20 Master Bedrooms with Built-In Desks for 2019

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A master bedroom is a place where you sleep at night, but most people find that they would like to extend the space to include other uses as well. In fact, this room can be transformed to include functionality with sitting areas and even built-in desks where you can either read, converse, or check your morning email before you start your day.

After surveying 148,473 bedrooms, at least 36% of bedrooms were reported to be either large or expansive, where adding a built-in desk might seem an easier task than if you own a medium or even compact sized bedroom (see chart below). However, with a little creativity and a lot of inspiration from online bedrooms who feature built-in desks in the design, you can adapt any space to include a small office that perfectly suits your needs.


Improving Bedroom Functionality with a Small Office Space

Your master bedroom with a built-in desk will do more than add visual appeal to the room with variety, but it will also drastically increase the functionality of this space as well, adding to your overall home value. When you have a built-in desk, it can make accessing email or online resources easy at any time of day or night, and for smaller homes, it can add an alternative and tranquil place for you to get your work done that is away from the frenzy and excitement of busy living rooms.

Especially for people who don’t have the option of adding an entire office room to their home, many people find adding a built-in desk to their bedroom keeps the style streamlined while adding necessary functionality for their daily lives.

Design Ideas for a Built-In Desk

For smaller spaces with a small, unused corner, a built-in desk can be just the ticket to taking advantage of the space that might otherwise be too small for a shelving unit or comfortable seating furniture. This style of desk can be lavishly purchased or built from refurbished wood to suit whatever style you like and needs you have.

Other creative designers have built desks into their shelving units by adding a small empty space of shelf and removing any cabinets beneath so you can insert a chair. If you have an interesting room shape, consider building a desk into an alcove or recessed area to ensure the space is streamlined and suits the room.

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