88 Victorian Master Bathroom Ideas for 2019

Welcome to our Victorian master bathrooms photo gallery showcasing multiple Victorian style master bathroom design ideas of all types.
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Victorian design became popular during the reign of Queen Victoria when the Industrial Revolution helped many people earn a decent wage and allowed people to make more furniture for lower costs. People began purchasing stylish furniture at lower prices than they were once able to, making gold finishes, decorative fabrics, and elegant curtains trademark elements in Victorian style.

This style works well in the master bathroom, too, although it’s one of the least popular options for designs in the bathrooms we analyzed. Out of 1,091,335 bathrooms, only 3,226, or 0.30%, have a Victorian design.

Victorian master bathroom design ideas include luxurious elements that make the style quite different than others. Browse our photo gallery to learn more about the Victorian style and how it can come to life in your bathroom.

Ideal Bathroom Size

Although it’s possible to create somewhat of a Victorian feel in a small bathroom, you may notice that Victorian-style designs work best in a large, open bathroom. It’s common to have a large fireplace in this design, as well as built-in shelving, a desk, and chairs for the most relaxing space. The Victorian style is all about furniture, so it’s a good style with which to create a bathroom that doubles as a lounge space. A large bathroom can adequately hold many of the elements you typically find in a Victorian master bathroom.

The Importance of the Bath Area

Victorian master bathroom design ideas usually focus on a grand bathtub area that’s perfect for a spa-like retreat. Bathtubs are often the central point of the bathroom in this style if the footprint of the bathroom allows. A step or two leading up to a platform bathtub creates the elegant Victorian look fit for a king or queen. It’s common for the bathtub to be built into the design of a corner tub and lined with stone or tiles. You’ll also usually see it sitting in front of a large window that further helps to highlight the bathtub with natural light.

Floor and Wall Materials

If you like wallpaper, the Victorian style is perfect for you. The style often includes wallpaper on half-walls or a feature wall. Victorian designs typically steer away from tiled walls and instead use paint or wallpaper, but a tiled stone half-wall looks beautiful in Victorian designs. The most common floor covering is tile, and a porcelain or ceramic tile works well. These are two of the most popular floor coverings for master bathrooms in the 284,048 we analyzed, with porcelain used in 32.60% and ceramic in 28.37%.

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