20 Master Bedrooms with Shed Ceilings for 2019

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Ceilings and rooftops are a major focus for the look of a house and room, and architects often take advantage of dramatic shapes to create memorable homes. However, often architects are more focused on what interesting internal spaces they can create with an external roof style, and this approach is particularly apparent with shed roofs.

A shed ceiling is one that slopes, and it can be sloping at either a soft or extremely dramatic angle for effect. This type of ceiling can vary between extraordinarily traditional styles to appearing sleek and modern, depending on the angle and adornments, as it generally sits somewhere in between traditional gabled ceilings and contemporary flat roof styles.

It’s no surprise that master bedrooms with shed ceilings are so popular today. According to exhaustive data surveying 582,301 bedrooms, an impressive 27% of rooms were decorated in contemporary style, with another 22% opted for a traditional look (see chart below); these two genres of decoration almost takes up 50% of all bedrooms over seventeen other surveyed styles such as modern, eclectic, rustic, and transitional.


Why Love a Shed Ceiling?

Shed ceilings are especially adaptable when it comes to site conditions, local climate changes, and other homeowner needs, and for this reason they are incredibly popular for internal ceiling shapes, alongside the popularity noted above of either contemporary or traditional style bedrooms.

The structural simplicity of a master bedroom with shed ceilings, which transforms the weight to load-bearing walls or even post and beam structures, offer up interesting variety to how the ceiling itself can function in the space. Your ceiling may offer wood beams with richly textured details, or a simple slope that draws the eye upwards and outwards, if windows fill the wall beneath the highest angle.

In additional, your shed ceiling offers up a new realm of internal space, and can even let natural light flood the space in an airy and appealing way. In certain climates, it can even minimize the heat seeping into the room while allowing for sunlight exposure and natural light to come in.

Shed Ceilings Create One-of-a-Kind Spaces

Whether your attic was refurbished into a cozy bedroom, or your home architect created interesting shapes in your house, a shed ceiling may seem like a challenge, but with the right window treatment and design choices, this space can be breathtaking and incredible for sleeping. Consider the wide variety of ways you can pull focus with a painted wall, open windows to breathtaking views, or install shelves and cupboards directly into the walls for a seamless room effect, and it is clear that shed ceilings are special opportunities.

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