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This is our main large home office design gallery where you can browse a lot of photos or filter down your search with the options below.  We hope you find your inspiration here.  We add new designs every week.











The home office features modern style furniture set along with a large TV and green shelving.Trulia

The home also features a home office with a black stylish wall and a floor to ceiling windows overlooking the city of Los Angeles.Trulia

The home office features green walls and seats along with a hardwood flooring and a stylish rug.Trulia

There's a home office as well featuring a white couch, hardwood flooring, wide and tall mirror and a work desk.Trulia

There's a home office too featuring elegant seats and a fireplace with a TV on wall.Trulia

The home also has a home office featuring a built-in desk, shelves and stylish wall decors.Trulia

The home office looks elegant with its white walls, built-in shelves and vaulted ceiling with beams.Trulia

The home office has a glass table, contemporary shelf and wall decors on a white walls. Photo credit: Ema PeterFalken Reynolds Interiors

The home office looks elegant with its vinyl flooring, stylish window blinds and working desk.Trulia

The home also has a reading room boasting a tall and wide bookshelf with a pendant lighting.

Another home office in the house featuring a small workspace desk and a shelf standing on the back.Trulia

The home office features a workspace table and freestanding shelf along with wall decors.Trulia

Another view of the house's reading room featuring the workspace table and sitting area for reading books.Trulia

The home office has two built-in desks and multiple cabinets along with glass windows equipped by a classy blinds.Trulia

This her's home office features a smooth white desk with shelves along with a table lamp. Photo Credit: Sarah ElliotChango & Co

The his' home office has a white desk perfect for its white walls. It also features a small living space lighted by a pendant light and designed with guitar wall decors. Photo Credit: Sarah ElliotChango & Co

Another look of the her's home office featuring its white walls, desk and shelves. Photo Credit: Sarah ElliotChango & Co

Close up look of the desk and shelves of the her's home office. Photo Credit: Sarah ElliotChango & Co

The home office feature the combination of green and black shades and have different comfortable seats.Trulia

When you have a big home office, you have so much room to work with that you can create just about any style or design you want.This gallery displays several elegant large home offices rooms that will steal your attention and give you some great ideas for utilizing all the space you have with your big home office.

How to Fill Space in Your Big Home Office

When you have so much space to fill, you need to come up with some creative ways of to utilize it in order to keep it from feeling too empty or boring. These are some great ways to fill the space that you have in your home office.

Add a Fireplace

A fireplace is not typically found in home offices because they tend to take up a lot of space, however, if you have space then you should definitely have one. A fireplace is a great way to bring warmth into the room and create a more cozy atmosphere. There are a variety of styles you can find a fireplace in, such as a standard, ribbon, two-sided, hanging or corner fireplace. Out of 17,306 home offices, the most common style was a standard one featured in 1,996 offices.

Bring in a Large Desk

A large desk looks really great in a big room home office to fill the space and create an elegant look. You can find a huge variety of desks ranging in shades, sizes, features, and details that you could pick from. You can either pick one to be a large statement piece in the room or select a less extravagant one to feature a different item as a statement piece. You can use a large wood desk with extravagant carving for the perfect Victorian or craftsman style. Or you could use a large sleek desk with curved lines for more of a contemporary style.

Incorporate Lots of Shelves

Shelves are essential for any home office space to provide storage and keep things from looking cluttered. When you have a lot of space then you can use large storage shelves or even standing bookshelves to fill the space.You can either use several of your favorite books to fill up the shelves or find different accessories or pieces of artwork to match to the style that you’re going for.