20 Tropical Master Bathroom Ideas for 2019

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People often confuse a tropical bathroom design with a beach-style bathroom. The two styles are similar, but a tropical master bath draws more inspiration from the styles of tropical islands, rather than the more subtle colors of a general beach style. Of those we analyzed, beach-style bathrooms were more popular than tropical bathrooms, accounting for 2.20% and 0.44% of the 1,091,335 bathrooms, respectively.

If you’re interested in the tropical style for your bathroom, we encourage you to check out our tropical master bathroom design ideas to gain some inspiration for your remodel.

Tropical vs. Beach-Style Designs

Tropical designs tend to be a bit more vibrant than beach themes and may incorporate live plants and outdoorsy elements, like natural woods, stone, and floral prints. The overall design helps pull the outdoors in and often works best in medium to large bathrooms with plenty of windows for natural light.

While beach-style bathrooms tend to lean heavily on beach and coastal décor, tropical designs use live plants and flowers to achieve the right atmosphere. A tropical bathroom should feel like a spa retreat that you’d expect to find on an island resort. The result should be an inviting, open, and airy bathroom using as many of nature’s best elements as possible.

Putting Personality Into a Tropical Master Bathroom

When you browse tropical master bathroom design ideas, you may notice that they’re quite different from one another. Tropical design should have a lot of personality, making it unique to your home and tastes. One way people bring in some character is with tile work on the walls or floors that create a tropical scene or gives a simple pattern with some bold colors.

Mosaic tiles are perfect for use in a tropical bathroom, either to give a splash of color or to create a mural. Mosaic tiles used on walls were in 6.79% of the 259,595 bathrooms we analyzed, but they can also be a great material to line your shower with in a tropical design.

Popular Flooring

Hardwood flooring is commonly used in tropical designs, but porcelain tile works well, too. Porcelain tile is the number one floor covering in the 284,048 bathrooms we analyzed, found in 32.60% of them, whereas hardwood was found in 7.36%. Pebble tile can be a good way to create a unique look in your tropical bathroom while making it feel even more like an outdoor retreat. Pebble tiles were used in 2,725, or 0.96%, of the 284,048 analyzed bathrooms.

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