20 Beach Kitchen Ideas for 2019

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The elongated kitchen features a dual sink center island on a hardwood flooring. Decorative ceiling is lighted by pendant lights.

Katharine Hepburn's kitchen has white marble counters, custom cabinets, a Sub-Zero refrigerator and an AGA stove.

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Designed by: chango&co.

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Designed by: GRUŠT Arhitektura


Designed by: GRUŠT Arhitektura

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Fortunately, you don’t need to live near a beach to incorporate it into your home. With beach kitchen design ideas, you can include a beach aesthetic in your house by using light colors, bright, airy spaces, and natural materials to help mimic the outdoor elements of a beach. There are many ways you can use beach kitchen design ideas to bring the beach home with you.

Use Light Colors

When you want to include a beach design in your house, choose natural colors often found on or near beaches. Some of the beachy paint colors you may want to consider for your kitchen include:

  • Light blues
  • Light greens
  • Soft Grays
  • Corals
  • Tans

Although you can include bright colors in a beach-style kitchen, the lighter colors can give it a spacious, airy look instead of a tropical aesthetic.

A beachy paint color, like sea green, can be applied to the cabinets to bring color into the room if your kitchen is white. Another way to use beachy colors is to paint the walls a color like light blue or gray with white trim and include white cabinet finishes.

Beach Cabinet Styles

Whether you have a large kitchen or a small one, placing glass fronts on your cabinets and using shelves as storage will create an open, airy feel. Since glass is a natural material, it is made from sand, after all, you can include it as much as possible in a beach-style kitchen.

If you don’t like glass cabinet fronts, then almost any cabinet design works well in a beach kitchen design, including flat-panel, shaker style, recessed, or open cabinets. Here are some beach kitchen design ideas to consider for your home.

Beach Flooring Ideas

To keep the sense of airiness in the room, beach-style kitchens usually have hardwood or laminate floors. Light oak can be a good choice for a beachy hardwood floor. However, if you happen to live by a beach and want flooring that stands up to water and sand, then laminate flooring may be a better option.

Laminate floors have a wide color range, so you can select a light oak wood tone or choose a light gray or white finish for the floor. Stone flooring is also a good choice for beach kitchen designs. Whether you live along the coast or in a landlocked state like Kansas, you use these beach kitchen design ideas in your home.

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