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20 Best Poached Egg Recipes (All Types)

A delicious and healthy poarched eggs with fava beans.

On the surface, poached eggs don’t seem that special. In reality, they are a little bit tricky if you don’t have all the right tools. That doesn’t mean the average person can’t make poached eggs, but it does mean that you might want to play around with the recipes to find one that works for you.

These recipes are all relatively easy, allowing you to learn how to poach eggs with little trouble at all.

1. Fava Beans and Poached Eggs Are a Surprisingly Tasty Breakfast

Finished Fava Beans and Poached Eggs Are a Surprisingly Tasty Breakfast.

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Poached eggs are the perfect vegetarian breakfast or lunch, as this recipe knows all too well. Best of all, these eggs are served with fava beans, which you can make ahead of time to cut down on your cooking time. The kale is a great addition to this recipe as well, as it adds the greens I need (and very much try to ignore).

Make sure you use good quality olive oil for this dish because it really does make a difference to the overall flavor. As somebody who doesn’t eat a lot of sweet breakfasts, this is a great choice for a savory morning meal.

2. This Basic Poached Egg Recipe Shows You Everything You Need to Know

Poached egg for breakfast.

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If you love poached eggs but always feel intimidated by them, you don’t need to. This recipe shows you how to make poached eggs just like you’d get at your favorite breakfast restaurant. They’re not as hard as you think, and this recipe includes a variety of tips that will help you explore the right technique for your kitchen.

This recipe suggests taking advantage of ramekins, which help you make a perfect egg every single time. You can make a poached egg in less than 10 minutes once you get the hang of it.

3. The Perfect Poached Egg Needs Just Three Minutes

Poached egg on toasted muffin.

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If you love Ree Drummond’s recipes, you’ll love this recipe. You’ll learn how to make poached eggs that have golden yolks and firm whites. The recipe shows you that so long as you can boil a pot of water, you have all the skills you need to make the perfect egg.

This recipe has five steps, and you don’t need any special tools to make them. When you’re done, you can put your egg on toast or as part of a nice little breakfast salad. You can even turn it into eggs benedict.

You need just three minutes of cooking time for each egg, and you’re set.

4. Perfect Your Hollandaise Sauce With This Recipe

Portrait of delicious eggs benedict on a plate.

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This recipe for eggs benedict is so good because the hollandaise sauce is so easy to make. The trick with this recipe is to pay attention to timing, but you can totally pull this off at home. You can even poach the eggs ahead of time to make sure that you pull this off in time for breakfast in the morning.

Once you learn to poach an egg, the most difficult part really is making the sauce. I’ve always loved the compliments that I get when I pull off eggs benedict, and I think you will too.

5. Bust Out the Skillet For These Poached Eggs

A delicious skillet poached egg with bacon.

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Did you know that you could make poached eggs in a skillet? Me neither. This recipe uses a special trick to keep your eggs nice and plump rather than flat.

You’ll get eggs that fit in the skillet because they aren’t trying to spread out. This means you can make a bunch of eggs very quickly for breakfast, feeding a lot of people at once. I think that’s a win.

These are great eggs for breakfast sandwiches because of their shape. You can also cook them in the same skillet you used to make pancakes or waffles, easing up on your post-breakfast cleaning.

6. If You Have an Egg Poacher, Give This a Try

Poached egg on a bowl isolated in white.

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If you have an egg poacher at home, now is a great time to break it out. A poacher makes the process of making these eggs even easier, requiring that you boil water and cover the eggs in their cups so that they get a good steam. In the meantime, you’ll be able to make toast, waffles, pancakes, or any of your other breakfast favorites.

Make sure you oil up those egg cups before you try to cook your eggs so that you can avoid any sticking. These eggs are best served with salt and pepper.

7. This Avocado Toast Is Simple & Healthy

Top view of poached egg and avocado toast.

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It doesn’t get much simpler than this. Avocado toast is the hero that I need in the morning. The protein of the egg and the healthy fats in the avocado make sure I have what I need to start my morning.

