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White large bedroom with tray ceiling and recessed lights along with carpet flooring and wide glass window.Zillow Digs TM

Traditional bedroom with gray walls and carpet flooring together with ceiling fan with flush light and tray ceiling.Wayfair

Rustic bedroom with pattern design wall and carpet flooring along with wooden cabinet and end tables.Wayfair

Traditional bedroom with light blue walls and carpet flooring along with warm light lamp shade and wooden end table.Wayfair

Green glam bedroom with grand chandelier and recessed lights together with carpet flooring and table lamps.Wayfair

White eclectic bedroom with gray and cream wall pattern design and carpet flooring together with large white bookshelf and table lamps.Wayfair

Traditional bedroom with carpet flooring and green walls along with bench seating and 2 regular windows.Wayfair

Sky blue bedroom with carpet flooring and shed ceiling along with wide window with nice curtain and elegant table lamp.Wayfair

Modern contemporary bedroom with white walls and white window curtains along with stylish wall design and table lamp.Wayfair

Traditional light gray bedroom with carpet flooring and soft rug together with tray ceiling and flushmount lighting.Wayfair

Glam bedroom design with white walls and ceiling together with elegant bedside mirrors and carpet flooring.Wayfair

Country bedwoom with white and silver color combination and white carpet flooring.Wayfair

Source: Zillow Digs TM

Transitional master bedroom with ceiling fan, recessed light, and sofa chair.Photo by Ashton Woods - Search bedroom pictures

Transitional master bedroom with pendant and recessed lights and sofa chair.Photo by Dmitry Serba Design - Search bedroom design ideas

Transitional master bedroom with chandelier and carpeted floor.Photo by The Mine - Look for bedroom design inspiration

Transitional master bedroom with chandelier and bedside lamps.Photo by Rejoy Interiors, Inc. - Search bedroom design ideas

Shabby-chic master bedroom with pendant light and bed with white sheets. Photo by REFINED LLC - Discover bedroom design inspiration

This master bedroom offers a simple, rustic but comfortable space to sleep in. The windows offer ample natural light as well as a beautiful view. Rustic furniture and fixtures are equally timeless.Source: Zillow DigsTM

Rustic dark toned large master bedroom with carpeted floor, wood ceiling, wood walls, arc wood beams and limestone fireplace.Source: Zillow DigsTM


Wall to wall carpeting in the master bedroom is timeless, attractive, and in multiple ways, it is considered preferable to the hardwood floors that are becoming increasingly popular in modern homes. Carpet lends an instant sense of comfort and coziness to the room that definitely should be the coziest room in the house.

Out of 165,175 bedrooms that were surveyed, a massive 67,945 rooms featured wall to wall carpeted flooring, the equivalent of 41% of all flooring options. This proves that no matter how trendy hardwood floors may be (a variety of which come up in second, third, and fourth in the chart below), carpeted flooring is and remains the most popular option for home bedrooms.


There are several reasons why, especially in the master bedroom, carpeting is preferable over hardwood floors, and the list includes both practical functionality as well as stunning design and décor possibilities. Throw out any intention for generic design choices with your carpeted flooring and bring on the creative and breathtaking designs for a master bedroom with carpet.

Quality Functionality of Carpeted Floors

First of all, when you first wake up early in the morning, before you’ve had your morning coffee or brushed your teeth, the last thing any human being wants to feel is an icy cold floor on their toes. Instead, the plush threads of carpet keep warm and soft on your bare feet as you pad your way to the bathroom first thing in the morning.

Additionally, a bedroom should be quiet, with muted sounds, to encourage sound sleeping and a tranquil atmosphere without constant echoes and thumping coming in from other parts of the house. Carpets do an amazing job of absorbing vibrations, especially in contrast to the echoing bounce of hardwood floors, and keep rogue noises to a minimum.

How to Choose Your Carpet

So you’ve decided on the carpet to make your large bedroom a cozy retreat, but now it’s time to choose color and style. In general terms, a neutral shade of beige, white, or brown is the most versatile and often comes at the best price for their value.

When considering a cut or leap weave style, or other carpet variations, get in touch with a carpet dealer who has a solid reputation, and he can answer your questions in terms of your exact home and specifications, so you end with the perfect match. Either way, a carpeted bedroom ensures comfort and cozy levels to keep you feeling relaxed.