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20 Popular Recipes with Eggs (All Types)

Deviled eggs scattered around the plate.

Eggs are a staple in most kitchens. If you are used to cooking scrambled eggs for the family, it might be time to mix it up. In fact, you might even discover that it is now time to step up your game and incorporate a variety of lunch and dinner recipes into your repertoire. These are some of the egg recipes you should consider as you seek to shake things up.

Breakfast Eggs

1. It’s Never Too Early For These Brunchy Eggs

Poach eggs on a plate and a glass of juice.

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What if I told you that you could master the perfect brunch in less than 30 minutes? This brunch dish is so earthy and tasty that you’ll be planning your next brunch days in advance. If you love oozy, creamy eggs, you’re going to love this poached egg served on a bed of polenta and Swiss chard.

I’m drooling just thinking about this savory breakfast dish. In fact, you might even find that this is a meal you want to serve for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I definitely would not judge you for that one.

2. This Is Your Sign To Make a Quiche

Ricotta and prosciutto quiche with asparagus.

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Let’s say that you aren’t exactly the kind of person who orders quiche at breakfast. This recipe is going to rock your world. This recipe uses season spring ingredients. The good news is that you’ll be able to put together a delectable quiche any time of the year.

It’s super easy, and the eggs pair so well with the asparagus, ricotta, and prosciutto. Top the entire thing with onions, parsley, and mint, and you have a whole breakfast in a single pie serving. Feel free to mix and match the veggies to create a dish that the whole family falls in love with.

3. I’m All About Poached Eggs & Avocado Toast

Poached eggs and avocado toast on a plate.

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Have you been looking for the perfect hack for poaching eggs? Look no further. This is the perfect recipe for an egg lover who is looking to refine their breakfast routine. Poached eggs are great for those who don’t like the texture of scrambled eggs or who struggle with omelets.

The texture of a poached egg is ideal for anybody who wants to create a layered avocado toast. Plus, I love how many healthy fats are in a single piece of avocado toast. I love to add sea salt and fresh cracked pepper to the top of my toast as well.

4. Check Out This Fast Food Breakfast Sandwich Dupe

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I am so into breakfast sandwiches. In fact, I typically only go out to fast food when it’s time for breakfast. That’s why I love this dupe recipe for a Carl’s Jr. breakfast burger. It uses your standard hamburger patty and sesame seed bun.

At the same time, it uses hash brown crowns and scrambled eggs. Oh yeah, you can’t forget the bacon either. This sandwich is a sight to behold (and the taste is out of this world). You don’t even have to go through the drive-thru to get your breakfast sandwich!

5. Breakfast Bread Bowls Are Easy to Make & Easy to Eat

Breakfast Bread Bowls with eggs inside.

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Do you love breakfast meals that are encompassed in a single item. This handheld bread bowl is so tasty. I love that you can customize the recipe with mushrooms, eggs, cheese, pancetta, and more. You can use premade rolls so that you can cut down on cooking time.

In fact, this recipe recommends it. You might consider adding bacon and other vegetables for a more personal dish. Keep in mind that this dish is perfect for anybody who wants a calorie-friendly meal. It will fuel your entire day, getting you started on the right path early in the morning.

6. You Can Never Go Wrong With a Breakfast Scramble

Microwave breakfast scrambled eggs with scallions.

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Most people look at breakfast scrambles and think about convenience food. On the other hand, I look at a scramble and think about an easy and tasty breakfast. These meals are so easy to cook ahead of time, and you can pop them into the microwave for breakfast.

I like to make these scrambles on Sunday and let the family eat them for breakfast in the mornings. These scrambles last and really are customizable. If you have never made eggs in the microwave, this is the perfect time to learn. Your family will thank you for the easy breakfast alternative.

7. The Over-Easy Egg Is a Real Classic

Classic over easy-eggs on a plate.

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Even home chefs should be able to cook a classic over-easy fried egg. When I first started trying to cook fried eggs, I had a habit of turning up the heat way too high. Medium heat helps you maintain a tasty, runny yolk. Where I used to fail, this recipe made me a success.

