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A white foyer will make a great impression on your guests. This neutral tone evokes cleanliness and there are plenty of ways to dress up a white design for your foyer. This is a common option since 30.61 of people paint their foyer walls in white.

Mix Furniture Styles

Because white is a neutral tone that virtually works with any style, you can afford to take risks elsewhere if you have white walls in your foyer. If you take a look at white foyer design ideas, you will see that people are combining this neutral tone with several furniture styles. In fact, you can create an eclectic design by mixing furniture styles. Think about adding a few antique pieces such as a bench and cabinet and some modern accents, such as minimalistic accessories or a modern accent table.

Create A Farmhouse Look With Painted Wood

You can use the color white and wooden accents to evoke rustic charm. Painted horizontal wood panels would be a good look for a farmhouse theme. Painting your wooden furniture in white would be the perfect way to create a cottage look for your foyer. You can add some colorful accents like navy blue cushions and paint your walls in a soft pink or beige hue to complement the white furniture.

Use White Accents With Bolder Colors And Patterns

White allows you to create empty space. This is a powerful design technique that will make other elements stand out. You need to add some white to a colorful design or to a foyer where bold patterns are very present. If you have an area rug with a bold geometric pattern, place it in front of a white loveseat. If you used a bright color like yellow or orange for an accent wall, use white for the rest of the foyer walls.

Design A Clean And Modern White Foyer

You can make white one of the main design elements of your foyer if you want a clean and modern look. The key is to have different white textures for your design and to add some reflective surfaces to evoke cleanliness. You can create a very modern feel with some glossy white furniture with minimalistic lines, some white paint with a satin finish for your walls and a large accent mirror to reflect light. This modern white look would be a good way to brighten up a small foyer that doesn’t get much natural light.