20 Tropical Master Bedroom Ideas for 2019

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Welcome to this massive tropical bedroom gallery. Looking to make your bedroom exotic or more Hollywood-regency style? This gallery features more than enough photos to get your creative design muses flowing.

The tropical design is light, breezy, and ornate. It features silky drapes along with luxurious pillows and elegant planters. Potted palms make for great decorations alongside cane motifs and lattice prints.

Out of the 582,301 bedrooms that we analyzed, it was surprising to find that only 0.95% of them featured this exotic design. It is eclectic by definition and focuses of comforts as well as utility.

Here’s our gallery featuring tropical master bedroom design ideas. To see more pictures, simply click the numbered link to move to the next page once you reach the end of the photos. We’ve also included some helpful charts and graphs at the bottom of the page.

Tropical Bedroom Data

Since the tropical style is eclectic, it can be a little hard to implement its design aside from a planted palm tree. These elements and gathered data can help you to make the best decision for your bedroom.

Island Color Scheme

The palette for the tropical design is as simple as sea, sky, sun, and vegetation. Any hue from dark to light can be used as long as it is reminiscent of the tropics. Since plants will be taking care of the green, focus on utilizing sky and ocean blues as well as golden tones to replicate the sun-drenched sands of the beach.

Neutral colors can help tie everything together while accentuating teak, jute, and rattan. Based on an analysis of 332,061 bedrooms, neutrals appeared the most often. Blues were used in 1.74% of rooms, while green and yellow appeared in 3.53% and 0.93%.

Neutral or Island Colored Walls

The walls in a tropical themed room can be neutral or any of the other colors featured in this vast palette. Some also choose to use a wallpaper featuring a tropical plant.

Neutrals like white, used in 19.93% of bedrooms, are still the most popular option. However, blue was used in 9.87% of rooms while yellow appeared in 2.66% of them. These statistics are based on an analysis of 173,576 bedrooms.

Tile or Hardwood Floors

Tile flooring is often used in tropical designs, but it is not uncommon to find hardwood flooring as well, especially in the bedroom. Out of 165,175 analyzed bedrooms, combined hues of hardwood were used in 50.27% of rooms.

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