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20 Best Pizza Soup Recipes (All Types)


Delicious and flavorful pizza soup recipes

Almost everybody loves pizza. It blends rich cheeses, luscious sauces, and infinite combinations of various toppings. It can also be very heavy between the carbs and fats, especially if the crust is a mop for all the cooking grease.

You can skip the dough entirely or use less dense options by making a pizza soup instead. Below are 20 recipes that cover a wide number of potential preparations.

1. Simple and Easy Pizza Soup

A plate of pizza soup with mushroom and tomato

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No matter your cooking experience or budget, this recipe is a fantastic starting point for creating delicious pizza soup. The entire meal will cost less than pizza delivery, the cooking steps are easy, and the mess-making is minimal.

Some of the canned ingredients could be made at home from scratch, but it’s not necessary to create a rich flavor. If you skip the optional ingredients, pre-minced garlic, and get a pack of mini pepperoni instead of a full-sized one, then you can do the whole recipe without a cutting board or knife.

2. Italian Sausage Pizza Soup

A pan of pizza soup with vegetables

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Instead of precooked meatballs, this recipe specifically uses ground Italian sausage. Cooking the vegetables with the ground meat lets them absorb the fats as it cooks, and the little bits of meat form smaller chunks that spread more evenly throughout the soup.

You don’t get the same hearty bite of a meatball, but it’s an equally acceptable way to make your pizza soup. Adding parmesan, like this recipe does, adds a salty sharpness to the cheese topping.

The full mix of their cheese blend is also complex, and you should absolutely consider using them all if you have them on hand. If you don’t, use mozzarella as a base, then select one or two of the additional cheeses to keep the recipe cost down.

3. Slow Cooker Pizza Soup

Pizza soup with egg

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There are definite benefits to pan-cooking your pizza soup, but a slow cooker can produce a full-bodied meal with minimal effort. It does take more time, you can do the preparation earlier in the day whenever you have a spare moment.

Give it a stir every now and then, and dinner will be ready whenever people get hungry. Although the recipe was chosen for its “set it and forget it” cooking method, one ingredient is worth noting for both this dish and future recipes: the cream cheese.

When it melts into the soup, it adds richness and mellow sweetness. The suggested sour cream and onion version cuts the sweetness with the soft spice of the chives.

4. Vegan Pizza Soup

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With a little tweaking, you can convert a basic pizza soup recipe to meet vegan standards. Instead of pepperoni or meatballs, this one uses a vegan sausage.

You’ll cook the sausage in the pan with the onions in the same way you would a real meat sausage, charring it and adding flavor to the pan. Past that, the soup cooks like the first recipe.

One other notable ingredient addition is zucchini, which develops a smooth and full bite of flavor when chopped, pan-fried, and cooked with the sauce.

5. Pizza Stew

Spicy Pizza soup

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Stews are more or less thick soups. Some soups are more brothy than others, but most of the ones in this recipe are dense with tasty ingredients.

This recipe instructs you to slowly incorporate the cheese into the soup as it cooks for a bit longer than the soup recipes. By doing so, the cheese thickens the soup to turn it into a stew.

When you start comparing it to the other recipes, you’ll see that the line is very obscure. The important thing is that you’ll be serving a bowl of thick deliciousness.

6. BBQ Chicken Pizza Soup

Chicken BBQ Soup

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To show you how easy it is to take the basic pizza soup recipe and tweak it to your favorite toppings, here’s a barbecue chicken pizza version. This odd recipe swaps out the pepperoni and meatballs for the shredded chicken, then it adds some barbecue sauce and canned corn to create a version suitable for a backyard picnic.

One change you might consider is swapping the basic onions for red onions. As a special note, the cilantro adds a spot of brightness similar to parsley when used as a seasoning or a garnish, but make sure to check with everyone before adding it.

Many people have a strong aversion to cilantro, and you don’t want to ruin their meal.

7. Chicken and Sun-Dried Tomato Pizza Soup

A plate of pizza soup with spring onions

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It’s also possible to get more complex with your pizza soup to create unique gourmet flavors. While this pizza soup is also based on chicken, it swaps the canned meat for pressure-cooked chicken shredded into large chunks for a more tender yet substantial bite.

Don’t balk at the sweet potatoes; while traditionally served as a sweet dish in the states, they are great in savory dishes like curry. The sun-dried tomatoes add an extra layer of depth to the “sauce” of the pizza, and the dash of paprika is a welcome addition of smoky spice. 

8. Slow Cooker Barbecue Chicken Pizza Soup

Barbecue Chicken Pizza Soup

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You’ve seen slow cooker pizza soup. You’ve seen barbecue chicken pizza soup. You might have guessed by now, but you can also combine those techniques for yet another unique variety of pizza soup.

This particular recipe is great because it gets the full texture of the unprocessed chicken with an even easier cooking process than the first slow cooker recipe. All you do is dump the ingredients into the slow cooker and wait, then you shred or chop the chicken before serving.

It’s easy to finish this recipe while having an easy breakfast, and the slow cooker will be safer to leave unattended while you’re busy with work or kids.

9. Sage Pizza Soup

A pot of cheese piza soup

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This variation has two key additional ingredients that alter and amplify the flavor. The first is sage, a potent seasoning and aromatic. A little sage can be overwhelming in a weak dish, but all of the strong flavors in pizza soup will engage in epic battle on your tongue.

The second is the mushrooms, which add more earthiness. If you want to go the extra mile on the mushrooms, you can add more and keep them whole. They’ll turn into chunky, tender balls of umami that are similar to meatballs.

