20 Red Master Bathroom Ideas for 2019

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When you think of a bathroom, you usually think of a relaxing space with a cozy atmosphere. Red master bathroom design ideas may not be your first thought for a remodel, and it’s one of the colors used the least in the 948,706 bathrooms we studied. Red was the primary color in only 7,212, or 0.76%, of them. But, don’t count the color out yet, because it could be the perfect way to add a unique look to your bathroom while still making it sleek and inviting.

Browse our photo gallery to find out how red looks in the bathroom and to gain inspiration for your future remodel with our red master bathroom design ideas.

Using Red in the Master Bathroom

You can use a bright, bold red or a rich burgundy in your bathroom. Either one works well, but only when it’s not overdone. Red walls and flooring can quickly make your design look tacky, so it’s best to choose either walls or flooring on which to add some red. Usually, red painted walls or a red wallpaper against a bright white floor makes the bathroom look sharp.

Or, you can use pops of red in a white bathroom with red pieces of furniture, like a vanity or chairs, or by using red linens, rugs, and curtains. Red is also one of the least popular cabinet finish colors of the 298,214 bathrooms we analyzed, found in only 0.16%, or 476, of them. But, red cabinets are a good way to bring in some of the colors without making the whole room red.

Flooring for a Red Bathroom

Hardwood or tile flooring can work well in a red bathroom. But, dark or medium hardwoods, which were found in 2.20% and 2.99% of the 284,048 analyzed bathrooms, may not be the best choice for a red bathroom. Darker colors paired with red may make your bathroom feel closed in. A white ceramic or porcelain tile, which accounts for 28.37% and 32.60% of the 284,048 bathrooms, are perfect for opening up your space, even with bright red walls.

Create a Theme with Red

You can play up your red bathroom by creating a color scheme that works well with red, like a red, white, and blue bathroom. Or, mimic the colors of the sunrise and sunset, similar to what you’d expect in a Southwestern style bathroom, by adding in some brown, orange, and yellow décor items.

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