20 Southwestern Master Bathroom Ideas for 2019

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Designed by: ARRCC | Architect: SAOTA

After - 5F - Master Ensuite - Vanity Unit - LLI Design

Designed by: LLI Design

Condo master bathroom with floating vanity and massive picture window next to marble faced tub

Designed by: Sanders Architecture

2018-10-31 at 7.34.53 AMusovo-olegklodt 9-min

Architect: Oleg Klodt


Source: Klein

View of master bathroom through picture window from the staircase.

href="https://www.sebastianvandamme.nl/" rel="nofollow" target="blank"> Sebastian van Damme | Architect: EVA

Minimalist master bedroom with built in wardrobe and desk in condo apartment.

Photo credit: Allex Jeffries | Designed by askdeco

Modern master bathroom with large floating grey vanity with black surface. Fabulous glass shelving above the vanity.

Photo credit: Allex Jeffries | Designed by askdeco


A Southwestern master bathroom can mix elements from Mexican culture and old Western culture, or focus more on elements from one influence. This style is the least popular choice for master bathrooms of the bathrooms we studied, accounting for only 0.20%, or 2,214 of the 1,091,335 bathrooms. People may tend to shy away from this style for fear of overdoing it, but it can actually be a fun way to introduce some Southwestern elements into your home without looking tacky.

You can learn more about this style and see how it may look in your master bathroom by browsing our gallery, which has many interesting Southwestern master bathroom design ideas from which to choose.

Tiles in Southwestern Design

Tiles are critical in Southwestern designs, especially for the master bathroom. It’s common to use tiles for both the floors and walls, and it’s safe to experiment with the tiles you like best. But, terra-cotta tiles are the most popular in this style, even though they are one of the least-used options in the bathrooms we analyzed. Terra-cotta tiles were found on the walls of 0.21% of the 259,595 bathrooms analyzed. These tiles not only mimic the style of the old West and Mexican culture, but they also keep the bathroom cool, even in hot areas.

Southwestern Master Bathroom Color Schemes

You can go as subtle or as bold as you’d like with a Southwestern bathroom. It’s most common to see shades of brown and beige with this style, as it takes inspiration from areas that survive in heat and those that are set in landscapes of desert, rocks, and beautiful sunsets.

But, you can also go more bold with blue, yellow, red, and orange, drawing inspiration from traditional Mexican architecture. A bright-colored foot rug or an accent wall with a mural can be a good way to incorporate color without going overboard. Mosaic tiles lining the walls or shower can also add a splash of color.


Traditional Southwestern designs often incorporate wall lighting with the use of sconces that create a calming environment. Sconces with curved designs mirror some traditional Southwestern design elements, and those made of iron or other metals are perfect for this style. Large windows are also popular in this style to create as much natural light as possible. If you don’t have adequate wall space to add enough wall lights to brighten the room, recessed lighting can fill in the gaps between wall light and natural light

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