While this is such a simple and short recipe, it is one that is worth learning. When you can master the fried egg for breakfast, you can master the other egg recipes on this list. This dish is surprisingly not as easy as many people think!

Lunch Eggs

8. Deviled Eggs Are the Perfect Addition to Any Meal

Half deviled eggs with cinnamon powdered.

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Deviled eggs are historically one of the most popular egg dishes. This dish is so popular for a reason. Not only is it a self-contained way to eat a tasty egg, but it’s also so easy to make. I like to think of deviled eggs as an easy way to get tons of seasoning into my mouth.

When you try this recipe, you will see exactly why that is. What I like best about this recipe is the list of potential garnishes you can use to spruce up your eggs. Need to add some more flavor? Add bacon or paprika. Do you want to add texture? Try relish or diced onions? Want to spice them up? Hot peppers are perfect.

9. Egg Salad Is Anything But Boring When You Add Avocado

A wooden bowl of avocado salad and a toasted bread.

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If you are looking for a healthy egg salad recipe, look no further. I love the way this salad is perfect for lunch. At the same time, it’s also keto-friendly and paleo-friendly. Avocado adds healthy fat to the recipe, but it also adds some flavor you do not get with a traditional egg salad.

You can also easily prep for this salad by hard-boiling your eggs ahead of time. I also recommend using fresh herbs when you can. This will ensure that the flavors stand out. By the way, this recipe also recommends homemade mayonnaise, which is so tasty and easy to make!

10. Wait, You Don’t Add Deviled Eggs to Your Past Salad Yet?

A bowl of deviled egg pasta salad.

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This pasta salad combines two classics, creaing a super side. Of course, you might even enjoy this as an entire meal on its own. It’s packed with protein, carbohydrates, and vegetables. The texture of the celery, fennel, eggs, and pasta is excellent.

You might be surprised at how well the egg yolks create a tasty sauce for the bed of pasta. Don’t forget to garnish your pasta salad with paprika and scallions. They are the best accompaniment for the eggs. When I think about making this dish, I consider pairing it with a chicken sandwich or even barbecue. Two perfect combinations!

11. Super Nutritional, Super Tasty Protein Bowls

A bowl of food rich in protein and slices of avocado.

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These protein bowls are dense in nutrients and high in protein. While you can eat this dish for dinner, I like to eat it for lunch as a way to get as much nutrition in my diet as possible. This bowl is also so great because you can customize it.

The more nutrients, the better. If you don’t like the jammy eggs in this recipe, you can substitute them for hard-boiled eggs. You can also fry eggs if you’d like. Use seasonal favorites that will ensure that you never get bored of this meal. Protein bowls are also the perfect way for you to load up on veggies in the middle of the day.

12. “Breakfast” Tostadas Are Actually the Perfect Lunch

Onions with over-easy eggs and cilantro.

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Huevos rancheros may often be associated with breakfast, but I like to eat them for lunch. They are so small and simple that I can throw together a bunch of tostadas in less than 10 minutes. Again, tostadas are super customizable. You can use a crunch corn tortilla and pile on all the fixings.

It’s got everything, from refried beans and runny eggs to avocados and tomatoes. You can make refried beans your own or you can buy canned beans. Either way, your tostada is going to be delicious. The eggs on top are so tasty, adding flavor and texture to a classic.

13. Scotch Eggs Are a New Favorite in My House

Scotch Eggs with fresh vegetables for breakfast.

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If you have never tried a Scotch egg, you are missing out. These soft-boiled eggs are wrapped in ground beef, making them somewhat of a hidden treat. You can eat one Scotch egg as a high-protein snack, or you can eat a few for a filling lunch.

I like to eat mine with some fresh veggies, incorporating a variety of nutrients. While this recipe seems fairly complicated at first, it takes less than an hour.

14. You Had Me at Kimchi

Kimchi with rice on a plate and pink flowers.

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Kimchi fried rice was enough to get me to take a look at this recipe. It was the inclusion of eggs that keeps me coming back. As the writer of this recipe points out, one-bowl meals are amazing. I love when I can cook everything in one pot and feed the entire family.

