30 Shabby-chic Master Bathroom Ideas for 2019

Welcome to our Shabby-chic master bathrooms photo gallery showcasing multiple Scandinavian style master bathroom design ideas of all types.
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Shabby-chic designs are very feminine, with mix-and-matched textures, patterns, colors, and more. The overall feel is what you’d expect from an old bed and breakfast, where floral themes and vintage elements stand out. Your master bathroom design can also incorporate this style by adding old elements with some feminine touches, like floral décor, white linens, or an ornate vanity.

A shabby-chic bathroom design is one of the least-used out of the 1,091,335 bathrooms we analyzed, found in only 2,650, or 0.24%, of them. But, the design does use some of the most popular elements of these bathrooms, like white cabinets, which were in 97,349, or 32.64%, of 298,214 bathrooms. A white color scheme is also an attractive option in shabby-chic designs and in the bathrooms we studied, coming in at number two and used in 15.69% of the 948,706 bathrooms.

You can browse our shabby-chic master bathroom ideas gallery to see if this style may be the perfect one for your master bathroom.

Shabby-Chic Key Design Features

Shabby-chic designs can be on opposite ends of a spectrum, from super-feminine and frilly to a more laid-back approach with cleaner lines and a lot of charm. Some shabby-chic master bathroom designs incorporate several rustic elements, like barn doors and distressed wood. Others look very luxurious, with furniture-like cabinets, a chandelier over the bathtub or vanity, a lot of natural light, and separate bathtubs that draw in the eye.

A Mix of Old and New

Favorite shabby-chic bathroom designs have a good blend of old and new elements, like an antique cabinet that’s been refinished but still has antique charm, set against bright subway tiles and a walk-in shower. Furniture-like cabinets usually fit well in this style, and you can make them as antique or contemporary as you’d like to suit your tastes. Furniture-like cabinets were used in 9.10% of the 278,612 bathrooms we analyzed, placing them in the middle of the pack in popularity.

Not a Fan of White Bathrooms?

If you love the shabby-chic style but aren’t a fan of overly-white bathrooms, you can experiment with a little bit of color. Pastel blues, especially, work well in this style, but you can also add some beige or light yellow. It’s common, too, to have a feature wall with a floral or paisley wallpaper, or half-wallpaper walls around the bathroom, to add a bit of color. Most shabby-chic bathrooms use floor tiles, which can also give you plenty of room to experiment with some splashes of color and patterns.

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