Transitional Master Bathroom Ideas

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Transitional master bathroom with fireplace, limestone floor, and dark wood cabinets.

Transitional master bathroom with fireplace and porcelain tile marble floor.

Transitional styles incorporate both traditional and modern or contemporary elements for a more relaxed approach to sleek, angular modern styles. Transitional bathrooms have a lot of smooth lines and high-end finishes found in contemporary and modern designs, mixed with the functional character you expect from a traditional design. Contemporary and traditional are the two most popular styles of master bathrooms we studied, accounting for 29.51% and 26.97% of the 1,091,335 bathrooms, respectively. It’s no wonder, then, that transitional master bathrooms come close behind, making up 15.51% of those bathrooms.

Our photo gallery has some excellent transitional master bathroom design ideas that can get your creativity flowing to incorporate some of the most attractive design features into your bathroom. Transitional bathrooms may lean more toward one style than the other, but by integrating some of the most familiar elements of traditional and contemporary styles, you can find a good balance for your bath.

A Modern-Contemporary Approach to Transitional Style

One tell-tale feature of a transitional bathroom is that it uses the sleek lines and sharp geometry that modern bathrooms do. You’ll likely see rectangular sinks, vanities, and bathtubs, rather than circular features. Transitional bathrooms that lean more toward a modern-contemporary style may also use a contrasting black and white color scheme with flat-panel cabinets to lend to the sleek design. Out of the 278,612 bathrooms we studied, 87,426, or 31.38%, used flat-panel cabinets, making it the number one cabinet style.

A Traditional Approach to Transitional Style

You can take more elements from traditional styles to create the perfect balance between masculine and feminine touches in your bathroom. Modern looks can create a masculine feel, but traditional leans more toward a feminine vibe with rounded furniture and elegant lighting. Rather than sticking to sleek lines throughout your bathroom, you can add a curved vanity or mirrors with ornate decorations to add traditional elements.

Your lighting choices can easily influence a transitional design. A chandelier over the bathtub or in the middle of the bathroom can add the elegance of traditional style without taking away from a contemporary look.

Marble countertops and flooring is a popular design choice in transitional bathrooms, as it works well in both contemporary and traditional styles. It’s also the second most popular option of for countertops of bathrooms we analyzed, found in 21.65%, or 57,542 of the 265,810 bathrooms. A freestanding bathtub, found in 35.97% of the 194,955 analyzed bathrooms, can also provide a traditional touch in a transitional bathroom design.

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