25 Southwestern Dining Room Ideas for 2019

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The Southwestern style brings energy and vibrant colors reminiscent of the desert landscape to a room. Its impact is unmistakable. Yet, it has a small following in less than 1 percent of dining rooms. It isn’t as well-defined like modern or traditional. You could call it a living style. It blends elements of rustic decor along with the free spirit of eclectic and shabby-chic.

It resembles the beach style in that it draws from a sense of place. You’ll find many of the iconic features of the Southwest including natural materials and classic motifs. The challenge with this decor is to create a balance between tasteful and kitsch. It’s easy to get swept up in the images of cowboys and the Old West.

Are you curious about how to capture this look for your home? Browse our collection of dining rooms to get more ideas about this evocative style.

Features of the Southwestern Dining Room

The dominant theme of this style is its earthiness. The colors, furnishings, and elements stand as a testament to its connection with nature. Terracotta pottery, potted cacti, and longhorn skulls bring the desert indoors. Textures feature prominently. The style isn’t dainty but rather rugged and weathered.

The Palette of the Landscape

If you like bright colors, you’ll enjoy the classic shades of this look. Think reds, oranges, and yellows with splashes of blue. Neutral hues like tan and white also work well especially as a backdrop for these showier colors. A combination is an excellent option to avoid overwhelming your guests.


When you look at Southwestern dining room design ideas, you’ll see rugged and rustic pieces perhaps with rough-hewn timbers. The furniture is as tough as the landscape. Warmer wood tones like cedar bring an inviting atmosphere in keeping with the color scheme. Natural fabrics like wool, burlap, and even denim add texture.

Stick with curved lines to soften the mood of your dining room. Accessories are welcome additions. A bear skin rug or game trophy mount is right at home with this style. Colorful tiles are a classic feature. You can use them as accent pieces to create an attractive focal point. Heavy metals like hammered tin are another popular element.


A Southwestern dining room is bright. Consider adding multiple lighting fixtures to match the energy of the room. Hang pendant lights over your dining room table. Place a floor lamp in a dark corner. Be sure to use warm-colored light bulbs to match the decor.

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