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This is our main large master bedrooms design gallery where you can browse lots of photos or filter down your search with the options below.  We hope you find your inspiration here.  We add new designs every week.

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The master suite is huge and is complete with a living space, lighted by recessed ceiling lights.Trulia

The bedroom features a stylish rug on top of a hardwood flooring. The tray ceiling looks good with the white walls.Trulia

Another bedroom has a queen size bed and has access to a private balcony.Trulia

Another look of the bedroom focusing on the sliding glass door leading to the private balcony.Trulia

The master suite offers a king size bed along with an elegant chandelier and built-in bookshelf.Trulia

Another bedroom offers a hardwood flooring and a rug along with a comfortable sitting area.Trulia

The kids bedroom boasts baby chandelier lighting along with hardwood flooring and a wall decor.Trulia

The master suite offers king's bed with a carpet flooring along with multiple glass windows.Trulia

Another bedroom have two beds and features grey walls with glass windows.Trulia

Another bedroom offers queen size bed and a French doorway leading to a private balcony.Trulia

The bedroom features white walls and floors along with a fireplace and rug.Trulia

The bedroom boasts hardwood flooring and built-in shelves along with a large glass window. Photo credit: Marc CramerPaul Bernier Architecte

The bedroom features a queen sized bed along with a soaking tub on side while the french door leads to the private balcony.Trulia

The master suite offers queen size bed with a beams ceiling lighted by recessed lights. It has its own master bath as well.Trulia

The bedroom is complete with queen size bed, sleek lighting and rug along with a beautiful wall decor.Trulia

Another look of the bedroom showcasing the private balcony overlooking the Hollywood Hills.Trulia

The bedroom offers queen size bed and has access to the balcony.Trulia

The master suite boasts hardwood flooring and a fireplace along with elegant lighting and wall decor.Trulia

The master suite offers a king size bed, a fireplace and a TV on wall.Trulia

A kids room is also available in the house featuring a stylish wall and a double deck bed.Trulia

Here’s a fantastic photo gallery packed full of pictures featuring bigger than life bedrooms.

Welcome to this incredibly big gallery filled to the brim with marvelous big master bedroom design ideas.

Master bedrooms are the biggest out of any bedroom featured in a home, giving homeowners plenty of space to work with and get creative. However, all of that space can be a little intimidating when figuring out which designs will work best.

Out of 148,473 analyzed homes, 33.44% of them were large while another 2.99% were expansive. Combined, that’s 54,098 bedrooms with a massive amount of space to utilize.

The pictures in this gallery are here to help get your creative muse flowing. To view more photos, just click the numbered link at the end of the pictures on this page. We’ve also included some charts and graphs with useful data further down the page.

Redecorating the Big Room

Often, larger bedrooms end up with a lot of wasted space or become a “one-and-done” decoration venture, leaving them to become dated and neglected. Drawing down the floor plan helps to get the process started by showing you exactly how much space you have to work with.

The next step is to choose a design for the room.

Design Data

There are 18 main styles utilized in today’s designs. Each has their benefits and unique charm, making the final choice a matter of personal preference. To see which kinds of designs bedrooms used, we analyzed 582,301 rooms.

Choosing the design first can help narrow down other options like flooring and wall colors, that way everything goes together.

Flooring Data

Hardwood and carpet are the most popular options for any bedroom. Combined, hardwood floors were featured in 91.41% of 165,175 analyzed bedrooms. This includes light, medium, and dark tones.

Floor Color Data

If carpet is the option you choose to go with, picking the right color to compliment your favorite style is important. Brown is the most popular option, appearing in 39.85% of homes, while beige trailed close behind at 34.13%. The percentages are based on 25,192 analyzed rooms.

Wall Color Data

Giving any room a new coat of paint can change the entire appearance. Neutrals are the most popular in today’s designs, but don’t let that stop you from painting the walls any color you like. White is the most popular option, appearing in 27.19% of bedrooms, based on an analysis of 173,576 rooms.