I also like that this recipe is creative, using a mason jar to help create the perfect eggs. The inclusion of parmesan cheese is also a big hit for me. You can also play with the herbs in this recipe.

I love thyme and basil, but I often leave off the parsley. I’m also a firm believer in using tomatoes. They add so much juice and texture to the toast.

8. You Can Make These Poached Eggs in the Microwave

Poached egg with toast on a wooden chopping board.

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If you want to make some very fast poached eggs, these microwave eggs take a single minute to make. Your morning eggs don’t take long to make, and you don’t even have to break out the skillets. By the end of 60 seconds, you’ll have a runny yolk and firm whites.

You can play with this recipe to make sure that you have the right cooking time. Even though they came out of a microwave, nobody else is going to know that. You can also play up these eggs with fresh herbs.

9. Poached Eggs With Tomato Sauce Is a New Favorite

Top view of poached eggs on tomato sauce served on skillet pan.

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Shakshuka is a new revelation for me, but now it’s a new favorite in our house. You cook the eggs right in the tomato sauce. You can then eat them all together with grilled bread, which elevates this dish to a lunch or dinner recipe.

I love to make a fresh tomato sauce from scratch. There’s nothing quite like eggs with real tomatoes. You can also add meat or kale if you want to add something extra to this dish.

It’s so tasty, and it flies under the radar. Give it a try and see how tasty eggs are when they are cooked in sauce.

10. This Poached Egg Carbonara Is Perfect for Dinner

Italian carbonara with poached egg.

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I’m so used to eating eggs for breakfast that I often forget about all the great ways we can use them for dinner dishes. This easy carbonara is a great way to put those eggs to use. You’ll need just five minutes of prep time and 15 minutes of cooking time.

This recipe makes just one serving, but you can certainly adapt it to make your own. You’ll need an egg, spaghetti, white vinegar (or lemon), and a bit of salt. You can add some cheese, herbs, and seasoning on your own if you want to add a bit more flavor.

11. Here’s One for the Quinoa Fans

A quinoa cakes with poached eggs on a white plate.

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If you are a fan of superfoods, you’re going to love these eggs, which are served with quinoa cakes. I think this is a great recipe simply because it’s loaded with nutrients and protein. If you’re a vegetarian, this recipe gives you the perfect way to enjoy eggs.

The flavor itself is also so good, with butter and soy sauce as a great base. You can serve this alongside a bean and corn salad for dinner, or you can freeze the meal and let it last over the course of the next month. You can cook a big batch at once and serve them as a quick weeknight meal.

12. I Love These Italian Style Poached Eggs–So Flavorful and Easy

A healthy breakfast italian style poached eggs.

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Did you know that Italian style poached eggs were a thing? I didn’t. These poached eggs are served with toasted Italian bread.

This is a real comfort food recipe, even though I didn’t grow up eating it. I like the way the eggs are still just a bit runny. I love using the bread to sop up the yolks, and using a bit of Italian seasoning and herbs adds so much more flavor. You can even add a bit of basil and cheese if you want to put your own spin on it.

13. Smoked Salmon & Eggs Are the Breakfast Duo I’ve Always Wanted

Smoked salmon, avocado and eggs served on a breakfast theme.

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If you’ve got a griddle pan, you can put this dish together. As fancy as it looks, it’s actually a breeze. Making pull-apart waffles is probably the hardest part, but they are so necessary for this combination of smoked salmon, avocado, honey, and eggs.

You can eat each food separately or combine them to make the perfect breakfast sandwich. You can even make a hollandaise sauce if you want to add a little extra flavor to your sandwich. I like the idea of setting up a breakfast bar and letting everybody make their own waffle and egg sandwiches.

14. I Am Living For These Cheesy Poached Eggs

Easy cheesy sliced poached egg.

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This recipe is super straightforward, but don’t substitute that for being boring. You’ll make your poached eggs just as you normally would, but this recipe uses aluminum foil to create little bowls you can use to hold the cheddar cheese against the egg as it cooks. You’ll end up with little cheesy egg bowls and a very soft yolk.

You can play around with different cheeses to find the right one for your breakfast. You’ll feel like you have gourmet eggs in just five minutes. I like to put mine in a sandwich or a tortilla with some veggies.

