20 Shabby-Chic Master Bedroom Ideas for 2019

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Here’s a wonderful photo gallery featuring the light and bright designs offered by the Shabby Chic style.

The Shabby Chic design is most notably separated from other styles by layering varying shades of white, as well as feminine finishes. Vintage, sophisticated touches meet with pastels to create a vibrant and fun interior.

Out of 582,301 bedrooms analyzed, only 0.81% featured the Shabby Chic style. That may be a result of its more eclectic nature since mixing and matching different colors or eras is a major part of this theme.

This gallery of shabby chic master bedroom design ideas showcases the comfortable furniture, elegant silvers, and painted woods the style is known for. To view more pictures in the gallery, simply click on the next page after the last photo. We’ve also included some charts and graphs to provide you with some useful data.

Shabby Chic Bedroom Data

The style of the Shabby Chic theme is very refined, yet combines a wildcard element that encourages creativity and spontaneity. It makes use of roughed up wooden furniture, often painted white, to give it a unique vintage feel.

Striped, checkered, and floral fabrics are always welcome in the Shabby Chic theme. Often, fabrics are stained with tea to give them an aged look that this design is so well known for. While there are several varying factors to this style, there are a few basics to follow when creating the look.

Soft, Delicate Colors

Shabby Chic utilizes a neutral palette with splashes of muted color. Soft whites and muted grays come together with pale pinks and faded greens to create a fun and inviting interior. These can be found in both wall colors as well as objects within the room.

After analyzing 332,061 bedrooms, it was found that white was used in 19.93% of all rooms while Gray appeared in 13.74% of them.

Giving Walls Life

While a room may utilize one main color, its walls can often be a different color entirely. Out of 173,576 bedrooms, white and gray did remain two of the most popular. However, beige was the second most seen color having appeared in 26.64% of the analyzed rooms.

Wood Works

Shabby Chic is most often seen with hardwood flooring and an area rug to help bring more color into the room. Hardwood floors are by far the most popular choice for any bedroom, based on information from 165,175 analyzed bedrooms. While carpet may have a higher percentage of 41.14%, the combined hues of hardwood have a percentage of 50.27%.

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