10. Rosemary and Pork Sausage Pizza Soup

Sausage Pizza Soup with corn

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For another example of how just a couple of ingredient changes can dramatically change your pizza soup, this one switches out the meatballs for ground pork sausage and adds a healthy helping of rosemary.

Even one or two of the small leaves will make a notable impact, so the half of a teaspoon in this recipe packs a powerful punch. The pork sausage also has a somewhat more gamey and spicy taste than the common ground beef meatballs, so the entire soup should spark plenty of taste bud activity.

11. Spaghetti and Meatball Soup

Meatballs soup spaghetti

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Although it’s not pizza soup, the profile is close enough that it’s a close cousin. You’ll use many of the same ingredients and seasonings, including tomato sauce, Italian seasonings like oregano and parsley, and tomato paste.

This recipe includes full instructions for making the meatballs that you can use, or you can substitute premade meatballs like in the first recipe.

The key difference is the inclusion of spaghetti noodles that cook within the soup broth, sucking up all that flavor. Cooking it for too long can cause the noodles to become soggy, so leftovers might not keep as well.

12. Vegetarian Pizza Soup with Cheese Croutons

A bowl of pizza soup with garnish

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You’ve probably met at least one vegetarian who has said, “I’d be vegan if it wasn’t for cheese.” Recipes like this one make that easy to understand. Fresh mozzarella balls are melted on top of baguette croutons. Dipping them into the soup is like creating a tender morsel of pizza, and you still have the rest of the soup to enjoy afterward.

The kale and spinach additions add more nutrients and a very mild flavor, and they meld with the rest of the soup to disguise the nutrition value from your kids. 

13. Margherita Pizza Soup

simple pizza soup but satisfying

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Margherita pizza is simple yet soul-satisfying. Basil is the real star here, and you’ll be using both dried basil in the soup and fresh basil in the garnish. This recipe takes an extra step to create beautiful individual serving mugs.

The heat from the soup will melt the cheese, but baking the prepared mug will melt the cheese from both sides and make a gooey mass to mix in with the soup.

14. Pizza Soup with Homemade Croutons

A bowl of pizza soup with cheese

=> Check out this recipe

This recipe is close to our starting example, although the base meat is only the mini pepperoni, which was a recommended alternative. The included crouton recipe is a great way to add extra flavor to the soup and make use of bread that’s a little stale.

It’s not uncommon to plan a meal that gets put off for a day or two, so having the crouton recipe on hand can save you from making an extra trip to the store without taking anything away from the dish. You can use the same recommended technique with different varieties of bread, too.

15. Supreme Pizza Soup

A bowl of pizza soup with chopped onion

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Many of the pizza soup recipes in the list come close to being supreme, but this one hits all the right marks. It has the peppers, onions, mushrooms, olives, pepperoni, Italian sausage, and blend of seasonings that a good supreme pizza needs.

You might find that the soup is a good way to introduce people who are opposed to supreme toppings to how great a wider variety can be. Touching someone’s pizza toppings can cause a defensive reaction, but slipping in peppers and olives to a soup is easier.

16. Low-Carb Crock Pot Pizza Soup

A bowl of pizza soup with bell pepper

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Overall, this recipe isn’t too different from some of the earlier crockpot soups, but it has a focus on cutting the carb count. Cutting out the pizza crust does much of the work for lowering the carb count, but you’ll also have to be mindful of the sugars in ingredients like marinara or pizza sauce.

Barbecue sauce in particular is a very carb-heavy sauce if you use the barbecue chicken recipes. You’ll also note there are no bread additions or sides, so adding breadsticks or garlic bread after the fact will remove some of the benefits.

17. Spicy Pizza Soup

A pan of pizza soup with seafoods

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Pizza has a bit of zing, but it’s normally not very spicy, since it’s a meal intended to feed lots of people with varying levels of spice tolerance. Using hot Italian sausage can add a kick of spice throughout the soup, and a shaker of red pepper flakes nearby can adjust it upwards for those looking for a deeper burn.

The elbow macaroni noodles add density to the soup, and they’re a bit easier to get onto a spoon than the spaghetti noodles in the meatball soup.

18. Keto Pizza Soup

A bowl of pizza soup with red bell pepper and mushroom

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Keto is a dietary style that focuses on minimizing carb counts and increasing fat counts. Pizza soup already fulfills most of the Keto requirements, so this recipe should look very familiar to you by now.

The addition of whipping cream is the keynote to take, adding thickness and fattiness to the soup. The recipe covers how to make the soup with either a crockpot or an instant pot, so it’s a versatile one to keep on hand.

19. Pepperoni Pizza Soup in Bread Bowls

 A bread bowl with pepperoni pizza soup with cheese

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Instead of messing with the soup recipe, this one is about switching up how you serve it. Bread bowls contain the soup in an edible barrier that slowly absorbs all the flavor.

You get bits of the interior bread as you eat, can take bits of the crust as you work your way down, then finish with a filling chomp of soaked bread. 

20. Crockpot Hawaiian Pizza

A bowl of piiza soup with pineapple

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This list will end with one of the more controversial pizza toppings. Instead of pepperoni or sausage, you’ll use Canadian bacon for the meat.

Cubes of fresh pineapple add a sweetness that blends with the heat and the meat, and the crushed tomatoes and parsley bring the two peculiar ingredients back into the realm of pizza.

If you’re making a full buffet of pizza soup varieties, having this one on hand might put tears into the eyes of those who are always denied fruit on their pizza.