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21 Best Pistachio Muffin Recipes (All Types)

A collage of different pistachio muffin

It’s that time of year again, soccer season, and my child’s soccer team colors are green and gold. They needed me to come up with some green muffin recipes, and I instantly thought of Pistachio Muffin recipes. They are both colorful and feature a powerful protein-packed nut that isn’t common among most muffins. I like to do things differently, if you can tell, including introducing others to cool and healthy foods like Pistachio Muffins. 

Pistachio Muffins Easy Enough for Kids to Bake With Instant Pudding Mix

Pistachio muffin on a plate

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This recipe for Easy Pistachio Muffins starts with an instant pudding mix. That is going to do two things–increase the buoyancy and make them moister. Well, three things, as it will also add a flavor of pistachio to the muffins.

Please note these do not actually have pistachios, so the addition of nuts will be up to you as the chef. You could chop a few pistachios and press them onto the top of each muffin before it is baked for a nice presentation. Otherwise, they use sugar, which you can add green food coloring to and dye green for an extra pistachio-inspired punch.  

Almond Accented Pistachio Muffins Using the Store Bought JIFFY Mix

Almond scented pistachio muffin

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Not going to lie, the use of almonds in a pistachio muffin recipe is strange. But that could increase the appeal for some soccer players who are enjoying these for an after-game snack.

The recipe uses almond extract and not actual almonds anyway, along with the option of chopped pistachios, which I recommend. Again, they go with the instant pistachio pudding mix, as well as JIFFY Baking Mix. I love the JIFFY Cornbread Mix, and would recommend this baking mix, too, for a go-to muffin base.

The addition of pudding mix with green pistachio gets that nutty flavor mixed in as you would expect in a Pistachio Muffins recipe.  

Pistachio Muffins Made of Marzipan and Pastry Flour by Eat Smarter USA 

A sliced pistacio muffin

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Give yourself a pat on the back for making a healthy food decision after baking these Pistachio Muffins by Eat Smarter USA. There are some interesting ingredients in these, I will say! The use of marzipan is completely new to me; I thought that was a fondant-like ingredient, but it’s actually an almond confection of egg whites like a meringue.

So, adding this to the milk first thing is odd, as I have never used marzipan. Next, they use ground pistachio nuts, which are a great addition to the batter. Pastry flour is used for the dough for a lighter, fluffier muffin.

You can opt for green food coloring to tint the muffins if you want more color. I would! They sell all-natural food dye if you are concerned about health issues with artificial food colors.

Pistachio Muffins Like They Sell at a Bakery in a Big City by the Stay at Home Chef

Pistachio muffin with brown wrap

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Discover how they make those Bakery Style Pistachio Muffins with this recipe. I can already see that the secret is in the crunchy sugar on the browned top, which is also cracked open to reveal a green muffin. Getting your pistachio muffins to rise on such an occasion involves leaving out the pistachio nuts, evidently.

The recipe uses instant pudding mix in a pistachio flavor, like the other recipes here. So what is the other difference for these to be bakery-style, because they do have that over-risen dome crackled surface It appears to be the sugar, and the use of a homemade recipe other than the instant pudding.  

More Than Moist Pistachio Muffins Made With Milk by Kraft Heinz

Moist Pistachio muffin

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Kraft Heinz has a recipe for Moist Pistachio Muffins that is going to be slightly less rich than the previous bakery-style recipe. That recipe had butter and this one does not, but they do use milk for moisture. That is going to help bring the instant pudding mix to life.

The pudding is a pistachio-flavored pudding mix, so I suggest looking at different brands of this pudding mix. There seems to be a common thread where this pistachio pudding mix is used in most variations of Pistachio Muffins recipes.

This recipe also has only one egg, compared to the bakery-style version that has two eggs. Could these extra ingredients be the missing link between Moist Pistachio Muffins and the bakery-style pistachio muffins?  

Make Mine Walnut Plus Pistachio Muffins by Wishes and Dishes

Pistachio muffin on a transparent plate

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Recommended for St. Patrick’s Day, you can expect these Green Walnut Pistachio Muffins to be moist as well as colorful. The muffins use toasted walnuts along with half a cup of oil and a cup of milk. I have a feeling the oil is going to make these muffins even moister than the ones holding that nomenclature.

The recipe also uses that standard pistachio pudding mix for the basis of the green color and pistachio nut flavor. No other pistachios are involved in this walnut pistachio muffin recipe. I give this one bonus point for extra nuttiness!  

Pistachio Muffins With Whole Wheat Flour, Buttermilk and Applesauce

Pistachio muffin on a table

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Buttermilk and applesauce, are the moisture bringing ingredients in this St. Patrick’s Day Pistachio Muffins recipe. Again, back to that holiday, but you could use these muffins to celebrate Christmas just as well. I see another fun ingredient in these muffins–quick oats.

