickly. In particular, these chops are so flavorful. You’ll love the inclusion of bacon, garlic, and rosemary. They work together to create a savory slice of heaven that melts in your mouth.

That’s not even to mention the butter that helps create that tasty sear. A sous vide cooker helps make boneless chops without the need to slice open chops. You don’t even have to poke holes with a meat thermometer. This recipe breaks it down so you can cook an entire meal for the family without hassle.

8. Garlic Butter Brings This Dreamy Meal to Life

Fried pork chop with garlic and thyme.

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I love garlic butter, and I cannot lie. It’s true, garlic butter goes great with everything. Pork chops are no exception. Best of all, you need just 20 minutes to throw this dish together. If you have big dreams and little time, you should make this your go-to recipe.

It’s great for bone-in chops, especially if you have a cast-iron skillet. Additionally, always use high-quality butter when you are cooking something like this. The taste of the butter will play a big role in the flavor of the dish. You don’t want to miss out!

9. Baking Pork Chops Does Not Mean You Lose Out on Flavor

Grilled pork chop with rosemary.

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When you bake pork chops, you might think that you get dried-out meat. That is not the case. When you work with bone-in chops that are thick and fatty, you will get juicy pork chops. One thing you can do to make sure that your pork chops cook evenly is to brush the chops with butter.

You’ll add so much flavor to the meat by brushing it with the combination of butter, garlic, and rosemary. Don’t be afraid to experiment with complex butters and other herbs. Also, make sure to keep your skillet hot for the best results.

10. On a Mushroom Kick? You’ve Got to Try This

Pork chop with mushroom sauce in a plate.

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You’ll want to serve these pork chops in creamy mushroom sauce with mashed potatoes. The ingredients are so simple, and you don’t even need to marinate the meat ahead of time. This is a one-pan dinner that makes cleaning after dinner so simple.

The recipe advises beating the pork chops with a mallet if they are particularly thick. This allows the meat to cook evenly. Sear these pork chops before you cook the mushroom sauce to get the perfect texture. Not sure which mushrooms to use? Cremini, portobello, and white mushrooms are all great options.

11. These Piggies Are Smothered in Delicious Sauce

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There is no doubt that this dish is inspired by Southern cuisine. In fact, this pork chop recipe is all about comfort. If you love onion gravy, you’re going to love this recipe, which is super cozy. Plus, you might not have guessed that you can put together this entire meal in a single pan.

That’s right, you can make pork and gravy in one skillet. Serve it with mashed potatoes or rice and a side of veggies. You’ve got all the fixings to make a savory classic. The key to this recipe is to season the pork chops heavily so that their flavor cuts through the sauce.

12. Scalloped Potatoes? Pork Chops? Count Me In!

Pork chop with gravy and baked potato.

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Scalloped potatoes are a classic for a reason. They are hearty and delicious. While they aren’t the healthiest food on the pyramid, they are definitely a favorite in our house. While we don’t eat them daily, we love to pair them with pork chops.

This recipe pairs them both so that you can enjoy a complete meal. It’s basically an all-in-one kind of meal, and you can’t beat that. Since you’ll be cooking this recipe longer, it’s ideal to use rib chops. They are fatty and cook better at this temperature.

13. This Parmesan Crust Is to Die For

Fried Pork chop with tomatoes and lettuce.

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When I find out that a recipe only has five ingredients, I’m on board immediately. That’s how I felt when I saw this recipe, which comes from Pillsbury. The parmesan crust is a little tricky to nail, but when you do, it’s perfection.

You’ll brown the chops in a skillet before you bake them. This gives you the power to create a delectable dinner in less than half an hour. Dipping your pork chops in the egg mixture before adding breadcrumbs is the secret here. If you follow the directions, you’ll get moist pork every time.

14. Crock Pot Chops Worth Every Minute

Crock Pot Chops with gravy and mushroom sauce.

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Pork chops aren’t the first meat you think of when you think about what to cook in the crock pot. That’s why this recipe is so unique. Pop the chops in the slow cooker and let it work its magic all day.

By supper time, you’ve got tender meat that melts in your mouth and delicious gravy. You’ll likely have many of the ingredients in your pantry already, including cans of soup. That means your prep for this recipe is minimal. We love a recipe that lets us be a little lazy!

