20 Eclectic Master Bedroom Ideas for 2019

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Welcome to this enormous blend of styles and periods. Eclectic master bedroom design ideas combine various elements through the use of colors and textures. Although this style can seem challenging to pull off, 5.19% of the 582,301 bedrooms we analyzed featured this theme.

Perhaps the largest benefit an eclectic design has to offer is an endless amount of possibility. Choosing this style allows for a lot of creative freedom. It features a wide array of fabrics, colors, and finishes that can end up looking either refined or rugged.

Browse through our gigantic gallery to get a feel for all that the eclectic master bedroom has to offer. When you get to the end of the pictures on this page, just click over to the next to view even more design ideas. We’ve also included some charts and tables below the gallery to give you all of the data you need.

Eclectic Bedroom Data

When gathering eclectic master bedroom design ideas, it can be hard to pinpoint exactly what the style entails. Here are a few basics to help guide your creative muses.

Neutral Grounded Colors

The palette used in eclectic designs can vary wildly, but almost always utilizes a few neutral colors to tie the elements together. Brown, white, and beige are the three most common neutral colors we found in over 332,061 bedrooms.

Nearly any color can be used in the eclectic design, but these neutral roots make sure the grand design isn’t lost among the many hues.

Get Creative with the Walls

In an eclectic design, mixing and matching on the walls is encouraged. For instance, a dark red and gold checker pattern can complement a burgundy sofa sitting beneath an elegant chandelier. At the same time, it can contrast a forest green area rug. Multi-colored walls appeared in 2.87% of 173,576 analyzed bedrooms.

Any Floor You Would Like

The choice is truly yours for flooring material. Hardwoods remain the most popular with a combined 50.27%, but the eclectic style can make use of anything. Cork, for instance, was seen in 213 out of 165,175 analyzed bedrooms.

Other rooms made use of travertine, slate, and even limestone. Surprisingly, a plain concrete floor was used in 1.70% of bedrooms.

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