40 Master Bedrooms with Tall Ceilings (Vaulted & Cathedral) for 2019

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Welcome to our photo gallery featuring master bedrooms with vaulted ceilings.

Vaulted ceilings are not a terribly common master bedroom ceiling type.  It’s a bit of a luxury because it’s costly.

However, it’s undeniable that creating more space with added height results in a more luxurious room.  Check out our gallery below.

The master bedroom features comfortable large bed and a nice sitting place on top of the stylish rug in front of the TV on top of the fireplace. There's a doorway leading to the balcony featuring glass doors.

The bedroom features a queen sized bed along with a soaking tub on side while the french door leads to the private balcony.

White master bedroom with glass doors leading to a balcony together with a chandelier ceiling lights.
Modern white bedroom with vaulted ceiling and a fireplace along with a wide screen TV and elegant wall design.

The spacious bedroom features a fireplace and exposed beams along with hardwood flooring that perfectly blends with the white walls.

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Lighting Consideration

When implementing a vaulted ceiling in any room, you must take care when choosing ceiling lights and/or a ceiling fan.  Not all lights, especially pendant lights, are designed to hang from an angled ceiling.  Same thing with a ceiling fan.

Therefore, when choosing lighting, be sure to find out if any light you consider buying will work on an angled ceiling.

Crown Molding

Because the ceiling is angled, it adds another complexity to installing crown molding on a vaulted ceiling.  Moreover, because the ceiling angles upward, you may want to seriously consider whether crown molding is something you wish to install.

It need not angle too much

Of course any time you implement more angles into a home design, it’s more complicated.  However, you need not have too much height to enjoy the perception of a larger space.  For example, we have friends who live in a post and beam home.  The angle isn’t all that much; the ceiling doesn’t rise much at all, but that little bit of an elevation improves the overall interior aesthetic very much.

My favorite ceiling look

I love beams in ceiling; dark wood beams juxtaposing a white ceiling.  It’s a classic look.

If you don’t have loads of beams, you can install faux beams (unless you’re a purist).  Frankly, I don’t think installing faux beams is cheating or out-of-place.  Sometimes the real thing is best, but in the case of ceilings, adding a faux beam isn’t a big deal at all.

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