25 Scandinavian Master Bathroom Ideas for 2019

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A Scandinavian master bathroom design is one of the least favorites of the 1,091,335 bathrooms we studied, accounting for 5,343, or 0.49%, of them. But, this minimalistic design can be an excellent choice for people who want an open, airy, bright master bathroom. The Scandinavian style uses a lot of white and other neutral colors, with maybe a small pop of a bold, bright color as an accent wall or in bathroom décor. And most Scandinavian master bathroom design ideas use many of the most popular materials for bathrooms, like hardwood flooring and ceramic tiles.

If you’re unfamiliar with this style, we suggest browsing our photo gallery for plenty of Scandinavian master bathroom design ideas that can get your creative juices flowing for this unique style.

Traditional Elements in Scandinavian Master Bathroom Design Ideas

You won’t see a lot of variety in Scandinavian designs for the bathroom as you might with other styles. This style takes its inspiration from Nordic styles from the mid-20th century, which focuses on minimalism, simplicity, and neatness.

Everything Has a Place

A Scandinavian bathroom design should include plenty of storage without making the room feel cluttered. Space-saving built-in desks and shelving are the perfect way to create storage without taking up too much room in a smaller bathroom. Floating vanities are also popular in this style, as they can create the feel of a more open space, while also providing some storage underneath the sink.


One of the colors you’ll see most in the Scandinavian style is white, which is also one of the most popular colors for bathrooms of the ones we studied. White as a primary color was used in 15.69% of the 948,706 analyzed bathrooms. It’s common to see white walls, fixtures, flooring, furniture, shower tiles and more in a Scandinavian bathroom. Subtle pops of gray, beige, and brown on tiles, fixtures, or trim can help give a little bit of color while maintaining the style’s authenticity. You can also experience with pastels on walls or tiles.

Natural Lighting

A master bathroom should have adequate natural light from windows or skylights to remain faithful to Scandinavian design. In two-story homes, upstairs bathrooms where you can add in a skylight or two are perfect for this style, which prefers natural light to artificial light. If you can’t get enough natural light from windows, recessed lights can mimic the feel of natural lights by creating even lighting throughout the room. 

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