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These days, tile floors may be considered an unconventional choice for the bedroom, but with the right touch, it can lend a clever style and impressive durability to a room that plays an important part in your daily life. This style of floor is essential to give serious consideration when it comes to planning your bedroom design, as any master bedroom with tile floor materials might be your perfect fit.

Out of 165,175 surveyed bedrooms, a mere 3% of those were reported types of tile, including ceramic, porcelain, and terra-cotta tile styles. Of course, these were outnumbered by carpeting, hardwood flooring, and even concrete floors outnumber them, sitting at 5% (see chart below).


Of course, if you like to stand out, instead of following the crowd, then an interesting master bedroom with tile floor design would be perfect for your personal style. In fact, tile floors come in an incredible variety of shapes and colors, and function as a whole new design for your bedroom look.

Benefits of a Tile Floor

These floors are easy to clean and maintain, so you don’t have to spend more time than you need cleaning up your bedroom floors when a simple sweep will do. In addition, these durable floors can handle heavy furniture without denting or creasing, and even will stand up to most heavy falling objects.

Houses situated in warmer climates, such as on the Mediterranean Sea or near the Central American tropics, will love these cool stones underfoot, keeping the house cooler in the hot and even sweltering months. Additionally, for humid climates, tile is impervious to retaining moisture, which means it can be utilized to join the bedroom and bathroom settings smoothly and without interrupting functionality of the bathroom.

Last but not least, a tile floor lends itself to superior air quality indoors, and would be one of the ideal choices for individuals who suffer from allergies. Dust and small allergens do not embed themselves, like with carpets, but instead rest on the tile’s surface, where they have easily swept away and out of the house.

Get Creative With Your Tile Floor

A major concern of using tile floors in the bedroom is creating an uninviting or even cold room that could ultimately lower the value of the whole property. However, with an artist’s eye, carefully chosen color and style of style, including options that replicate the look of stone or wood, a room can be created that looks and feels amazing and unique.