15. This Smoked Salmon Toast Uses Poached Eggs Wisely

Poached Eggs with Parmesan and Smoked Salmon Toasts.

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These smoked salmon toasts with poached eggs are perfect. The toast is so crunchy, and the soft yolk really makes for a better dining experience. As an appetizer, breakfast, or snack, the salmon and toast will be such a great salty treat.

You just need some sourdough bread, olive oil, parmesan, smoke salmon, and some eggs. You can play with the kind of meat you put on the toast too. If you wanted to make this for lunch, for instance, you can use a different smoked meat as well.

16. This Recipe Is For Everybody Who Needs More Greens in Their Diet

Close-up of poached eggs with veggies.

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I’m one of those people who always realizes they’re not meeting their greens quote for the day. If I start my day off with something like this vegetable and greens hash, I at least know that I’m on the right track. The poached egg adds some protein too.

If you really want to go all in on getting your nutrients, you can substitute the red or Yukon gold potatoes for more sweet potatoes. You’ll get plenty of kale and spinach, which are going to load you up with nutrients. I add plenty of hot sauce to mine, but the seasoning isn’t bad at all.

17. Coconut Rice & Poached Eggs Are an Underrated Pairing

A top view shot of green rice and poached eggs on a plate.

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Not only does this combine so many flavors I love, but you can also cook it in one pot. It’s not unlike shakshuka, but it’s more like curry and rice than a tomato sauce. This dish is also packed with greens, and you can add spinach if you need a little more.

This entire meal comes together in 35 minutes, and you’ll have enough for about four servings. It’s a great dish to cook on Sunday and eat throughout the rest of the week. Nobody’s going to be complaining about leftovers.

18. Poached Egg Soup Is the Perfect Comfort Food

A traditional poached egg soup.

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This gingery poached egg soup is delicious, and it’s a great way to change your weekly menu. If you need comfort food, this soup is a great choice because it’s loaded with vegetables. The hot broth is soothing and perfect for a winter lunch at home.

I especially love this recipe because you don’t need much to put it together, and most of the ingredients are those I already had on hand. The quick cooking time is another point in favor of making this soup next time you need something that makes you feel like you’re at home.

19. Oatmeal & Poached Eggs Are a Better Pair Than I Thought

Healthy oatmeal with poached eggs.

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I know that a lot of people like their oatmeal sweet, but I’m a fan of making it savory. In fact, I rarely eat my oatmeal any other way. This oatmeal recipe uses goat cheese, roasted almonds, and poached eggs for a healthy breakfast.

In half an hour, you’ve got steel-cut oats that are tasty and healthy. You can also add your own oatmeal toppings. I love to add chives and onions, but the recipe recommends using cherry tomatoes, cracked pepper, and red peppers.

You can add your favorite cheese for more flavor.

20. Poached Eggs in Italian Tomato Sauce

Poached eggs in Italian tomato sauce and three eggs with art.

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This recipe is a little bit like shakshuka, but it’s much more focused on Italian tomato sauce. The diced tomatoes (canned or fresh) will be loaded with your favorite Italian seasonings, including basil, garlic, parsley, oregano, rosemary, and red pepper flakes. The sauce will serve as your tool for cooking the eggs.

This dish is often called “Eggs in Purgatory,” and that name is perfect. It’s a traditional Italian dish, and it goes perfectly with parmesan cheese. I love to eat this with garlic bread for dinner.

That makes it a great dinner dish, especially with some greens or a salad on the side.

Tips for Cooking Poached Eggs

Poached eggs can be finicky, but a few tips will help you get the perfect egg every time. My first tip is to avoid adding salt to the water. This will actually make your egg whites less dense and even a bit unsightly.

You can also add a little vinegar to the water you use to poach your eggs. You don’t get the flavor on the egg, but you will see that the egg generally holds together pretty well. This is a great alternative to creating the swirl in the pot before you dump the egg in.

This doesn’t always work if you have more than one egg, but you can rely on vinegar if the swirl isn’t coming through.