20 Purple Master Bedroom Ideas for 2019

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Out of 332061 master bedroom designs analyzed, a mere 0.35% used purple as the design color. This makes purple the lowest used color source out there.

That shouldn’t dissuade you at all though. Purple has so much potential you will wonder why you didn’t start the design process earlier. Purple pairs well with a lot of colors and when used as a primary color it can really add comfort to a master bedroom.

When used as an accent, purple will tie a lot of design styles together. Check out our photo gallery of purple master bedroom designs for more ideas on how to use purple in your bedroom.

Purple As A Primary Color

Purple rarely works well as a dominant color. It’s primary design use is in the details and the accent pieces. That being said, using purple as an accent wall in a master bedroom can be very pleasing.

When done properly you allow for a multitude of colors to shine through in accents. Keeping this in mind when picking the color palette will come in handy. Softer shades of purple open up your color wheel to yellow, green and blue.

Accent Blending With Purple

Purple plays nicely with pastel shades and brighter colors. In a room with a lot of lighting or windows, purple hues can make a room feel even bigger than it is.

Having purple accents will bring the ambiance of a room into harmony. Some themes, such as the beach theme, can use purple as a complimentary color in pillow coverings and desk top decorations.

If yellow is a primary color in your design, purple will blend well by utilizing lamps, chairs and sheets in purple tones. Bright colors accented with sheer purple curtains and window dressings will really make the room come alive.

Design Styles Purple Works With

Purple is only readily able to work as a primary color in the traditional style themes. It isn’t bold enough for a modern look and isn’t bright enough for nautical styled themes.

No other theme can generally utilize purple as a primary color palette. However, you shouldn’t let this stop you. Just because it isn’t done often doesn’t mean you can’t make it work.

Themes work best with purple as an accent color instead of a primary color. With a little planning, you can use purple to its full potential.

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