That is going to be a great way to bulk up the fiber and help get those soccer kids to run faster on the field. They combine all-purpose and whole wheat flours to give an equal amount of fluff and fiber. The use of milk plus buttermilk, and also applesauce plus oil, seems like a lot.

But that is also going to help hold up the instant pudding mix in pistachio, as well as a quarter cup of actual pistachio nuts. Food coloring in green is not an option, and neither is sugar crystals for the topper. These should not be optional, in my opinion!  

Pistachio Muffins With Ricotta Cheese for St. Patrick’s Day Parades

Pistachio muffin in a brown plate

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Need a protein boost for the soccer players this morning before they march in a St. Patrick’s Day parade? Hey, this could be you for real! Here is a cool recipe called Shamrock Green Pistachio Muffins. It uses a funny cheese called ricotta that is usually only reserved for lasagnas in my mind.

I want to point out that the recipe creator shows how they only dyed half of their Shamrock Green Pistachio Muffins green and left the other half to look like plain vanilla. What is going on there? For starters, they actually use ground pistachio nuts for the recipe and it appears even a cup of these won’t color things green.

They call for using green food coloring in those muffins that should be green, which means keeping it all-natural for those kids with food sensitivities. 

Barth Bakery Does Pistachio Muffins for Earth Day 

pistachio muffin with more bits of sugar on top

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Another time you might bake some Pistachio Muffins for a soccer team is Earth Day in April. Another one of those springtime holidays, Earth Day, is all about saving the planet. Start by baking a dozen of these homemade muffins and giving them to the soccer players.

A major difference between this recipe is the use of full-fat sour cream and whole milk, instead of ricotta or butter for creamy richness. Once again, and we are going to start a count here, there is the instant pistachio pudding mix in this one. Now, how many is that? Instant pistachio pudding count seven!

Dairy-Free Lemon and Vanilla Pistachio Muffins With Frosting 

Pistachio muffin with frosting

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I would qualify these as vegan, but the Lemon Pistachio Cupcakes that qualify as muffins are not because they have three eggs. That’s a lot to replace with a flax or chia egg binder, but it could be done by adding protein to the muffins.

They use Simple Mills Vanilla Frosting plus dairy-free cream cheese to smear over the muffins, which makes these technical cupcakes. However, they do use actual pistachios and no instant pistachio pudding mix.

You get to use a Simple Mills Vanilla Cake Mix, too, which speeds up the process. I would consider these, based on the ingredients, as a healthy option for a sweeter-tasting pistachio muffin. 

Sugary Frosted Pistachio Muffins With Dried Cherries 

Frosted muffin with cherry on top

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Another perfect after-dinner pistachio muffin is this Dried Cherry and Pistachio Cupcake by Betty Crocker. You can also freeze these muffins without any frosting on them. When you are ready to eat a pistachio muffin, remove it from the freezer an hour prior.

You can add frosting, which is a premade Rich and Creamy vanilla frosting by Betty Crocker. Along with dried cherries and real pistachios in the muffins, the garnish includes more than a cup of these mixed. You get a great muffin for presentation purposes.

Bubba Pie Does Delicious Buttermilk Moistened Pistachio Muffins

Moist almond pistachio muffin

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First of all, this recipe for a Pistachio Muffin calls for buttermilk, and I love buttermilk by the glass full, so this is a winner already. Along with an actual cup worth of the good stuff, you are using white sugar, which is going to instantly hit you like a ton of energy.

Instant pistachio pudding mix, I see as well, plus actual pistachios. The Bubba Pie version is a very good basic recipe for making a variation of baked goods using buttermilk.

Orange Zest and Chocolate Chip Pistachio Muffins from the Food Network

Pistachio muffin with chocolate chips

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Time to upgrade! These are officially Nutty Pistachio Chip Muffins, and they have a bevy of delicious ingredients. You are looking at the choice of buttermilk or low-fat plain yogurt for the moisture content. From there, add-ins, including semi-sweet chocolate, pistachios, half a zested orange, and vanilla, make these extraordinary in flavor.

You get crunch and cream with a zing of citrus that brightens the chocolate. This adds caffeine to these but also makes them more appealing to a wider audience. However, after a big game, these orange-flavored chocolate green pistachio muffins are a goal!

Vegan Pistachio Muffins With Bananas and Spinach

Pistachio muffin with banana and spinach

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Next, I want to focus on those dietary allergens like dairy along with special diets, including veganism. If you are feeding a lot of soccer players, it’s safer to go vegan these days with pistachio muffin recipes. That way you cover all your bases.