Yes, kimchi is an acquired taste. Once you introduce your family to this meal, they are certain to fall in love with it. I like to add a bit of bacon to complement the flavor of the eggs as well. So delicious!

15. Turn Your Toad in the Hole Into a Bacon Sandwich

Toasted bread with bacon and egg in the middle.

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Sometimes a traditional bacon sandwich just isn’t enough. You need to get some eggs in there! If you’ve never had a toad in the hole, this recipe will show you how to create the perfect one on your first try. Don’t be intimidated by the appearance of the “toad” portion of this sandwich.

It’s so easy. You can also switch up the meat and cheese, perhaps using sausage instead of bacon. It’s a great lunch or brunch option you can make your own.

Dinner Eggs

16. Yes, Egg Rolls Totally Count

Egg rolls with dip and fresh vegetables.

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While you do not need eggs to make egg rolls, the traditional recipe called on eggs to be used in the dough. The wrappers contain eggs, so I’m totally going to count this one as a popular egg recipe! Also, it’s delicious and perfect to serve for dinner.

You can use a mushroom or mung bean filling to assemble these rolls, but my favorite part is the dipping sauce. I love how spicy it is without going over the top! You’ll never look at egg rolls the same way after you learn to successfully assemble them on your own.

17. This Japanese Chicken Bowl Uses Eggs Perfectly

Japanese chicken bowl with egg yolk.

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While oyakodon is commonly served at Japanese restaurants, you can also serve it at home. In fact, it’s not that hard to do. This dish uses a great mix of salty and sweet sauces to create a delicious flavor profile. You’ll incorporate eggs and chicken in this recipe, which is super tasty.

You’ll need just a few minutes to cook the chicken, even if you use chicken thighs. Thin slices are the key here. Even if you have members in your family who do not enjoy traditional egg dishes, this one is quite different. These unique flavors truly come together perfectly.

18. Steak, Eggs & Salsa Verde? It Doesn’t Get Better Than This

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There is so much to love about steak and eggs. When you add salsa verde? I can’t hold back. The use of skirt steak here is so good, giving you nice and thin pieces of meat that are seared to perfection. Skirt steak doesn’t require a thermometer or any special monitoring either.

You can easily cook this one by sight. The eggs are also ideal if you love crispy edges and silky yolks. True perfection! Thinly chopped capers are also the perfect addition to this meal, adding a dash more flavor. Coating your steak with oil before you cook is also a great way to make the seasoning stick.

19. Chicken & Egg Stir-Fry Is My Jam

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In just a couple steps, you can put together perhaps the perfect stir fry. It starts with eggplants and chicken, but you’ll add some additional fresh ingredients. Red chillies, spring onions, and Thai basil are all staples of this recipe. Top your dish with fried eggs to serve.

This is a great way to incorporate more eggs into your diet without relegating them to breakfast. The eggplant adds a terrifix texture to the stir fry, and the eggs on top ensure that you have a little extra flavor. The healthy fats in this dish also make sure you are not missing out on any nutrients.

20. This Vegetarian Carbonara Uses Eggs Perfectly

Vegetarian carbonara with fresh eggs.

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Egg yolk makes up the sauce of a carbonara dish. If you are looking for a quick and easy pasta dish that uses eggs effectively, this is it. Mozzarella makes this dish vegetarian, but you can always add bacon instead. Eggs are used masterfully by adding a creamy texture.

This makes the pasta light and easy to eat. Peas and spinach are easy to pair with eggs for flavor. They are also a great way to incorporate more nutrients into a traditional pasta dish. Before making this, I never would have thought that eggs and pasta were a great combo.

Tips for Cooking Eggs

Eggs cook best slowly. You can add a lot to the texture and flavor of a dish by keeping the heat on low. This applies to scrambling eggs as well. Do not end up with rubbery eggs because you cooked them too quickly.

When it comes to making poached eggs, add vinegar to the water. This helps your eggs maintain cohesion when they cook in the water.

Finally, consider cooking your eggs in the microwave. The process can be a little tricky, especially because you need to pay attention to when to pull the eggs out of the microwave. Still, they are super tasty!