20 Mediterranean Master Bedroom Ideas for 2019

Welcome to our Mediterranean master bedroom photo gallery showcasing lots of Mediterranean master bedroom ideas of all types.
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Welcome to one of the only galleries complete with a cool sea breeze. This immense amount of photos featuring Mediterranean master bedroom design ideas shows off the stunning display of comfortable yet formal layouts this style offers.

Originating in Spain, Greece, and Italy, the Mediterranean style combines ornate décor and a variety of textures. Burnished bronze urns, bullnose edged countertops, and fireplace mantels are common touches found in this design.

Out of 582,301 analyzed bedrooms, 2.15% utilized Mediterranean master bedroom design ideas. Compared to the 0.95% of Tropical styles and 4.30% of Beach styles, that makes Mediterranean the second favorite ocean-themed design.

In this gargantuan gallery, we’ve collected hundreds of photos to help refine your taste for this home design and spur your creative interest as you piece together the features you would like in your bedroom.

Once the photos have run out on this page, just click over to the next set beneath the last photo. We’ve also included some charts and tables to provide you with valuable data.

Mediterranean Bedroom Data

The Mediterranean design style has a heavy focus on tiles, short furniture with ornate legs, and textured walls. Unique in design, it combines elements of both the sea and sky to make anyone feel as if they’re living on the coastline.

Colors of the Sea

Blues are often used throughout the room along with whites to give off the feeling of an ocean horizon. Warm terracotta, lavender, and yellow are also used by different regions. Analyzing 332,061 bedrooms, blue was used 1.01% of the time while turquoise appeared in 0.07% of homes.

Wall Colors

While blue is certainly an option, this style of design can feature yellows and whites that help other pieces in the room stand out. Out of 173,576 rooms, white was used in 27.19% of homes while any shade of yellow was only used in 2.66%.

Mosaic Tile Floors

Mediterranean rooms often feature mosaic tile for their flooring. It can also be applied to mirror frames and tabletops if hardwood floors are preferred. Ceramic tile was found in 1.43% of homes, while porcelain tile was used in 1.34% out of 165,175 bedrooms.

Choosing a Fireplace

One of the neater features present in this design style is the inclusion of metal fireplaces. Wrought iron is a popular option in Mediterranean themed rooms. Out of 12,277 bedrooms, metal fireplaces appeared in 5.99% of them.

The placement of the fireplace is left to personal choice. Out of 73,325 bedrooms, the majority do not include a fireplace. However, 13.62% did feature a standard fireplace.

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