Luckily, this is a recipe for you. Almond milk is a dairy-free alternative and I prefer this myself. I was great at making it from scratch during the pandemic. This recipe uses fresh spinach that they blend into the banana and almond milk batter.

You get a lot of great nutrition in these Vegan Pistachio Muffins. As an added bonus, the green from the spinach works super well to turn them green naturally!

Pistachio Muffins Healthy Enough for Soccer Players 

Five healthy pistachio muffin

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Here is a well-executed recipe for Healthy Pistachio Muffins that uses a combination of ingredients both dairy and dairy-free. You have high-protein Greek yogurt, which is a fermented dairy, and the use of dairy-free milk like soy or almond.

The recipe also contains eggs and honey, plus butter, so it’s definitely not a vegan recipe, but you could make it vegan easily. The rest of the ingredients are standard issues for this recipe.

I see this as a protein-packed moist, easy-to-bake recipe for pistachio muffins. No added color means these will not be green, which is a consideration. But they sound super tasty!

Pistachio Muffins With Matcha Green Tea

Matcha green tea pistachio muffin

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Greener green muffins come from matcha green tea in this very nice option of Matcha Green Tea Pistachio Muffins. The muffins are very green and are topped with a white glaze and a sprinkle of chopped pistachios. Here is Recipe #2 with caffeine, I believe, which means you want to be careful when feeding these to soccer kids.

I suggest serving these with the parents while you wait for the end of a soccer tournament if you are also a soccer parent like myself. The matcha green tea is very healthy with antioxidants and is used in a generous quantity of a tablespoon plus a teaspoon total. Don’t scrimp on the matcha powder and you’ll get a better outcome in taste and consistency.  

No Egg Cardamom Pistachio Muffins Using White Chocolate for a Glaze

Four Pistachio muffin glazed with white chocolate served on plate.

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Now we are getting back to a veganized option for a pistachio muffin. These Pistachio Muffins With White Chocolate Glaze are similar to the previous in that topper. However, the use of white chocolate instead of lemon-almond glaze stands out.

Since white chocolate isn’t full chocolate, I don’t use it enough. This recipe drizzles the white chocolate over the pistachio muffins and finishes them with a pistachio nut sprinkle. They use yogurt, milk, and sweeteners along with cake or AP flour, which opens this recipe up to a world of variations.  

Pistachio Muffins Topped With White Chocolate Buttercream

White chocolate buttercream muffin

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Stuffing a pistachio cupcake with cherry compote is exactly what I need in my life right now. This looks amazing and would be a lot of fun to serve for the soccer team. The entire muffin is covered in a frosting of white chocolate Swiss meringue buttercream for a mouthful for sure!

This would keep everyone smiling for at least 15 minutes. The Pistachio Cupcakes With White Chocolate Buttercream is also topped with chopped pistachio nuts but otherwise are not dyed green. This makes for a more natural option for this Pistachio Muffin Recipe. 

Gluten Free and Protein Heavy Avocado Pistachio Almond Muffins

Avocado pistachio almond muffin

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Gluten-free is just the beginning of these. The Avocado Pistachio Almond Muffins use a full cup of pistachios and one whole avocado. They also use an interesting ingredient–Vanilla Bourbon Protein Powder by Tera’s Whey. This is to boost the protein and add some more flavor to the mix.

The rest of the ingredients are also interesting–chickpea flour, applesauce, stevia, honey, almond extract, vanilla extract, and egg whites. What you could do here to veganize this recipe would be to use the chickpea liquid drained from the can instead of egg whites and no honey. 

3 Ingredient Pistachio Muffins and 5 Ingredient Frosting

Pistachio muffin with green frosting

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The second to last recipe in this recipe roundup is for Pistachio Pudding Cupcakes which uses twice the instant pistachio pudding mix as the rest of them. Two whole boxes–one in the batter and one in the frosting. The end result is a green-colored frosting that is not done with added food dye.

This is good for those who are trying to avoid artificial colorings in food for kids. The recipe also uses a box cake mix for the muffins and a cup of heavy cream for that frosting–what’s not to love? 

Pistachio Muffins Made With Fresh Raspberries by Martha Stewart

Raspberry pistachio muffin in a tray

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Leave the final recipe to be for Martha Stewart with her Pistachio Cupcakes with Raspberries. These are not the typical muffins that you come across every day. The use of raspberries baked whole in the batter is new, and you need two whole cups. They say fresh, but I wonder if frozen raspberries would hold up to baking.

The recipe is hearty with four large eggs and one stick of butter, again, something that will make these pistachio muffins more substantial. There is no frosting or even a glaze, so really, Martha, can you call these Pistachio Cupcakes? They are more like muffins, to me!