20 Asian Master Bedroom Ideas for 2019

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Welcome to the corner of modern design and a Zen garden. This gallery showcases the beauty of Asian design in the bedroom.

Asian design commonly refers to stylings from China and Japan but also includes features from various other Eastern countries such as Korea and Thailand. One of its more prominent features is the inclusion of reflective meditation motifs found Zen Buddhism. These include straight lines and a decluttered look meant to create balance and harmony.

Out of 582,301 analyzed bedrooms, only 0.69% took advantage of the sleek, modern look this gorgeous design offers. This style is characterized by low-profile furniture, water and stone elements, and simple furnishing aside from its oriental appearance.

Here’s our gallery of Asian master bedroom design ideas. To view more photos, click on the numbered links to navigate to the next page. There are also graphs and charts at the bottom of this page that contain helpful data.

Asian Bedroom Data

Creating the ultimate Asian styled bedroom is all about simplicity and minimalism to create a stress-free atmosphere. Everything serves multiple functions to save on space, while natural elements like fountains provide an added level of peace. Consider the following data and design elements to help you make the most of this unique style.

Neutrals, Earthy Tones, and Red

Asian design uses a mostly neutral palette for a more modern appearance. It only strays from this in its richly colored fabrics, ornate decorations, and pieces featuring artwork. Red is the dominant color for these deviations and is helped to stand out by the neutral palette.

Brown remains the most popular, appearing in 38.11% of homes, with white trailing behind at 19.93%. Gray is also very common, having been used 13.74% of the time. These percentages are based on an analysis of 332,061 homes.

It’s surprising how little red is used, only appearing in 1.07% of bedrooms. However, it makes sense that the neutral colors are so attractive since they can tie almost any design’s color palette together.

Natural Flooring

Since the use of nature is heavily incorporated into this design style, it is common to find hardwood floors. Bamboo may also be used, but it is a less popular option. Hardwood flooring can work with either an earthy or neutral room and tends to work well with the artwork commonly found in Asian designs.

We analyzed 165,175 bedrooms to find out which flooring styles they used. Types of hardwood were the most popular. Combined they were featured in 50.27% of the rooms. Bamboo, on the other hand, only appeared 0.39% of the time.

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