15. Fire Up the Grill For These Chops

Grilled pork chop with tomatoes and lemon.

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As much as I love tender, saucy pork chops fresh from the skillet, I also adore grilled pork chops. We love to fire up the grill for a cook-out at least once a month. Pork chops are a family favorite. This recipe uses a lemon rosemary rub.

You can also marinate the meat ahead of time for a juicy consistency. If you’ve already got the grill on, throw on Brussel sprouts or potatoes. The best thing about cooking on the grill? The clean-up is minimal. One more tip: let the meat come to room temperature before you start cooking. This ensures even cooking.

16. This Boneless Recipe Is Devastatingly Creamy

Pork chop with mushroom sauce and gravy.

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While my preference for bone-in pork chops may be evident, there is a time and place for boneless chops too. This recipe is the perfect example of how you can combine boneless pork chops and sauce. Even with the creamy garlic butter sauce, you’ll create a dinner that is low in carbs.

Plus, you can cook everything in a single skillet. You are sure to get your fill of vegetables too, especially with the fresh spinach. Add more red pepper flakes for a little more spice. I prefer to use white wine instead of vegetable stock for some added pizzazz.

17. Savory Mustard Pork Chops For Anybody Tired of the Same Flavor

Savory Mustard Pork Chops with scallion.

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If you’re tired of the same old pork chops every night, this is a great recipe to try. These pistachio-crusted pork chops are smothered in mustard sauce. The pistachios hold in juices and so much flavor. The acidity of the mustard also adds something few other recipes do.

This dish looks like something served at a fancy restaurant, but you can actually cook it right at home. Best of all, the recipe does not need many ingredients. If you have whole-grain mustard, chicken stock, heavy cream, and pistachios, you’re good to go. This recipe deceives others with how simple it is.

18. Everything Can Be Southern Fried

Pork chop with asparagus and potato.

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If you know anything about the South, you know how popular fried food is. You may not have considered southern-fried pork chops for your next meal, but you’ve got to try this at least once. The secret to that Southern-fried texture is to coat your chops in an egg wash before you dunk them in flour.

Don’t stop frying the meat until you see the golden brown color emerge. The sauce takes just a few minutes to make, but it really adds to the entire experience. This meal is easy to spruce up with some collard greens or a small salad.

19. Pineapple & Pork: Name a Better Duo. I’ll Wait.

Hawaiian Pork chop with basils.

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Like I’ve said before, fruit and pork chops go so well together. If I had to pick the perfect fruit to serve with pork, I’d pick pineapple. This Hawaiian-inspired dish is sweet and savory, offering the best of both worlds.

Plus, Hawaiian BBQ pork chops cook quickly and are super versatile. I love to char the pineapple and the pork to get just a little bit of a crust forming. I recommend marinating your chops ahead of time for at least a couple of hours. You’ll get so much more flavor when you finally slap them on the grill.

20. Apple, Bacon, Blue Cheese — Where Does It End?

Pork chop with apple and cherry tomatoes.

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These thick pork chops are stuffed with blue cheese, apple, and bacon. That was enough to sell these chops for me. Even if you are reluctant to eat blue cheese, the other flavors blend well. This prevents the cheese from overpowering the dish.

How do you get pork chops thick enough to stuff? You can use pork loin chops or bone-in chops. Just make sure that they are hearty so that you can stuff those suckers to the max. Serve these chops with green beans, potatoes, rice, or mushrooms. It’s all perfect!

Tips for Cooking Porkchops

There is one crucial tip you need to know about pork chops. The fattier your chops, the easier they will be to cook. While chops with less fat may be healthier, they have a tendency to dry up quickly. Choose fatty, plump pork chops for the best cooking experience. I always recommend buying bone-in pork chops. The thicker the chop, the better. You’ll get juicier pork chops cooked to perfection every time. Thin boneless chops are way too easy to overcook.

Even if you don’t follow these recipes, I recommend spicing your pork chops ahead of time. First, you need to dry each piece of meat. Then, mix the seasoning with a bit of flour to create a thin crust. Your pork chops will be crispier every time.

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