25 Yellow Master Bathroom Ideas for 2019

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A sunny yellow master bathroom can be a good way to bring the outdoors into your home. Yellow works well with multiple interior design styles, and it can pair well with several other colors, from white to gray to brown, making it one of the more versatile colors for the master bathroom. With varying shades of the color, from golden-yellow to bright, sunflower-inspired yellow, you can likely find one that can meet the needs of your bathroom size, décor, and design.
For some yellow inspiration, we encourage you to check out our yellow master bathroom design ideas. Of the 948,706 bathrooms we studied for color, 14,535, or 1.53%, of them used yellow as the primary color, placing it just behind wood tones and just ahead of turquoise.

Choosing Your Yellow

Since there are a few different ways you can go with your design, consider the elements you want to use before you choose a shade of yellow. Your flooring and furnishing colors can influence the shade of yellow you want.

Sunny Yellow

Sunny yellows pair perfectly with white elements in a bathroom. A white bathtub, vanity, and tile flooring can brighten up even a small, cramped master bathroom. Or, you can reverse the usual design and use bright yellow tiles on the floor or line the shower wall or bathtub encasement and paint your walls white. This design choice would work perfectly in a shabby-chic or cottage style bathroom. Shabby-chic bathrooms accounted for 0.24% of the 1,091,335 bathrooms we studied.

Pale Yellow

Pale yellow is a good choice for you if you want to use brown, beige, or gray elements in your bathroom. Depending on how light of a yellow you go for, you may find that pairing it with a lot of white can make your bathroom appear washed out. But, dark gray and brown furnishings, trim, or tiles can bring out the yellow hints well.

Golden Yellow

Golden yellow is good for people with large bathrooms who want to pair the shade with darker colors, like black, dark brown, or deep red. Golden yellow walls with contrasting black and white tiles can make your bathroom feel luxurious, especially with some high-end elements, like chandeliers or lounge chairs, added. Or, for a Southwestern style bathroom, pair the bold color with other bright shades of blue, red, and orange, to mimic authentic Mexican architecture and design. Southwestern bathrooms account for 2,214, or 0.20%, of the 1,091,335 analyzed bathrooms.

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