101 Master Bedrooms with Hardwood Floors (2019)

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Thanks for visiting our master bedrooms with hardwood floors photo gallery where you can search a lot of master bedrooms with hardwood design ideas.

This is our master bedrooms with hardwood floors design gallery where you can browse lots of photos or filter down your search with the options below.  We hope you find your inspiration here.  We add new designs every week.

1. Light Gray Master with Hardwood Flooring and a View

White bedroom with lots of windows and medium hardwood flooring with area rug.

This simple but beautiful master bedroom is part of a home designed by Chango & Co.  The medium hardwood floor is not as polished as some floors are which gives it a bit of a fashionable distressed look.  That texture goes well with the otherwise crisp white (ceiling), light gray (walls) and beige (sitting bench and area rug) color scheme.  The choice for nightstands is very good in that it blends well with the floor.

2. Rich Dark Wood Floor, Gray Walls and Fabulous Fireplace

Large master bedroom with rich, dark wood flooring, fireplace and area rug.

This Lindsay Vonn’s new home which features a spacious master bedroom with highly polished dark wood flooring.  Notice the angled fireplace which is the nicest feature of this bedroom including the fact it has matching wood paneling on the upper facade.

3. Light Wood Flooring with Upper Windows and Concealed Walk-Through Closet

Large master bedroom with light wood floor and shag area rug. I love the screen style wall that separates the main bedroom from the small walk-in closet.

Large master bedroom with light wood floor and shag area rug. I love the screen style wall that separates the main bedroom from the small walk-in closet.  I also like the upper windows which emits plenty of light while preserving privacy.  FYI, this is the master bedroom in Kristen Wiig’s home.

4.  Bedroom with Living Room and Patio

Spacious master bedroom with hardwood floor, sofa, two armchairs and double glass doors leading to a patio.

Kris Jenner’s home is stunning and that includes this bedroom which is simply decorated, but is beautiful with the dark, rustic floor boards, plain area rug that matches the earth tones of the sofa and armchairs.   Interestingly, a stand-out feature in this room is the double glass doors with a light green tint opening up to the balcony.

5. Transitional Master with Fireplace Wall

Transitional master bedroom with wood flooring, fireplace separator wall and white cathedral ceiling.

This transitional master bedroom is one of my all-time favorite designs.  I love the dark wood, size and of course the fireplace wall that separates the sleeping area from the sitting area.  Notice too, the stunning cathedral all-white ceiling with the white beams.  The designer of this room did a magnificent job.  The photo is also top-notch (by Canamould Extrusions Inc).

6. Elegant Space with Balcony and Chandelier

Elegant master bedroom with polished wood flooring, white tufted bench, dark wood sleigh bed with double doors to balcony.

Get a load of this beautiful, elegant bedroom space with polished dark wood flooring, slightly distressed nightstand dresser, white tufted dressing bench and white double doors to a  balcony.  Notice the cove ceiling with chandelier as well… which enhances this space (imagine it with a regular 8 foot flat ceiling… wouldn’t be the same).

7. Small Master Bedroom with Wood Floor

Small master bedroom with dark wood floor, teal walls, white window trim and navy blue and white bedding.

Small can still be beautiful.  Check out the small master bedroom with dark wood flooring above.  It’s beautiful, with the blue and white bedding, teal walls with white trim, dark wood nightstands with lamps and beige area rug.  Plenty of attention-to-detail went into the small space.


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Hardwood or Carpet in the Master Bedroom?

Which do you prefer?

Most Popular Bedroom Flooring (Statistics)

Surprisingly, hardwood is the most popular flooring option for master bedrooms.  Not by much though.

49.42% of master bedrooms have hardwood floor.  We set out all the bedroom floor data below the photo gallery.

Not surprisingly, medium shade hardwood is the most popular shade for master bedrooms.  Medium shade hardwood is used in 42.18% of master bedrooms that has hardwood.

Carpet flooring tops out at 41% of the 165,175 rooms surveyed, but combined, dark, medium, and light hardwood floors supersede it in popularity, equaling about 50% of all rooms (see chart below). Other options that room owners have chosen from include concrete, coming in at fourth with 1.7% of rooms, followed by tile, laminate, vinyl, and even options like brick and cork.

Below we feature our massive and growing photo gallery of master bedrooms with hardwood floor.  You’ll see wood floor of all species as well as bedrooms of all styles.  Interestingly, many designs have area rugs too (see our rug buying guide as well as types of area rugs article).

While carpeted flooring in the master bedroom was once considered chic and new, nowadays homeowners are making a dramatic shift toward the rich tones and clean accessibility of hardwood floors. Ranging from dark, medium, to light tones and kinds of wood, this versatile flooring material can upgrade a room from simple to fabulous with just one element.

Chart setting out percentage of different master bedroom flooring materials.

Hardwood Floor Functionality

Making the change to hardwood is exciting, but more than just the initial functionality—it is easy to clean and maintain, unlike carpets which easily stain and get old with time. Designs for master bedrooms with hardwood floors are in an entirely new category, and so the possibilities for a new look and style are limitless.

The wood floors can add both value and beauty to your bedroom, and beyond that, it can be installed in the entire master bedroom suite, such as the bedroom, bathroom, and closet, for a tight, cohesive look. This can anchor your home together while allowing for versatility in decoration and colors for each room.

Hardwood Materials From Which to Choose

There are a variety of wood floors available, such as birch, cherry, maple, walnut, and of course, oak. Material options range from classic oak planks to modern looks achieved with bamboo or even eucalyptus, which are ideally durable, affordable, and sustainable.

Luxurious homeowners can opt for rare resources, such as Brazilian koa wood, which is pricey but also incredibly durable and richly beautiful. Another name of koa wood is the exotic “tiger wood”, and its price comes from its strength, harder than oak planks, and the rich color somewhere between auburn and dark brown.

Design Options with Hardwood

When you choose a dark, coffee-colored hardwood, you can create a dramatic effect in your bedroom when you contrast it with creamy linens and beige walls, making your room peaceful and beautiful. Or, dark hardwood floors can be paired with other rich fabrics and a large, open window letting in natural light so the room stays bright.

If you are renovating an old attic or small space into a master bedroom, a hardwood floor gives it an instant sense of sophistication and comfort. No matter what your bedroom plans are, a master bedroom with hardwood flooring is sophisticated and elevated.